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eLearning for Health and Social Care

Elearning for health and social care is a key part of Access Learning for Care: a learning management system designed to facilitate a variety of learning styles and approaches. As well as eLearning, we also provide Physical Learning, and Self-Directed Learning. Our library contains over 70 online courses for your team to dive into.

As a Skills for Care endorsed learning provider, our engaging content can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Employees have the freedom to learn the way they want to learn, and with progress able to be tracked and monitored easily, you can ensure your business is compliant.

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Stay on top of training by using Access Learning for Care in your care service 

Hand over control to your care staff and stay on top of training with our e-learning for health and social care platform.  

You can rest assured that your employees are meeting regulatory requirements and are up to date on the latest information with our renowned health and social care courses online. E-learning is an interactive and efficient way to educate your team, refresh their skills and knowledge, and remain on top of a variety of new and relevant training.  

Our Skills for Care are priced on the number of carers you managed and the learning we have available can be selected to suit the care your service provides.

Access Learning For Care

Self Directed Learning

Powered by Bookboon​, our self-directed learning opportunity sees the user in control of their development via a huge library of audiobooks, ebooks, and virtual soft skills training. Bookboon also offers exclusive podcasts, as well as live and recorded virtual classrooms.

  • Anonymous user feedback to ensure content is relevant and beneficial
  • 100% user driven

Bookboon’s solution offers individuals the freedom to build expertise and depth of knowledge at their own pace, with fresh learning content provided by subject matter experts on a regular basis.

Production Learning

eLearning for Care

Delivered via our tailored catalogue of health and social care training programmes, our educational resources handle compliance and awareness programmes, as well as mandatory training courses required in care settings.

Our eLearning solution offers:

  • Detailed reporting and analytics
  • Assessment of performance
  • Meets needs at scale

Benefit from a bespoke learning approach that offers flexibility for staff to avoid impacting work schedules, and is visible for management to ensure progress in personal development.

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Physical Onsite Training​

The Access Group is partnered with Care Business Associate Training (CBAT) to provide you with in-person training. Their extensive course portfolio covers all major Health and Social Care sectors, with high quality training for elderly care, hospitals, children and young adults, as well as mental health, justice, and management training.

CBAT delivers to UK wide businesses, offering:

  • Over two-hundred established trainers varying from health and safety experts, leading clinicians and doctorates
  • Competency-based programmes: it’s about what you know, not how long you spend in the classroom

A blend of physical training and digital content can help your staff develop the necessary skills to be at the top of their game.

eLearning for Care

eLearning is the core focus of Access Learning for Care. Our software supports health and social care, care homes, domiciliary care and all UK care settings. The core goal is to make training more manageable, engaging, and cost effective for care providers.

The Access Group is a Skills for Care endorsed learning provider, with engaging content that replaces expensive face-to-face training.

Our eLearning online social care training courses can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Progress can be tracked and monitored easily and this is perfect to fit in around busy work schedules.

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See the Access Learning online social care training platform in action

Unique eLearning Management System for Health and Social Care

Our elearning for health and social care system has everything you need to keep learning, training and development running smoothly in your care business. We offer:

  • Access at anytime, anywhere, so learning fits around caring responsibilities
  • Bespoke reporting – including compliance and automated training matrix
  • Bookshelf: host-important documents
  • Track staff training
  • Events area for face-to-face training
  • Appraisals

Find out more about our elearning health and social care courses.

Key benefits of eLearning for health and social care 

Learn why our online social care training courses are the best choice for your business.

Practical: Remote access from computers and tablets means that employees can undertake the social care training online programme at a time that is convenient for themselves and for the business.

Time-Efficient: Each module takes an average of 20 minutes to complete, offering an efficient method of testing that can fit around the demands of day to day work-related duties.

Cost-Effective: The eLearning for health and social care system provides a cost-effective solution to measuring competency when compared to traditional face to face learning methods.

Increased Engagement: The interactive element of the social care training online platform has been specifically designed to increase engagement throughout the assessment process.

Targeted Learning: Following the assessment, employers will be able to identify specific areas where improvements are required, allowing for more targeted social care learning.

Industry Standard: eCompetency allows employers to effectively test compliancy against prior training in line with industry regulations, ensuring that staff meet best practice in their roles.



eCompetency helps you assess your care workers' skills and know-how. Designed by social care experts, eCompetency creates a virtual interactive environment, established with industry standard assessment methods, to test practical understanding of potential workplace hazards.

Modules available include fire safety, adult safeguarding, dignity in care, and domiciliary care.

Find out more about Access eCompetency.

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Discover the range of eLearning for health and social care courses available

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Access Care Suite: Software to deliver Outstanding care

Our software products can be configured to suit each individual organisation and are suitable for small independents through to large multi-service organisations and franchises.