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Build student and graduate employability on the UK’s leading career development platform designed specifically for colleges and universities.

Used by over 75% of UK universities and extensively in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and Europe, the Abintegro Career Centre platform helps students and graduates supercharge their careers and employability.

Using the latest AI technology, it gives institutions the ability to offer thousands of students the support and guidance previously only offered in a 1-2-1 meeting or workshop setting.

Last year alone over 6.2 million careers interactions were completed on our University and College platform, and this is continuing to grow year on year.


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The UK's most widely used student employability platform

The Abintegro platform is fully customisable, and there’s even the option to have a mobile App. Institutions use their own branding, adapt the navigation and content to meet specific needs, create custom pages and build programmes to support careers objectives / initiatives / awards.

Due to the adaptability, and highly configurable nature, the platform offers career leaders the ability to build a resource that can support a diverse range of students. Different configurations (themes) can even be created to provide specific experiences e.g., different themes for student’s vs graduates.

Our content is designed and developed to support career benchmark frameworks (e.g., Career Edge+) and our dedicated content team publish new content every week.  

The improvement on student career confidence and competencies is fully measurable and institutions are transforming their employability outcomes as a result. The platform uses AI to support CV building / checking, interview skills / techniques / preparation and job and career matching.

The platform also includes career assessments, occupational / labour market research tools and soft skills development training.

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Key features  of Career Centre

  • Digital Advice & Guidance - 1,500 employer films deliver the latest employability and job search advice direct from hiring managers.

  • Career Assessments - Including motivation, personality, workplace culture and resilience assessments with reports highlighting practical career considerations.

  • eLearning Resources - Covering critical areas, such as, handling interviews, researching employers, networking, working with recruiters, ehirability and self employment.

  • Career Tools - Suite of interactive tools including CV builder, career planner, interview simulator, job search engine, psychometric/aptitude tests.

  • Career Service Automation - Appointment/event booking, file storage, note taking, activity tracking/reporting, CV/Resume review, job posting and careers CRM.

  • Integration/Administration - Integrate to a VLE/intranet or deploy resources directly into your web pages. Adapt the branding, content and navigation to suit your clients

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Key features of career centre

Lancaster University

The customisable nature of Career Centre effectively meets the individual needs of every single student that accesses it, and the fact that it is 24/7 is highly practical for a student community.

The resources and information in Career Centre has freed up a great deal of time for our careers team, enabling us to focus on supporting students with more niche support needs.

Exeter College

Being in Devon, many of our students struggled with accessibility and didn't have the aspiration to get graduate jobs as there isn't the opportunities.

The resources in Career Centre have increased student confidence and enabled them to envisage their dream graduate jobs. As a result of this, more students are getting better graduate roles and the jobs they deserve.

Birmingham City University

We have found the vast range of resources available to students and staff very useful and the fact it is accessible 24/7 is fantastic. 

Career Centre can be tailored to meet the needs of every student, and the features within Career Centre enable us to further personalise the support we offer to our students.

DeMontfort University

Career Centre is great as it provides an online solution and interactive careers provision all in one place. We particularly value the Career Pulse tool as it allows students to visualize the journey the are on and the progression they have made in terms of developing their employability skills.

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Career development

How University of Exeter increased student engagement by 300%

The University of Exeter was keen to explore ways to achieve the highest possible levels of student engagement in their Career Centre. The university managed to significantly impact the number of student users, the level of engagement, as well as greater usage of higher impact employability tools.

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University of Exeter