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Career development

Employability skills for students and graduates

Boost employability skills for students and graduates with the UK’s leading career development solution. 

From personalised learning and soft skills training to practical support with CVs and interview techniques, this is a single-platformed, comprehensive service that help both the individual and your institution stand out though improved graduate outcomes.

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From job hunting and CVs to transferable skills and more

Why is student and graduate employability important?

Student and graduate employability holds immense significance as a vital indicator of higher education institution success. Monitoring and evaluating the dedicated efforts of career teams in nurturing and empowering students towards achieving exceptional graduate outcomes becomes pivotal in securing their prosperous future within the job market.

What are employability skills?

Employability skills encompass vital personal qualities and competencies crucial for excelling in diverse workplaces. Often referred to as 'enterprise skills,' 'communication skills,' or 'workplace skills,' these are fundamental for thriving professionally.

Our tools for boosting students and graduate employability are and essential career development solution designed to prepare them for the professional world.

Our interactive software provides personalised learning plans, allowing students to:

  • identify their core strengths
  • target areas for improvement
  • set goals
  • create professional resumes.

Additionally, our cutting-edge technology incorporates Artificial Intelligence (AI), enabling students to benefit from interview simulations and further enhance their readiness for future career opportunities.

Why use our graduate employability software?

The tried, tested and proven Access Career Development solution provides a highly effective springboard into work based on a personalised programme of support driven by each student. Take up is high thanks to the ease of self-service and the unlimited opportunities to access an individualised mix of learning content.

Employability skills for students and graduates includes everything needed to develop the skills that today’s employers really want to see.

How to improve graduate employability

To improve graduate employability, start by identifying skills and knowledge gaps through self-assessment or career coaching. CVs are important, so make sure to highlight relevant experiences and skills, focusing on achievements. Hone interview techniques by practicing mock interviews and refining responses. Complete personalised online training courses to bolster specific skill sets sought by employers.

Here's how the tools in our market-leading employability skills software will help:

Professional CV scanner

CV360, our AI-powered CV scanner, enables clients to easily and effectively scale up the delivery of personalised, high-quality CV support to their users.

Within seconds, CV360 scores a CV against more than 50 checks and provides detailed feedback on file, presentation, structure, content, skills and language– including unique checks such as time-to-read, average sentence length, employability skills and skills dominance.

Interview simulation training

Interview360 is a revolutionary AI-powered interview training tool that helps users to optimise their performance for in-person and video interviews. It enables career support services to transform the way they prepare users for the competitive job market.

Mock interviews and practice questions can be personalised for any type of user, who will receive instant and unique feedback on body language, communication and speech, camera position and voice quality.

Career Service Automation

Full functionality including appointment or event booking, file storage, note taking, activity tracking and reporting, CV review, job posting and careers CRM.

Career Automation
Advice & Guidance

1,500 employer films deliver the latest employability and job search advice direct from hiring managers.

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Career Assessments

Including motivation, personality, communication skills, workplace culture and resilience assessments with reports highlighting practical career considerations.

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eLearning Resources

Covering critical areas such as handling interviews, researching employers, networking, working with recruiters, e-Hireability and self-employment.

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Career Tools

A whole suite of interactive tools will really progress employability skills for students, including Abintegro CV builder, career planner, interview simulator, job search engine, psychometric and aptitude tests.

Graduate Employability Career Tools

Key benefits of using Access Career Development software for student and graduate employability:

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Fully customisable

Our student employability software is fully customisable, allowing you to add your own branding and create custom pages. Build the programme you need to support career objectives, initiatives and awards.

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Regular fresh content

Our graduate employability skills experts publish new content every week which is designed and developed to support career benchmark frameworks (e.g. Career Edge+).


Each user journey is interactive and personalised. Individual career assessments, occupational and labour market research tools and soft skills development training are all included.

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Measure your success

Improvements to student competencies and employability is fully measurable across the platform, allowing you to report on enhanced graduate outcomes as the transformation happens. 

Customers using our graduate employability software

Already the UK's most widely used student employability platform, last year alone over 6.2 million careers interactions were completed. In fact, the majority of UK universities as well as leading institutions in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and Europe all use Access Career Development.

You’ll be in good company.

What our customers say

How University of Exeter increased student engagement by 300%

The University of Exeter was keen to explore ways to achieve the highest possible levels of student engagement in their Career Centre. The university managed to significantly impact the number of student users, the level of engagement, as well as greater usage of higher impact employability tools.
Read the full case study

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Developing Student Employability
Employee training and development

Our career development solution offers a dedicated, private environment where your employees can work on their career development, career well-being and transferable skills.

Helping Getting People Back Into Work
Employability Software

Our solution gives the tools, information and support jobseekers and those looking to transition into a new career need to own their personal development, and be motivated to do so.

Career Development For Staff
Career development for everyone

Access career development solutions can be tailored to meet the needs of your business or organisation. Use our intuitive CV tool and practice interview techniques using artificial intelligence to take careers to the next level. 

Discover the benefits a dedicated career development platform can bring to your organisation.


What is a student employment system?

For students and graduates preparing themselves to manoeuvre into professional life, it’s important they get the correct support. A good student employment system sometimes called student and graduate employability software is the perfect tool. By completing personalised career assessments and receiving advice and guidance, students can analyse their current skillsets and highlight any development needed to secure a role in their desired role or businesses. 

What factors influence graduate employability?

Several key factors can significantly impact student and graduate employability:

  1. Specialised Expertise: A deep understanding and proficiency in their field of study.
  2. Adaptability & Continuous Learning: Ability to swiftly adapt to evolving industry trends and a commitment to lifelong learning.
  3. Career Planning & Strategy: Effective career planning, setting goals, and implementing strategic steps toward achieving them.
  4. Professional Skills: Strong foundational skills relevant to the industry, including technical, analytical, and problem-solving abilities.
  5. Soft Skills & Emotional Intelligence: Essential interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, and the capacity to collaborate effectively in diverse work environments.

Successful graduate employability hinges on a combination of these factors, blending academic prowess with practical skills and a proactive approach to career development

Enhance employability for your students and graduates today!

There are many ways to find out more about Access Career Development - powered by Abintegro - and how it can boost employability and career prospects for people in your academic institution. 

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