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Legal Practice Management

Legal Practice Management software

Our practice management software helps you to remain compliant, increase profitability and gain real business insight across your law firm.

Give yourself the freedom to improve the performance of your legal practice and generate value with one seamless software solution.

Access(UK) Ltd is an approved partner of The Law Society offering case and practice management software to Solicitors.

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Key features of our legal practice management software

Learn more about the top legal practice management software features to help your law firm achieve its goals or about what is legal practice management software.

Efficient task management
  • Single Data Entry Reduce inefficiency by inputting essential data just once. Clients with inferior debt profiles may be included into the case management system thanks to automated files.
  • Automated Matter Management Track complicated, vital concerns, interact with customers, and manage day-to-day tasks using a user-friendly solution.
  • Document & Data Management Drive performance by producing and accessing all vital and relevant papers in a central digital library that is completely indexed and searchable
  • Task Management Maintain key attention of the customers with comprehensive communication and calendar management, monitoring of case activity, and automatic reminders
  • Data Security Manage all aspects of your practice in a secured, dependable setting with cutting-edge security. Ensure commercial performance by constructing budgets, keeping track of time spent, and completing the correct invoices and court papers
Cost budgeting and drafting

Ensure commercial performance by building budgets, recording against time spent and preparing the right bills and appropriate court forms.

  • Commercial control Using integrated reporting and analytic tools, measure, comprehend, and manage every part of your cost and revenue streams
  • Cost management - Ensure commercial performance by developing budgets, keeping track of time spent, and completing the correct invoices and court papers
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Customisable workflows
  • Claims Workflow management Manage claims more effectively by lowering the processing time for each case and delivering a superior client experience, all while saving costs
  • Client & Workflow management Manage GDPR processes, integrated inside Access Legal Case Management software, may be pre-defined or customised to guarantee cost savings and continuing compliance, including document exchange and case status updates through an online portal
  • All areas of law – Our workflows support all legal fields, including conveyancing, personal injury, debt collection, durable power of attorney, probate, employment, family, mediation, criminal, expenses drafting, and financial claims
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Client onboarding and management

Client experience is enhanced with a suite of onboarding tools including Biometric checks, AML & PEPS searches.

  • Instant online quotes – With our Opportunities module, you can present potential customers with an online quotation form, enabling them to obtain an immediate online estimate for your services. This information is then recorded in real-time in your case management system, enabling you to monitor conversions and easily convert prospects into customers
  • Claims management - Enhance your case management of claims by decreasing the time spent processing each case, enhancing the quality of service your customers get, and boosting your bottom line
  • CRM and business development – Drive practice effectiveness by combining social media, direct contact, and referrals into client-focused interaction
Seamless integration with 100+ practice management tools.
  • Integrated automation tools Boost productivity by integrating a full collection of technologies, such as digital dictation and transcription, text and communication, and online quotations, into the matter process
  • Digital dictation – Record and revise talks in real time using our transcription tool, which is immediately linked to your case file
  • Text messaging - Fully integrated SMS text messaging is accessible at the push of a button and can be included into complete, pre-configured processes to automatically send messages at critical file stages
  • 3rd Party Integrations  Create a comprehensive suite of solutions by integrating with more than one hundred industry-leading third-party solution providers in the legal and commercial sectors
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Reporting and BI

Power the understanding of your firm’s performance through a comprehensive suite of tools.

  • The BI dashboards allow forensic and holistic reporting of any data within the Practice Management software
  • Schedule reports at set times and days, and distribute automatically to pre-defined contact lists
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Conveyancing and ID checks

Legal Bricks, part of Access Legal, offers law firms a customised and integrated property search platform that simplifies and speeds up the conveyancing process.

Legal Bricks products include:

  • Conveyancing searches
  • AML checks
  • Biometric ID checks
  • Client portals
  • Quotation and referral system

Legal accounting

Control your finances and remain compliant with the SRA’s Solicitors Accounts Rules (SAR) and Making Tax Digital

  • Comprehensive reporting dashboards and a complete audit trail of transactions
  • Client ledger for simple management of VAT & disbursements
  • Draft bills at the click of a button
  • Seamless tracking of money owed and automatic payment deadline alerts
  • Automate invoice creation, supplier payments, automated credit control, bank reconciliation & land registry import

Confident about compliance

  • Remain compliant with Solicitors Accounts Rules
  • Achieve the SRA Handbooks ‘good consumer outcomes’ objective with faster processes and improved service
  • Easily complete online anti-money laundering (AML) checks
  • Monitor the risk to your firm in customisable compliance dashboards for increased visibility and insight
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Data driven business insights

Make informed decisions with real-time practice performance data, giving you the freedom to drive your practice forward with confidence.

  • Pre-built or bespoke practice management reporting
  • Easily manage individual productivity with data on areas such as workload, fee earner targets, cost per case and KPI monitoring
  • Full risk management at every step
  • Access Workspace collates all your practices software in one efficient platform

"One of the biggest benefits of Access Legal is the data and insights it has provided to our firm. This information is used to help make key decisions throughout the business – whether it’s determining the outcome of a day-to-day or a boardroom level issue." - John Anderson, Digital Marketing Consultant at Stowe Family Law

Agile, secure & futureproof

Make sure your practice management software solution matches your ambitions and enables your firm to thrive.

  • Benefit from the latest features and support across both our cloud-based (hosted) or on-premise solutions
  • Log-in securely anytime, anywhere and on any device
  • Over 100 best in class integrations tools
  • ISO27001 accredited
  • Delivered through Access Workspace for Legal
  • Make this the last migration you’ll ever need

LPM Tiger Team with Access Legal: Creating a more client-centric law firm

Watch the LPM Tiger Team and our own Lauren Colbeck, Head of Product at Access Group, deep dive and focus on answering one question: How can firms rebuild themselves around their clients?

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Connect every aspect of your firm

We offer an unrivalled set of software solutions for the legal market, incorporating case and practice management software and legal accounts, alongside HR, law firm elearning courses, compliance software and cloud hosting - all integrated through Access Workspace.

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Legal Case Management

Save time and increase efficiency by automating routine tasks and improving accuracy and consistency across your firm

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Legal compliance

Cloud-based risk and compliance platform for your legal business that allows you to track and manage your regulatory and quality standard obligations.

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Compliance courses

Access Legal Learning is the easiest way to provide training solutions for your firm's needs. Includes SRA, AML, CQS, GDPR and FCA compliance.

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Legal accounts

Take complete control of your finances and remain fully compliant with the SRA’s Solicitors Accounts Rules (SAR) and Making Tax Digital.

Client portals
Client portals

Empower your clients with mobile self-service tools access case files in one place, track real-time progress and securely send, receive and digitally accept documents.

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Cloud hosting & IT

With unrivalled technical support, automatic software updates, and the reassurance that your firm can continue running whatever the circumstances, our cloud-hosted software enables you and your team to work securely from anywhere.

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HR for law firms

Streamline your processes, increase productivity and stay flexible as you grow with intuitive and integrated recruitment, HR and payroll software at your fingertips.

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Conveyancing and identity verification

Our conveyancing software uses integrations to help power efficiency in all aspects of legal conveyancing matter management and searches. 

Legal Case and Practice Management System

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Legal practice management software FAQs

What is practice management software?

Legal practice management software is designed to manage all the business and administrative functions needed to run a law firm. The right practice management software will deal with a law firm's case and clients' files, billing and bookkeeping, fee earner schedules and appointments.

Practice management software will also facilitate any compliance requirements such as document retention, court's electronic filing and Solicitors' Accounts Rules as defined by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

Read more about what is legal practice management software.

What are the benefits of practice management software?

There are a number of benefits to be had when adopting Legal practice management software.

  • Contact Management - One version of the truth when it comes to information on your clients.
  • Case Management - helping you stay organised and securely access the information when and where you need it.
  • Billing & Accounting - Control your finances and remain compliant with the SRA and make tax digital. Bill your clients in a way that's easy for them and effective for your firm.
  • Task management - Manage your own and the team's workload and productivity
  • Legal document management - allowing you to store, edit and organize your firm's legal documents securely.
What is cloud-based practice management?

Unlike traditional premise-based software where data is stored locally in your office, a cloud-based legal practice management system lets you and your clients access to case management information from any internet-connected device.

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