Driving self-directed learning for busy NHS staff

West London NHS Trust has 3,700 staff who work across a range of sites and have varying shift patterns and working hours. Ali Webster, Deputy Director Organisational Development, said:

“We wanted to ensure we had a resource that could meet the needs of all of our staff groups and encourage self-directed distance learning.”

Increasing self-directed learning

The Trust partnered with Abintegro to develop a range of content that would work for their busy staff and was highly relevant to their roles. The platform, named the Development Hub, was themed around the Trust’s core values, and customised to include their logos and colour scheme.

As a 24/7 organisation with staff working across a range of sites, it was vitally important that the Development Hub could enable staff to access resources in one place anytime, anywhere and on any device.

The Development Hub’s ability to issue automated personalised emails to learners based on their recent activity in the Development Hub has ensured ongoing and regular engagement.

Targeting specific staff development needs

The Development Hub enables the Trust to target specific staff development areas. One area they were particularly keen to promote was self-awareness in their managers, which was effectively supported through a range of highly relevant courses accessed via the Hub.

The Development Hub also supports the wider L&D team by providing access to data usage and popular topics.

Within the first 15 months

  • Over 18,724 activities have been completed
  • 964 users have their own development paths and reports
  • Usage data shows 24/7 learner activity

The outcome

“Because it is user led, flexible, interactive and provides up to date, relevant content, it effectively meets the needs of ‘just in time” training. For example, a member of staff who may be attending an interview can conveniently refresh their skills and techniques prior to the interview. It’s because of this that the Development Hub is proving to be so successful for us.”

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