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Salary sacrifice schemes

Salary sacrifice remains an increasingly popular and cost-effective way for employers to attract and retain talent, improve the employee value proposition and become an employer of choice.

Both employees and employers can benefit from tax and National Insurance savings and employers can even make salary savings with some salary sacrifice schemes.

Our benefits offer are a great way for employers to provide tangible benefits such as bikes and even car maintenance to employees for less, helping spread the cost too.

Salary sacrifice scheme benefits

Salary sacrifice schemes are a great way for both employers and employees to save money on National Insurance and for employees to make tax savings too. The different schemes have other benefits too for both employers and employees.

Here’s a bit more information on our salary sacrifice schemes.

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MotorSave is a unique employee benefit scheme designed to help employees save up to 10% on car maintenance.

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Holiday trading

Holiday trading schemes can really help companies demonstrate a commitment towards flexible working and improve employee satisfaction.


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Childcare vouchers

Childcare vouchers are still a great way to save money on childcare costs and are a better option than the new tax free childcare scheme for many parents.

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Car benefit scheme

Even with the recent government changes, the salary sacrifice car scheme is still increasingly popular and a great way for employers to save money.

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Bike to work scheme

Also known as cycle to work the scheme is one of the most sought after salary sacrifice employee benefits.

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Why choose a salary sacrifice scheme?

Businesses benefit from introducing salary sacrifice employee benefits in many ways. 

  • Tax and National Insurance savings can make salary sacrifice extremely cost-effective. The higher the scheme take-up the better the savings 
  • A quick and easy set-up where our schemes can be configured to suit your business with scheme eligibility and scheme window options 
  • Improved financial and health and wellbeing for employees through saving and spreading the cost, giving employees more control over their finances and helping avoid bad credit 
  • Flexibility over how long employees wish to pay back as part of their salary sacrifice agreement which can be agreed between the employer and employee 
  • A diverse range of salary sacrifice schemes to choose from to help employees save on cycling, motoring and even buy and sell annual leave 

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Latest salary sacrifice resources

Our salary sacrifice resources offer advice and guidance from industry experts.