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Incident reporting software

Make incident management straightforward with a digital solution.

Our clever online incident reporting software ensures that the reporting and management of incidents is a flexible and fuss-free process.

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Health And Safety Software

Encourage your employees to report incidents or hazards with ease

If staying on top of incidents at multiple sites is a struggle, or it’s sometimes hard to read handwriting in report books, our advanced digital solution can help.

The incident reporting software within Access Health & Safety means you can manage incidents across all sites, move away from paper-based systems and minimise risk with the fast and accurate reporting of near misses. It also allows you to easily maintain your responsibilities regarding RIDDOR notifiable accidents.

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Hotspot dashboards show key incident info

When it comes to incident reporting, the ability to view crucial trends, facts and figures quickly and easily across single or multiple sites is essential.

Our graphical insights provide real time, actionable insights relating to the incidents within your organisation.


Discover the difference that effective incident reporting as part of your health & safety solution can make

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A digital process that puts you in complete control

Comprehensive incident reporting must cover initial reporting, review by authorised personnel, the assignment and management of follow-up actions, and reporting to authorities such as HSE, if required. Thankfully, every step is taken care of with Access Health & Safety.

Incident reporting

1: Initial Reporting

2: Incident Management

3: Reporting Options

4: Hotspot Dashboards

1: Initial Reporting

The incident reporting module allows any appropriate employee to fill out an incident report form online.

They can report upon injuries, near misses and dangerous occurrences, damage to property or assets, and breaches of security. They can also add supporting evidence, such as photos and relevant forms.

2: Incident Management

Relevant personnel are informed via automated notifications and enabled to view the report. They can input the addition and resolution of action points, further documentation, and trigger RIDDOR notification if needed.

Once everything is completed, the report can be filed and stored for easy future access as required.

3: Reporting Options

Our solution offers a number of reporting options, including: submitted accident reports; outstanding issues; RIDDOR notifiable accidents; and pending accident reports.

The reports can be built using whatever information you need and according to the type of incident e.g. department, injury type, absence details, etc.

4: Hotspot Dashboards

Relevant areas of reportable information can also be displayed via our hotspot dashboards, which provide accessible data in graphical form.

This allows all stakeholders to see trends, hotspots, areas for concern and other information needed to make decisions that will enable safer working environments.

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