Purchase & Sales Automation

Purchase & sales automation software

Eliminate error, reduce administration with automated purchase and sales order processing.

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Benefits for your business

  • Save time and avoid mistakes with instant data capture
  • Increase accuracy of audits with an easily traceable audit trail
  • Improve your supplier relations and exploit early payment discounts with fast processing
  • Reduce storage costs with electronic document management
  • Gain instant visibility of your sales and purchase invoicing processes and better control of your cashflow
Electronic data capture

Electronic data capture

  • Scan and upload your invoices and customer orders in real-time, saving your Finance team time
  • Instantly extract and validate information from different invoice and customer order templates
  • Identify and flag duplicate invoices or customer orders, reducing administration
  • Automatic validation of customer and supplier data
electronic data capture purchase automation

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Automated approval workflow

  • Route invoices to the relevant person with no need for you to intervene
  • Remove approval bottlenecks by triggering email reminders to the appropriate person
  • Let approvers see all the information they need to make a decision, avoiding costly mistakes
  • Give Finance a real-time overview of the approval process
  • Automatically match invoices to purchase orders
approval workflow

Secure document storage

  • Eliminate the cost of paper storage by centralising documents in a digital archive
  • Quickly search your records – look up historic invoices and supplier details as well as customer orders and payments in seconds
  • Ace financial audits with an instant view of invoice and customer order audit trails
  • Attach correspondence had with a supplier or customer, expense receipts and other relevant files to invoice and sales records
document storage purchase automation software

What our customers say...

Nearly perfect, really easy to use and has completely changed the way we process invoices and work

Oliver Grammer, Management Accountant, Conservatives

What our customers say...

It has improved & speeded up our invoicing process as it has quickly adapted to the majority of our invoice formats.

Steve Meaney, Finance Director, Grosvenor

What our customers say...

Our purchasing Flightpath implementation was top notch. We have found the system to be a valuable new addition.

Harpal Patter, Finance Executive, Graze

What our customers say...

Our FlightPath implementation for Capture was perfect, all issues were easily overcome, and the process was very clear.

Anna Morgan, Finance Manager, Plowman Craven

What our customers say...

Capture is easy to use, has changed the way we process invoices and made it a lot easier.

Keith Osman, Finance, YMCA

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