Anxiety management course

We all experience anxiety; it’s a natural human state and a vital part of our lives. This module will explore practical ways to help you recognise and manage your anxiety.

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Anxiety Management

Course objectives

  • Help you understand that everyone has anxiety
  • Learn to recognise the first signs of anxiety and to manage those feelings
  • Explore different techniques to take control and find a sense of calm

Course content

  • What is Anxiety? In this section the learner will compare anxiety against stress and fear in order for them to understand the difference.
  • How does Anxiety Feel? This section will introduce the learner to the feelings of anxiety, what the signs of anxiety are and recognizing when they might be feeling anxious.
  • What Causes Anxiety? This section will cover the main causes of anxiety such as long-term situations, biological considerations, short-term situations, and how these can be maintained including avoidance behaviour.
  • Physical Support for Anxiety This section will cover 4 practical techniques learners can do to help reduce feelings of anxiety including, relaxation, breathing, guided visualization, and physical exercise.
  • Behavioural Support for Anxiety This section will cover 3 behavioural ways of supporting anxiety: Exposure, Go with it, and Distraction.
  • Psychological Support for Anxiety This section will cover 4 psychological ways of supporting anxiety: Self-Talk, Self-Beliefs, Self-Esteem, and Being Assertive.
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