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Giving you the freedom to do more

It’s time to let your business software speed up your daily grind so you can be more productive. Get rid of laborious admin so you’re ready for quick thinking. Access software lets you work the way you want, giving your organisation the power to thrive and grow.

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Core business solutions

Access people and business management software solutions can be used independently or integrated to drive powerful collaboration and insight across your organisation. Empowered and productive employees are at the heart of Access software – giving everyone the Freedom to Do More.

Working Wonders

We are The Access Group and we believe the software your organisation relies on every day should help to remove barriers to growth and make everyone’s working lives better.

That’s why the 17,000+ businesses and organisations in Australia and New Zealand that use our business management software and solutions are now 40% more efficient and enjoy greater productivity.

Leading through extraordinary change

Gain greater control, efficiency and confidence

There is a new normal for leaders, businesses, customers and employees. There is also renewed opportunity. Now is the time to improve efficiency to optimise costs and improve the customer and employee experience. Move beyond long-established workarounds to a smarter, more integrated and empowered business model.

Learn more about leading your organisation’s recovery and getting back to growth in our HR and Finance resources hubs.

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