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Gamebrain - Make knowledge stick with Gamified Learning

Gamified learning is a great way to engage learners through fun, interactive content. 

Our gamified solutions, Gamebrain, is available as an integrated part of our market-leading LMS or as a standalone app. You can even create custom training programs, tailored to the needs of your business. 

What is a Gamified Learning Solution and how can it help your business?

Gamified learning solutions revolutionise online training by integrating game design elements into the learning process, making it engaging and immersive for learners of all ages. These solutions use game mechanics, such as rewards, badges, and levels, to motivate and stimulate active participation, fostering a dynamic and enjoyable learning environment.

By blending educational content with interactive gameplay, gamified learning solutions not only enhance retention and understanding but also cultivate critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration skills. With their adaptability across various subjects and industries, these innovative approaches to learning are reshaping traditional education paradigms, catering to diverse learning styles and driving a shift towards more interactive and effective learning methodologies.

Cascade essential training at scale

Looking for an engaging way to deliver training and increase knowledge retention?

Merlin Entertainment needed a way to deliver essential training across thousands of permanent and seasonal staff as well as the ability to track if the training content has been retained. 

I have never encountered any learning experience that people want to do over and over again, even though it’s voluntary. It shows the power of game mechanics.

Find out how Merlin used Access Gamebrain to deliver 36% of its training requirements using just one online quiz!

Create custom gamified learning content

Meet the bespoke training needs of your employees

Gamebrain, our gamified training platform, enables you to rapidly create informative and competitive bite-sized training based on the specific needs of your business.

It allows for the creation and swift deployment of company-specific processes, policies, and procedures, ensuring that employees receive training that directly aligns with their roles and responsibilities.

Offering such tailored, high-quality training experiences can give your business a competitive edge in attracting and retaining top talent.

You can use a Gamified Learning Platform to:

  • Embed values, vision and branding during onboarding
  • Reinforce the latest product USPs and updates for sales teams
  • Promote company initiatives with impactful internal comms
  • Refresh safety, security and regulatory knowledge

How gamification in learning can help deliver personalised development for employees

Gamification can be a powerful tool for helping employees on their personalised learning pathways. 

Create tailored learning paths: Gamification in learning allows training to be assigned based on an employee's personalised learning plan and easily address strengths, weaknesses, role requirements and career aspirations. 

Customisable learning : Gamified learning platforms provide the easy adaptation and creation of content based on an employees understanding and knowledge gaps. If an employee masters one topic they can move on to a new area or be issued more advanced material to ensure their development time is used efficiently.

Adaptation to different learning styles: Everyone learns in a different way. Gamification can be adapted to different learning preferences, ensuring each individual is engaged and focussed on their training and development.

I believed in the power of gamified training software before. Now I'm obsessed with it

Richard Owen, Corporate Learning Director

Make gamified learning a key part of your learning and development strategy

Gamification in learning combines the fun elements of gaming with learning content, creating an engaging experience which can become a vital Digital Learning Solution and a key part of your L&D strategy.

Some of the many benefits of gamified learning include:

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Boost motivation and engagement

The competitive element of game based learning, along with the associated achievements and reward system encourages and motivates learners to actively participate. In turn, this leads to increased levels of learning.  

Increased knowledge retention

Gamification of learning offers immersive, interactive educational experiences in a fun environment, which leads to improved knowledge retention. 

Measurable performance 

Game based learning typically offers immediate feedback and guidance which accelerates the learning. An LMS with gamification includes reporting and analytics, allowing management and L&D teams to monitor and assign learning.

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Promotes continuous learning

The fun, competitiveness and accessibility of gamified learning gives learners a desire for self-development. This can lead to a more skilled and adaptable workforce, open to future learning opportunities.

Gamification in learning - Level up your learning and development

Our market-leading game based learning platform, engages learners by allowing them to create their own personalised avatar and take on their virtual colleagues. Challenges are hosted by branded avatars of key staff members, encouraging play across all levels of your organisation.

This approach allows knowledge to be retained and prepares your people to achieve their professional goals and development objectives to be met.

  • Attention grabbing training - an LMS with gamification uses games and quizzes as a teaching tool.
  • Incentivised competition - friendly competition through points and leaderboard rankings increases bonding and the will to learn.
  • Improve knowledge retention - instill key targets and objectives through short, interactive sessions.
  • Encourage participation - through gamified learning employees receive instant rewards when goals are met.

Find out more about how gamification in learning can improve employee engagement.

Quizzes & games vs Gamified Learning

A traditional quiz is normally only played once. Like a test, it is designed to identify and chart the information people already know.

Gamified learning encourages competitors to play the same challenge again and again, as they seek to improve their score, increase their rankings and defeat more colleagues. On average, people play a Gamebrain module seven times!

Repeated exposure to facts and statistics ensures the knowledge you wish to distribute is memorised by players.

Make the most of mobile gamified learning

Engaging training, anywhere!

Our Gamebrain mobile app is available on smartphones and tablets and is the perfect platform for gamified learning. 

The intuitive and easy-to-use interface allows learners to navigate and complete assigned learning.

The small, manageable content provided though gamification in learning via the app offers unrivalled accessibility from anywhere, giving even the remotest of learners access to online training and business updates. 

By embracing the capabilities of a mobile learning app, businesses can create an engaging and effective gamified learning experience for their employees, ultimately leading to improved knowledge retention.

Speak to one of our learning experts to see how gamified learning can help your organisation.

Gamebrain FAQs

What is gamified learning?

An LMS with gamification is a unique way to engage your employees and hit learning objectives. Using game based learning elements and quizzes is an excellent teaching tool to make corporate training more engaging.

By competing with others, scoring points and repeating the training experience through short, frequent gaming sessions, learners are more likely to remember information. Knowledge can also be tested by employers to ensure information sticks!

Gamification in learning allow you to control and launch campaigns to teach your employees new facts or refresh their knowledge.

Implementing gamification training software will greatly enhance your traditional communications and help you cut through the noise.

Is gamified learning effective?

Game based learning creates engagement through bite-sized quizzes and incentivised competition between colleagues. The reward system and game based training encourages participation and creates a fun experience, which increases knowledge retention.

Is Gamebrain available as a stand alone product?

Gamebrain, our market-leading gamified learning app is available as a stand alone product and comes with its own mobile learning app. 

Speak to one of our learning experts through our contact form to find out more.

Gamified learning isn't just for businesses. It's also revolutionising education by providing students with engaging learning experiences.

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