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The Complete HR Platform

Access Workspace brings all your HR and business software together in one place. Using a single sign-on and a central database, it’s our comprehensive HR platform.

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What is Access Workspace?

Access Workspace is the platform for all Access products and services. Our software allows you to connect HR with every area of your business, from accounting systems to hosting services and bespoke industry software.

Increased HR engagement

Access Workspace improves engagement and increases collaboration throughout your entire organisation, by enhancing the employee experience and fostering value-added conversations and insights.

Single sign-on gives every employee access to the HR self-service portal, data and functionality they need, while smart tools and apps enable greater workforce productivity and streamlined processes across the board.

HR engagement

Anticipate future business needs and deliver maximum value with Access Workspace

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Access Workspace provides:


Powerful apps

With Access Workspace you gain easy use of a series of intuitive apps that are designed for specific roles. They enable a true HR self-service portal for every job role, business function and seniority across your organisation.


Instant data

With a single source of data you can ensure that everyone’s working from the same live information. So you won’t have to rely on other teams to get the up-to-date info and reports that you require.


Collaborative working

Connecting teams through shared data and insights leads to more efficient, engaging and productive ways of working. With handy self-service features and access via any device, all employees can really own their HR experience.


Customised dashboards

Every employee can easily use a single sign-on and customise their own Access Workspace. They can then quickly find information, complete their own personal tasks and access other business systems relevant to their role.

Key benefits of an HR platform delivered through Access Workspace:


Line managers

HR team

Persona Managers Employees

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Gives your people access to their own HR self-service portal, allowing them to find the information they need quickly, get updates from your organisation and complete tasks like submitting expenses with ease.

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Persona Managers Line managers

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Provides managers with simple access to information to better support and develop their teams with performance management reviews, objective setting, absence logging, expenses approval and more.

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Persona Managers HR team

HR team workspace

Grants your HR team easy access to systems and apps to deliver enhanced employee experiences, ensure GDPR and compliance obligations are met, and improve people processes via automation and reminders.

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Advantages of Access Workspace

Connects HR, employees and line managers across departments and sites

Drives efficiency via a single collaborative employee workspace

Bridges departmental silos through better communication tools

One core database means one version of the facts

Drives user adoption with value-adding intuitive apps

Fosters engagement in every employee via powerful collaboration tools

Disadvantages of traditional HR software

Operates in a silo with basic integration features

No shared data or insights for other areas of the organisation

Limited HR self-service portals

Low user adoption and engagement

Underutilised and inflexible platforms

Multiple data sources that lead to inaccurate reporting and insights

Discover the perfect HR platform on Access Workspace

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