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Access Charity CRM

Dynamic charity CRM software that aligns donor data processes

Our powerful CRM for charities and non-profits

Start using a charity CRM to empower your fundraising team with intelligent supporter management and engagement. Create campaigns and events to build strong donor relationships by sharing information that truly matters to them. Access Charity CRM is the upgraded version of our market-leading Access thankQ CRM solution.

Engage supporters with our intelligent charity CRM

With Access Charity CRM you can create engaging campaigns and events, building strong connections with your supporters by sharing information that truly matters to them. Our powerful search, analytics and marketing automation technologies can be used to identify and target donors with the right messages at the right time to help make income generation more predictable.

Charity CRM features


CRM Fundraising Management
Fundraising Management

Multi-criteria segmentation makes it easy to create personalised and targeted multi-channel communications. Maximise income opportunities, legacies, trust applications and more with accurate campaign tracking.

CRM Donor Management
Donor management

Track supporter interactions from one place – communications, donation history, event attendance and more. Quickly see who knows who in the donor community using the inbuilt relationship tree, allowing informed prospect conversations to take place much sooner.

CRM Marketing Automation
Marketing automation

Our powerful integration with Mailchimp leverages our data more effectively and ensures that donors are segmented and nurtured by triggering personalised journeys based on their individual interactions (events, payments, etc) with your charity.

CRM Event Management
Charity event management

Keeping you in control of event planning, delivery and reporting, we make it easy to create different ticket types, costs and payment categories.

CRM Direct Debit
Direct debit payment processing

Access Paysuite simplifies your donor journey by reducing the risk of payment interruptions with manageable regular giving – keeping income flowing with effortless Direct Debit payments.

CRM Membership
Reporting & analytics

Make faster, more informed decisions with easy access to accurate data and tracking. Get an overview of performance or drill down into the detail for data driven planning. A live dashboard means you can track campaigns and make real-time decisions to deliver even more successful fundraising. While comprehensive management reports enable you to make more informed decisions.

CRM Income Management
Income & Gift Aid management

Management of all income streams including grant funding and legacies. Calculate claims in seconds and submit at the click of a button. Easy income analysis and declaration processing

Calling application

The Access Charity CRM Calling Application allows you to effortlessly contact your organisation's supporters to fundraise one-off or regular donations, keep them informed about your charity's progress, and update their information while recording their consent.

Introducing Access Donate, our digital donation form module

Link our digital donation form to your website and get live collecting donations within hours. Easy to use, self-serve solution with the added benefit of sharing crucial donor information to your charity CRM.

A charity CRM that empowers your fundraising teams

Benefits of Access Charity CRM

Our charity CRM has a simplified interface, underpinned by robust data and analytics, that gives the rest of your team and wider stakeholders the ability to self-serve critical information freeing up your fundraising team to make an impact.

Easily manage your donors

Our unique Fundraising Hub provides an easily accessible path to donor data, allowing your charity to take action quicker than ever before. With fundraising management software you will have a simple, innovative way for your wider organisation to rapidly surface core donor data and take action, without requiring specialist knowledge or in-depth training.

  • Available to anyone in your organisation that is granted permission, without any additional CRM licenses, allowing relevant data to be self-served when needed.
  • Removes reporting/data accessibility bottlenecks and thereby increases productivity.
  • Less spreadsheet dependency reduces data control risks.
  • Rapidly set up regular payments and direct debits from within the application.
  • Deep search capabilities and “Favourites” menu allows key donors to be ringfenced and targeted with different treatments.
Tabbed Donor Dashboard
Create more successful campaigns
  • Tracked interactions and insights into supporter behaviour help you design a better donor journey and develop deeper supporter relationships.
  • Build more targeted campaigns with greater insight and donor development features
  • Engage your best prospects using prospect management tools
  • Manage activity as well as relationships for every income stream
Tabbed Easily Manage Your Donors
Stay in control of every aspect of your event
  • Meticulous planning and careful co-ordination means a more successful event. From pre-planning to post-event analysis, you can do everything in one place.
  • Simplify planning and delivery
  • Record every category of cost and payment, track budgets and analyse accurate data
  • Evaluate events and run participant reports
Tabbed Event
Make data-driven decisions

Make faster, more informed decisions with easy access to accurate data and tracking. Get an overview of performance or drill down into the detail for data-driven planning. A live dashboard means you can track campaigns and make real-time decisions to deliver even more successful fundraising. While comprehensive management reports enable you to make more
informed decisions.

Get an at-a-glance view of benchmarks including income, attrition, new donors and more, run an in-depth analysis or compare like-for-like data

  • Customise the dashboard for different user types, view all data or filter the most relevant, and make decisions based on accurate information
  • Monitor your most important campaign data via a customisable dashboard to maximise performance
  • Easily analyse performance using out-of-the-box reports and user-specific dashboards with drill-down capability, campaign filtering and more
  • Quickly run detailed or top-level management reports with reliable, relevant data
Tabbed Data Driven
Streamline payment processing

Access PaySuite helps stop payment interruptions and keeps income flowing with effortless Direct Debit solutions. From online to mobile, we empower your donors to pay in the ways that best suits them, confident that their transactions will be processed and stored securely. With clear visibility of who has paid and when - using live dashboards - you can rapidly improve your cashflow forecasts.

  • Reduce risk with fully managed Direct Debit processing
  • Monitor cancellations, report on reason codes and run reactivation campaigns
  • Manage donor data with the online portal
Tabbed Payments
Protect your charity’s data

Our charity CRM contains enterprise-grade, in-built security that keeps your data safe against external threats, losses and leaks. It complies with the latest UK regulations and conforms to ISO 27001 - the international best-practice standard in data security. With automatic security updates, software upgrades and backups, plus a GDPR consent portal for supporters, we have thought of everything to ensure that your data is kept safe at all times.

Collect, store and manage consents through the self service GDPR consent portal – putting supporters in control of their marketing preferences so that you can manage your communications with confidence.

Tabbed Data
Enhance your volunteer management processes with Assemble integration

Integrating with Assemble allows our current Charity CRM customers to successfully deliver their volunteer management strategies. Assemble’s specialist features and functionality support every stage of the volunteer journey; from initial recruitment and onboarding, all the way through to retention. 

Gain a holistic view into how volunteers engage with your organisation and make informed decisions to develop the supporter journey based on this data. Where data is concerned, you can avoid duplications and general inefficiencies associated with using isolated pieces of software, allowing for increased productivity in your day-to-day processes. 

Key features include: 

  • End-to end volunteer recruitment  
  • Compliant and accountable workflows 
  • Intuitive rotas, event management and tasks 
  • Tailored communication and success acknowledgement 
  • Powerful analytics with rich reports 

Integrate your favourite products and services with Access Charity CRM

Integrations with your charity CRM software increase efficiency and engagement. Easily integrate your preferred products and services so you can make the most of your supporter data. Integrations also include Access Financials

And with our REST API the integration possibilities with Access Charity CRM are endless.

Why customers love our charity CRM software

Charity CRM resources

Charity CRM FAQs

What does a charity CRM do?

Manage and organise your supporters and donors with a charity CRM. Over 10,000 fundraising professionals use Access Charity CRM to improve donor relationships and increase revenue for their charity.

Find out which key steps you should take when choosing the right CRM for your charity.

What are the benefits of a charity CRM?

With powerful search, analytics and marketing automation technologies to your advantage, a CRM system designed for charities and non-profits like Access Charity CRM will help you identify and nurture valued and at risk donors with the right messages to keep them engaged, making income generation more predictable.

Find out more about the benefits of CRM for charities 

Why is a CRM important for fundraising?

A charity CRM allows you to nurture every type of relationship and manage every income stream in one place. Access Charity CRM is designed with intuitive functionality and easy-to-use features to make light work of managing your supporters and interpreting your data.

Read more about fundraising management software.

What does CRM mean in charity?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. In the non-profit sector, the term ‘customer’ refers to donors, volunteers, supporters, and stakeholders rather than traditional commercial customers. A CRM system in a charity setting helps manage and nurture relationships with donors, volunteers, and other stakeholders by centralising their information.

Does a non-profit need a CRM?

A CRM system is necessary for non-profits dealing with substantial data. It centralises donor, volunteer, and stakeholder information, enabling personalised communication, targeted fundraising, and efficient volunteer management. With features for reporting and automation, a CRM enhances transparency and scalability, which makes it a valuable asset for improving your impact and increasing donor retention.

How does a charity CRM support the donor journey?

Access Charity CRM is part of our Access Workspace for Charities solution which gives your fundraising team end-to-end visibility and control of your donor journeys.

With everything in one place, our scalable, feature-rich software allows each solution to operate on its own, or as an integrated part of the full suite. Allowing you to engage your existing supporters more effectively, attract new donors to your cause and generate more predictable income streams.

Read more about donor management software.

How does Access Workspace for Charities fit into all this?

Access Workspace for Charities was created to improve engagement, visibility and productivity for organisations such as yours. Our cloud-based feature-rich charity software includes Digital Advertising, Website, CRM and Payment Processing solutions, and allows each solution to operate on its own, or as a connected part of the full suite.

With value-added functionality that includes Learning Management, Collaboration, Analytics and much more, you have at your disposal the apps, data and insights required to make a bigger impact - quickly and easily. Anyone in your organisation with permission can self serve to get the accurate reports that they need - placing less of a strain on the core fundraising team. 

What can I expect from the implementation of Access Charity CRM?

All our FlightPath services have been designed to be remote-first, providing you with an improved low-risk implementation journey, no matter how your organisation is structured or wherever your employees are working.

Once you book an onboarding session, our consultants will engage in an initial consultation to begin the process. From here, we provide proactive engagement via a combination of face-to-face meetings and digital functionality such as live chats, allowing you to successfully collaborate with an Access expert who will guide you every step of the way.

We have also invested in product e-learning, enabling your users to learn our products at their own pace, while working through actions checklists throughout their development. Our remote-first approach means that you have regular communication with us to keep you on track at every step of your journey. Above all, it ensures that the software can be delivered flexibly to successfully work towards the agreed outcomes for your organisation.

All of our FlightPath consultants and on-boarders are not only certified in our products, they are also trained and certified in our remote-first FlightPath implementation methodology, including training in effectively delivering remote customer projects.

Learn more about our Customer Success Services

Access Workspace for Charities

Access Charity CRM is part of our connected donor journey software, Access Workspace for Charities. With everything in one place, our cloud-based feature-rich charity software includes Digital Advertising, Website, charity CRM and Payment Processing solutions, and allows each solution to operate on its own, or as a connected part of the full suite.

Allowing you to engage your existing supporters more effectively, attract new donors to your cause and generate more predictable income streams.