Easily record and reimburse travel expenses

Employees can claim corporate travel expenses when they’re out and about – whether from the train, in the airport lounge or on the road.

Scan receipts easily and there’s no need to track mileage manually. While approvers can sign off accurate claims with confidence and knowing that the right rate will be applied even if the distance exceeds the HMRC mileage threshold.

Staying compliant with HMRC requirements is made easy with inbuilt tax tools for company cars and business travel expenses.

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Travel Motor Manage Company Vehicles And Private Usage (1)

Quickly log accurate mileage

Employees can input their journey, and the distance is calculated for them, so it’s 100% accurate and saves time.

  • Set a default home address and choose a destination by postcode, street address, offices, landmarks and more, choose one-way or return journey
  • Mileage is automatically calculated using Google Maps and allows manual mileage logging in case of diversions
  • Inbuilt verification tool - postcode finder, uses technology to increase accuracy
  • Inaccurate claims are instantly disallowed

Reimburse business mileage at the right rate

Approvers and finance teams can rely on inbuilt verification and rate features to calculate the amount due using the correct rate.

  • HMRC-approved rates are inbuilt or set custom mileage rates
  • Users are automatically dropped into the lower bracket when they go over the threshold
  • Expenses can be claimed on-the-go via the app, or by using the browser version
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Beautifully simple staff expenses management software

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Manage company vehicles and private usage

Stay on track with reporting, tax treatments and payment liability related to company cars. Easily fulfil your duty of care and ensure anyone using their car for work purposes is safe and compliant, by storing necessary documents and receiving automated alerts when they need renewing.

  • Mileage and fuel claims on company cars can be tracked for reporting and tax purposes
  • Store documents such as vehicle tax, insurance, MOT and licence details of privately-owned vehicles used for work
  • Licences due to expire are automatically flagged
  • Get private recovery of VAT around projects
  • Monitor vehicles through different stages of approval, i.e. approval from the manager and the finance team
  • Claim validation
Travel Motor Manage Company Vehicles And Private Usage (1)

Save time, reduce costs, improve employee experience, and stay in control of your expenses 

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What our customers say

“There are fewer queries and people are able to record their expenses more accurately. This means a lot less reprocessing.”

Geoff Davidson, Company Director, Hessel

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