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Construction accounting software

Bridge the gap from onsite to back office, without relying on manual processes. 

EasyBuild ERP software gives you the single source of truth with real-time visibility and control over your financial data across all projects. Mobile apps ensure you and your whole team see all the data wherever you’re all based.

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Construction Accounting
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Construction accounting

Trust you have real-time visibility of your accounts and track your costs as they happen on site.

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CashBook and ledgers

Real-time updates from mobile apps gives you confidence to accurately track, process, monitor and report on transactions across multiple sites, companies and bank accounts.

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Cost Value Reconciliation (CVR) 

Easybuild ERP real-time CVR solution gives you greater control over expenditures, budgets and is scalable to support the growth of your business. 

See what your subcontractor’s costs and liabilities are in real-time and in each monthly reporting period.

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Job costing

The software allows you to capture costs at key levels of labour, plant, material, subcontractor and overhead.

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Electronic data capture

Save your finance teams time and reduce admin. Scan and upload your invoices and customer orders in real-time.

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Excel Plug In

Easily create management reports in Excel. Export from EasyBuild into Excel spreadsheet, adapt as required and upload back into your software.

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Avoid expenses coming in after month end. The mobile expenses app means on-site teams can photograph expenses and upload to the mobile expenses app immediately.

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Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) VAT reverse charge

You can submit reverse charge VAT returns at the click of a button.

Construction accounting

Trust you have visibility and accuracy over your accounts from the finance team through to the commercial team giving you a single source of the truth in real-time.

You won’t have to wait till the end of the month to bring your commercial and financial teams together – track your costs in real-time as they happen on site to be able to make accurate decisions.

Business Team Accounting

Cash book and ledgers

Cashbook - Manage all receipts and payments flowing through multiple bank accounts. You have a complete visibility of receipts or payments, you can print cheques, run BACS Payments and bank reconciliation. Cash book is automatically updated for receipts and payments.

Ledgers – With EasyBuild’s integrated solution, your project costs update the general ledger which gives your Finance Director everything they require to do their financial reporting for the business, including statutory treasury function such as cashbook, bank reconciliation, sales invoices etc.

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Cost Value Reconciliation (CVR)

Our solution gives you greater control over expenditures, budgets and is scalable to support the growth of your business:

  • Ensure accurate information is available to substantiate monthly client applications.
  • See what your subcontractors costs and liabilities are in real-time and in each monthly reporting period.
  • Commercial Managers and Quantity Surveyors can keep on top of cost and identify any variations and any additional works required. This allows Quantity Surveyors to have daily access to this information as well as full visibility by the Financial Director.
  • Customisable configuration, auditable, compliant and provides authorisation controls at key financial and commercial stages.
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Job costing software for construction 

Our software allows you to capture costs at traditional levels such as labour, plant, material, subcontractor and overheads. Track cost transactions including “activity codes” (element or work breakdown structure).

Have peace of mind that the costing system is fully intergrated for ledgers and financial management accounts.

Key benefits include:

  • Capturing cost at key levels labour, plant, material, subcontractor and overhead
  • Ability to further capture activity, and sub activity, against each cost transaction
  • Reporting by project, activity and sub-activity
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Automate expense management 

Manage the entire process online and automate tasks for increased efficiency, saving your finance team time and gain a better employee experience.

Employees can complete and submit every type of expense - capture paper and e-receipts digitally for faster paperless processing.

Review up to date spend with fast and automated payment reporting and analytics

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