Preparing for ‘the new normal’

The COVID-19 pandemic has become the biggest catalyst for business transformation of our time – and HR now finds itself at the forefront of delivering that change. Now is the time for business leaders and HR to work closely together to review tactics and put a decisive strategy in place that not only facilitates their organisation’s recovery, but that also lays a foundation for long-term success. This playbook will help guide the process, each section will help you define your priorities and needs for the coming months.

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Five Minutes With… Ed Griffin, Director of HR Consultancy & Research at Institute for Employment Studies

We catch up with expert HR practitioner Ed Griffin to get his thoughts on organisational development, technology and HR transformation following COVID-19.

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How have your employees’ expectations changed in the past few months?

We look through a generational lens to better understand how priorities have likely shifted for Baby Boomers, Millennials and Generation Z following the pandemic.

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What can we learn from the ‘remote revolution’?

With remote working rapidly becoming the new norm, we look at some of the long-term benefits of embracing this way of working for organisations and employees alike.

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How can software transform your employee experience

Creating a positive employee experience that inspires higher levels of trust, loyalty and performance on a daily basis is no mean feat. From candidate journeys and recruiting talent to employee training and engagement, there’s a lot to bear in mind – and the right HR software can make a world of difference in getting it right. Take our quiz to find out which specific aspects of software could help your organisation...

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The shifting priorities for HR: Your questions answered

HR teams have had to up their game a tremendous amount this year amid the pandemic to support their people and the wider organisation. With priorities changing at lightning speed, it’s been an ongoing challenge to not only continue with business as usual activity but also sustain the welfare of the workforce.

The shifting priorities for HR: Your questions answered

How does employee recognition and reward measure up in today’s workplace?

Employee recognition is rapidly becoming a cornerstone of the wider employee experience and can have a significant impact on boosting morale, improving wellbeing and making your people feel valued.

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