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Medical malpractice software

Access Legal medico case management software can deliver a high level of automation throughout the entire medical reporting process – from initial instruction through right to the sending of the final report – saving you hours of manual administrative tasks per case.

Let Access Legal case management software improve efficiency and increase your turnover, allowing you to concentrate on providing the highest quality service to your clients

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Integrate with third party accounts software

Access Legal case management software manages all invoice production and payment records as well as integrating seamlessly with a number of third party accounts software, including Sage.

Using this feature, fee earners can export invoice data into a flat file for the accounting package and from here, you can record and analyse incoming and outgoing financial transactions.

Access Legal solutions integrate with a wide range of suppliers and services, enabling you to streamline more of your processes straight from your software.  Learn more >

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Create great client outcomes, enhance their productivity and ensure continuity of their business today

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Track medical notes and reports

Guidance is provided at all the key stages of your cases. Access Legal Medico Case Management Software provides quality checks to ensure all medical reports received contain the necessary data in order to progress the case. The system then tracks the progress of all records and notes received or required to provide your fee earners with a complete on-screen case summary.

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Approved experts list

Our medical case management software has an in-built ‘Expert Selector’ to suggest a medical expert for you, based on an array of factors including their exact location, fee scales, reputation and specialisms – saving you potentially hours of manual analysis.

Additionally, Access Legal case management software enables you to fix specific appointment dates per expert and make automatic patient bookings, streamlining the appointment process and increasing the speed with which reports can be obtained.

Access Legal partners with over 3,500 legal teams to power their solutions, from law firms to in-house legal teams and public sector legal departments. Learn more >

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It’s time to embrace collaboration, agility and efficiency

Give yourself the freedom to improve the performance of your legal practice and generate value with one seamless software solution.

Key features of our medical case management software

Instantaneous data sharing

Access Legal Case Management software is designed to link easily with outside parties – e.g. business partners, law firms, shareholders – enabling seamless connections and ensuring efficient and cost-effective working practices.


Text messaging

SMS (text) messaging enables you to contact patients quickly and inexpensively, directly to their mobile phones.

Intelligent data

A powerful database contains your entire library of contacts. In addition, data regarding doctors’ average costs, appointment waiting times, availability etc. can be stored for valuable management information.

Cost Drafting

Access Legal Cost Drafting Software assists with bill creation, from layout and calculation to the production of a red line bill, enabling you to extract maximum value from fee earners’ time, with more streamlined daily processes.

Claims Management

Access Legal insurance claims system improves your case handling, reducing the time spent processing each case, increasing the quality of service your clients receive, and improving your bottom line.

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