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Finance and accounting:

Financial reporting software

Gain real-time visibility to make informed decisions with financial reporting software

See real-time business performance, slice-and-dice the data, and produce financial reports — all within seconds.

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Take control of your financial reporting processes

Quickly and easily monitor, analyse and report your financial health and business performance, with live dashboards and real-time financial reporting. Dive straight into the data to quickly find the answers you need, saving you time and giving you real-time information to make better business decisions.

The flexible nominal ledger means you can configure your accounts to give you the management reporting you want. And hundreds of ready-made reports make reporting and auditing easy.

Financial reporting tools

Access hundreds of ready-made standard reports and create custom reports based on your specific needs.

  • Easy navigation: shift seamlessly from headline indicators to financial data within seconds. Drill down to individual transactions and associated documents, such as invoices and images
  • Search and filter: quickly search, filter and sort data to quickly get the information you want, and export search results straight into Excel
  • Customise views: by cost centre, geographical offices, overheads, company, cost type, and across multi-entries and budget holders
  • Consolidated financial statements: generate consolidated financial statements at the click of a button, with multi-entry accounting consolidation

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Access Workspace is a software solution, that joins together your systems, data and people in one place. Access Financials and Access Workspace work together to share your data and insights with people across your organisation to improve engagement, visibility and productivity.

  • Actionable dashboards: Access Workspace populates with a set of standard dashboards for an immediate view of your organisation’s performance and KPIs, with drills and filters to the underlying data and the detail.                                                
    • Debtors and revenue performance: displays metrics, key stats and insights to manage debtors, prevent bad debts and maintain a healthy cash flow
    • Creditors and purchasing: displays metrics, key stats and insights around spend, commitments and outstanding creditors
    • Nominal and cashflow: displays metrics, key stats and insights into current cash status, income and expenditure, and profit
  • Create your own dashboards: designer licenses let you create your own dashboards with as many new insights as you wish.
  • Unlimited read-only users: distribute and share with individual users and groups, and those outside your organisation within your security protocols. Users can view and interact with the insights shared with them

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Access Workspace Analytics allows previously siloed data to be easily brought together, into a combined view, for deeper insight.

  • Easy analytics: When you have a specific question, you can build a query, display it as an insight or even gather a collection of them into a Dashboard
  • Add other business data: create new insights and dashboards using data from your existing Access products. For example, combine data from Access CRM or HR into a single comprehensive view for faster, more informed decisions
  • Connect data from other systems: Access Workspace Professional edition allows you to connect with non-Access software systems, so you can blend third-party data into your analytics and see the full picture.
  • Create unlimited insights: create new insights from your data. Create unlimited charts, tables, dashboards and filters. Drill down to the underlying data to get to exactly the information you need.
  • Easily share with others: grant different permissions for people across your business. Charts and tables can be downloaded and used in management presentations

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Analytics Dashboards

Excel financial reporting

Create powerful and professional financial management reports that deliver deeper insights and analysis. Deliver up-to-date, real-time visibility of core accounting data.

  • Secure two-way integration: between Access accounting software and Excel, so you can access and update financial data directly from Excel
  • Powerful queries: filter, manipulate and query transaction data so you can analyse and model your data with ease. Drill down to original transactions and source data
  • Rapid report creation: build complex reports in minutes using the in-built report writer. Create up-to-date P&Ls, balance sheets, debtor and creditor summaries, budgets and forecast reports
  • Report packs: created a professional report pack with branded coversheet, contents page and page numbers to deliver key decision-making information.
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Financial reporting software FAQs

What is financial reporting?

What is financial reporting software?

What is financial reporting?

Financial reporting means tracking, analysing and reporting your business income by documenting and communicating your financial activities and performance over specific periods of time.

What is financial reporting software?

Financial reporting software helps you to automate and analyse financial information, generating and drilling down into data, streamlining processes and monitoring the financial health of your organisation.

Access Financials Financial Reporting module enables you to efficiently manage the full financial reporting process with easy-to-use analytics, dashboards and real-time data.

Access Financials is available through Access Workspace, so you’ll also benefit from:

  • Everything in one place: all your Access software, data and processes joined up and in one place for greater productivity
  • Easy-to-use apps: empower your people to self-serve and access real-time reporting – removing endless requests and bottlenecks
  • Advanced analytics: combine your financial data, with your other Access products and third-party data sources into a single, up-to-date view to help your people make the best decisions
  • Industry-leading UK cloud hosting: 100% uptime performance, GDPR compliant, enterprise-level security, automatic software upgrades and backups and 24/7 UK support.

Is it time to switch your finance and accounting software?

Choosing the right finance and accounting software is often a daunting task, but it doesn't need to be. Our expert guide explains everything you need to know when switching finance systems - from considerations before starting the project to implementing your new software quickly and easily. It also includes useful templates to help you manage your switching project.

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