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Outsourced Payroll Vs. In-House: which one is right for you?

To weigh the pros and cons of in-house payroll vs. outsourcing to an expert provider, this guide digs deeper into the three drivers of every great payroll service: cost, control and compliance.

The choice between running payroll in-house and outsourcing the responsibility to an expert provider is one with which all companies must grapple. If you’re reading this guide, chances are you’re weighing up your options and trying to decide which route will be more cost-effective for your business.

This guide will provide a comprehensive review of the respective benefits of each option and help you determine the most beneficial route for your business.

This guide will focus on the three key drivers of every great payroll service:

  • Striking a balance between the quality of their payroll function and its cost
  • Maintaining visibility and control of the payroll function
  • Managing the complex, ever-changing nature of payroll compliance

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Everything you need to know for payroll peace of mind

Considering outsourced payroll services? Here's everything you need to know when weighing your options.
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