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Online teaching resources. Empowering teachers, enriching students.

GCSEPod provides award-winning content, assessment, and analytics all in one place.

Our learning content and assessment is developed and built to engage learners, improve confidence and accelerate progress.

Our online teaching resources rely on accessible and easy-to-digest video content is the perfect solution for flipped, interleaved learning.

Interactive education software trusted by over 1,700 subscribing schools

We have over 10 years’ experience delivering results, so this is the only learning resource you need to make an evidence-based positive impact on your learners’ outcomes, while improving the working life of your educators.

Effective online teaching resources for:

Online Learning Key Stage 3
Key Stage 3

Join us in revolutionising the way students engage with Key Stage 3 content.

Online Learning Gcse

GCSEPod's learning and revision that helps users achieve one grade higher on average than non-users.

Online Learning Gcse Resits
GCSE resits

Don’t just resit... Rethink your GCSE maths and English!

Teaching Showing Student On Computer

SQA learning and revision that helps users achieve one grade higher on average than non-users.

Online Learning International

Help your students achieve one grade higher on average with our GCSE/IGCSE content, assessment, and data.

Online Learning Functional Skills
Functional skills

Learn, assess, progress: personalised learning plans, content, and assessment all in one place – on the go!

Key features of our educational learning software

Proven to engage students, consolidate knowledge, and accelerate progress, learning content and assessment improves outcomes while reducing teacher workload.

Award-winning content

2-5 minute bursts of audio-visual learning
Our content is delivered in small chunks to make it easier for students to work their way through the curriculum and ensure the learning sticks. 

Written by subject experts
All our content is written by expert teachers and examiners to ensure the highest standard. 

Rigorously quality assured
We put all our content through rigorous checks to ensure you can reply on it to get the best results. 

Subtitles available and customisable
We put accessibility at the heart of our production to ensure every learner gets the same experience to help them achieve more. 

Adjustable playback speed
Learners can now slow down or speed up our videos. This is fantastic for EAL or SEN students who want to take things at their own pace.

Available on any device and from anywhere
It’s like having a teacher in your pocket 24/7. Learn in or outside of the classroom from anywhere and on any device. 

Everything you need all in one place
MIS integration and SSO with Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams provides everything you need all in one easily accessible platform enabling you to concentrate on your teaching and not on the technology.

Check & Challenge

A assessment system that promotes learning, not just testing! Check and Challenge is our WOW feature that provides teachers with valuable insights into student strengths and weaknesses.

Check and Challenge is a unique assessment system that not only evaluates students’ knowledge and understanding, but also provides scaffolded support via hints, multiple choice options and feedback statements, to aid actual learning and retention. With a range of question difficulties, including questions designed to challenge even the most able students.

  • Award-winning assessment tool
  • Supports and challenges learners
  • Can be used independently or alongside content Pods
  • Unique diamond reward system documents progress
  • Scaffolded support via hints & multiple-choice options
  • Instant feedback improves confidence
  • Automated self-marking system accurately evaluates knowledge
  • Detailed reports evidence learning progression
  • Identification of misconceptions, common distractors and strength and weaknesses
Ready-made assignments

Our assignments are the quick, effective, self-marking homework you've been looking for. 

Create an assignment from scratch, copy a colleague's or upload your own questions. This versatile functionality allows you to be in control of how you teach and feedback to students. 

Ready-made assignments are pre-created assessments to check knowledge and understanding. Created by subject specialists for English, Maths and Science, they build confidence and identify gaps in knowledge. These assignments encourage students to ‘watch, quiz, practise and apply’ their learning. These assignments are pre-built and ready for you to assign in seconds, saving teacher time to focus on interventions that matter. 

  • Choose from a library of ready-built assessments 
  • Filter by exam board or topic 
  • Edit assessments freely, allowing for differentiation 
  • Supplement expert-written questions with custom questions 
  • Choose self-marking assignments with multiple-choice questions 
  • Assign to whole classes or individuals
Ready Made Assignments (2)
Boost Playlists

Our most popular feature is our assignment Boost Playlists, especially when it's a challenge to give students feedback on their knowledge gaps whilst they are out of school. 

Once an assignment has been marked, students receive a playlist of videos, unique to them, which will help them fill their knowledge gaps. Boost Playlists build confidence in your students when you can’t be with them in person and give you the reassurance that they are concentrating on the content that will help them progress most effectively.

Exam-style assignments
Exam Style Questions3

Get access to hundreds of completely original, exam board-specific, exam-style assignments written by specialists. Set them in seconds, then download the results as part of your basket of evidence of attainment. These new assignments also offer essential exam practice prior to completing exam board mini-exams.

  • Exam board-specific questions created by subject specialists
  • Self-marking and free text questions with mark schemes and indicative content that replicates the exam board for consistency and ease of marking
  • Assignments can be completed digitally under exam-like conditions or can be printed to use in exam halls
  • Select from a bank of questions to create your own papers Great for setting smaller exam papers or topic-focused papers
  • Created to look and feel like the ‘real thing’
User-friendly for all learners

Our commitment to accessibility goes beyond our content. We believe technologies should enhance learning for everyone and have incorporated accessibility into our site to ensure that it is user-friendly for all learners. Our accessibility toolbar allows students to personalise their learning experience with dyslexia friendly fonts, reading guides and colour control. Our "translate" tool translates all the navigation and assessment on the site into one of 100 languages to support students for whom English isn’t a first language.

  • Reading guide / Reading mask. Colour controls, contrast, saturation and monochrome
  • Adjustable font style and size, including dyslexia-friendly fonts. Highlight all clickable buttons and links
  • Big black and big white cursors. Translate page text, choose from almost 100 languages. Subtitles available and customisable
  • Adjustable playback speed, questions can be read out loud. Full screen option

Transform your teaching with the ultimate digital learning platform for schools

Recognised as the highest standard in online teaching resources

We are delighted to have been recognised as the highest quality standard in EdTech by a range of awarding bodies, including a prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise, in recognition for supporting schools during the pandemic.

All your online teaching resources in one place

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Students can either work through the content independently and at their own pace or their learning journey can be dictated by their educator who can set assignments, recommend content, and mark summative assessments online.

Checklist FILL0 Wght400 GRAD0 Opsz48

The star of the assessment area is Check & Challenge, which helps the learner navigate their way to the correct answers while providing scaffolded support along the way. The data gained provides meaningful and actionable feedback, which translates to accelerated progress and no wasted time.

Query Stats FILL0 Wght400 GRAD0 Opsz48

Review by user, group, individual and category (e.g. EAL). A wide range of bespoke reports can be automatically created, ready to share with colleagues or export into management systems. Data can easily be exported back into MIS or into Power BI and can also be analysed at authority, trust, or at group level.

Menu Book FILL0 Wght400 GRAD0 Opsz48 (1)

We offer teaching resources to raise awareness, train and encourage learners, students, and parents to use content and assessment effectively. Regularly updated, we provide everything from videos, handouts, presentations, quick start guides, digital signage and parent letters in a variety of languages.

Why teachers love our educational learning software

Interactive education resources

Partner discounts

Being an ASCL Premier Partner and PiXL Gold Partner puts us in the best position to bring the industry voice to our plans and innovations for the future. We believe in listening and the power of collaboration. Speak to us about our partner discounts.


Here are some common queries we get regarding our online teaching resources. If you don't find the answer you're looking for, a member of our team will be happy to help.

Can I identify where intervention is needed?

You won't need to use data to find out where intervention is needed. Our Boost Playlists identify knowledge gaps, providing students with a detailed report on their strengths and weaknesses and an automatically generated playlist of content closely matched to their weakest areas. Boost Playlists give students control of their own learning, and give you the clarity to develop precisely focused intervention.

Can I track and monitor progress?

You can track and monitor engagement with through the dashboard. It’s visual and user-friendly, but packed with figures and easily exportable information. You can see at a glance what was set, the marks each pupil got, and the average mark for each question and student. You can also see usage data on an individual and group level, making it easy to identify students who may need additional intervention. This is the ideal teacher resource to make help make you make a bigger impact to your student’s learning and revision.

How does this help reduce workload?

We do the hard work for you so you can concentrate on what you do best, teaching. This teaching resource not only makes setting GCSE homework and assignments easier but it does that hardwork of marking GCSE assessment for you!

"With GCSEPod the marking is done for me and I am automatically notified of any students who haven’t grasped the learning objective. This tells me how much GCSE knowledge each student has, and the areas where they need extra support in a much more meaningful way."

Senior Assistant Principal, Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

Can I teach outside of my GCSE specialism?

Our content is set out clearly, making it easier for you to teach outside of your specialism. Choose the exam boards you teach (AQA, Cambridge IGCSE, EdExcel, EdExcel International, Eduqas, OCR or WJEC) for each GCSE subject, and only the relevant GCSE content will be visible. Plan your lessons in seconds, with the confidence that all the content and assessment you need is available at your fingertips.

Education software created by educators, for educators

The Access Education software suite is purpose-built to address the unique needs and challenges of educational institutions. Created by education experts, it's not just another solution – it's a comprehensive approach to improving the entire educational experience.

We've collaborated closely with educators at every stage of development to ensure our software reflects their insights, needs, and goals. It goes beyond functionality, becoming a strategic ally for schools, MATs, and local authorities.

Our ultimate goal is to empower educators to focus on what truly matters: delivering exceptional learning experiences to their students.

Ready to increase efficiency and cut administrative overhead? Want more time for teaching, mentoring, and inspiring the next generation? Click on our each of our products to find out how they can improve processes within your setting.