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Blenheim & Pye

To reward its staff appropriately, Blenheim & Pye wanted a bespoke platform and internal branding that hosted all its existing perks and benefits as well as a ton of new ones to appeal to all employees.

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Case Study Blenheim Pye

Blenheim & Pye: An overview

The Blenheim Estate has a huge amount of rich history that’s well documented. Today, the palace and the estate are huge visitor attractions, host tons of events and play a big part in supporting neighbouring communities.

Much of the work done by the team is to preserve the world heritage site for current and future generations and promote sustainability.

As an employer, they aim to be a UK top 100 employer by 2027 and to be carbon neutral by 2027. They also offer a range of training opportunities and apprenticeships.

The team consists of employees from all different job roles across the estate, from Palace Hosts to HR to Foresters, all with varying backgrounds and experiences.

To reward everyone fairly and equally would require a unique platform and a unique approach.

The situation

Blenheim & Pye offered employees a range of different benefits from yoga classes to free breakfasts to reward their team. While the perks they offered were great, Blenheim & Pye didn’t quite see the engagement they’d hoped for.

They decided they needed to take their benefits to the next level and offer something truly unique.

A diverse workforce

With the team spread out across the estate in varying roles, Blenheim & Pye needed a solution to put their benefits suitably in front of every employee.

Benefits harmonisation

Blenheim & Pye wanted to bring their new and existing benefits together under one roof to improve user experience and engagement

Showcase green benefits

To support carbon neutral goals, Blenheim & Pye wanted to introduce and promote green benefits to help employees with their own green goals too

The whole process has been so much fun, we worked together very closely with Access who looked after us every step of the way.

Megan Carter MCIPD, Head of HR

The solution

“The Benefits Place”, Blenheim & Pye’s new, bespoke employee benefits platform helps solve the challenges they’d previously faced with their benefits, bringing together their benefits range under one roof for all their employees to access.

Creating “The Benefits Place” brand

Blenheim & Pye needed a distinctive new internal brand to resonate better with staff and improve employee engagement. We set about creating “The Benefits Place” with all of Blenheim & Pye’s familiar features.

The brand was built around Blenheim’s familiar two main corporate brand colours, while some of their familiar features including the oak trees and wildlife were brought through to give the brand and platform a really bespoke, personal feel.

Resonating with a diverse workforce

Blenheim & Pye have a hugely diverse team. To engage everyone equally, characters were created to represent the whole team, who would feature throughout the platform.

The characters were complete with lanyards and Blenheim & Pye attire to make them truly unique, helping the brand further resonate with employees improving engagement.

Blending it all together

The benefits Place wouldn’t be complete without the palace itself! To give Blenheim & Pye’s new brand and platform its personal feel, the palace was hand-drawn by our team and all the new brand assets were brought together.

The login page for The Benefits Place would feature all the things Blenheim & Pye staff are familiar with but in a more fun and light-hearted manner, creating a bright and inviting welcome to their new platform.

Building the Blenheim buzz

In the run up to the launch of Blenheim & Pye’s new The Benefits Place platform, we created bespoke launch posters, introducing the new brand assets and creating a buzz about the new platform to improve engagement, scheme take-up and platform registrations.

The posters could be used physically and electronically to reach all Blenheim & Pye staff, helping improve engagement with a dispersed workforce spread around the grand Blenheim grounds and estate.

Bespoke Blenheim brochures

Following the launch, we helped organise an open day for Blenheim & Pye employees and their new benefits suppliers to give all staff a chance to learn more. We produced and printed bespoke brochures for every employee too.

The brochures and the open day would help again to reach all of Blenheim & Pye’s diverse workforce based around the estate to ensure all staff had equal access and exposure to their huge range of benefits.

Improving recruitment

Blenheim & Pye now showcase their new internal brand and provide their new benefits brochure through their careers page and job adverts to boost recruitment in a competitive job market.

The new material helps strengthen Blenheim & Pye’s values to potential new recruits and shows off their huge employee benefits range to create a real competitive advantage in recruiting the best talent.

We have wanted a platform like this for ages and wish we had done it sooner!

Megan Carter MCIPD, Head of HR

The results

“The Benefits Place” has gone down a treat with the team at Blenheim & Pye.

Megan Carter MCIPD, Head of HR said “I have been given feedback on how informative and fun the platform is and how bespoke to us it feels. Staff love the great deals and are excited about using the platform to make use of the great offers and discounts.”

The HR team at Blenheim & Pye have also benefitted from streamlined administration through the platform, reducing the amount of time spent managing employee benefits and scheme applications.

The new platform and communications material including Blenheim & Pye’s employee benefits brochure has supported recruitment too as well as employee engagement with the platform.

Blenheim & Pye will continue to benefit from proactive account management as they work with Access to maintain high employee engagement levels and proactively review their benefits offering and platform.

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