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Probate software and software for wills

The Access Legal case management will writing and probate software enables you to manage your client's estate with ease and create the finest quality wills in a matter of seconds.

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Improve efficiency with will writing software

Help your legal team become more efficient with the Access Legal Case Management Will writing software. Save time by simply filling in a handful data fields and clicking a button. All the necessary clauses are automatically populated and assembled into a professional quality will or mirror will.

Create simple or complex wills for your clients with time-saving data entry and full control over the final document.

"The aim of this project was to establish the IT platform we required to take the firm forward in the coming years and we believe in Access Legal we have found this." - Nick Ellin, Head of Operations at MacDonald Oates

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Create great client outcomes, enhance their productivity and ensure continuity of their business today

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Document assembly and database

Access Legal Wills & Probate case management system produces all the letters, forms and legal documents that you need. It really is comprehensive and contains a huge pre-existing precedent bank. Our software looks at a probate case and decides which clauses and paragraphs to use. Then it automatically builds documents tailored to your case based on specific entered data. 

The database is stored so you are not re-entering details such as place of marriage, name of children, executors, beneficiaries and so on, making it easy to recreate a will time and time again.

Precedents include:

  • Letters to legatees (inform interim payments paying)
  • Inland Revenue payment of tax
  • Letters to public utilities
  • Statement of Truth (letters of administration, grant of probate)
  • Letters to life assurance companies
  • Application for Grant
  • Letters to asset holders (banks, etc)
  • Notice to local papers
  • Letters to lenders (credit card firms, etc)
  • Schedules of assets (liabilities, income, expenditure)
  • Letters to Local Authority, DVLA, etc
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Automate processes with probate software

Our will and probate case management software saves time and automates the processes in a probate case.

  • Takes care of time-consuming and repetitive tasks by automating the process.
  • Produces all the IHT forms, schedules of assets and estate accounts with minimal fuss. 
  • Quick, automated efficient production of letters, forms and documents, diarisation of tasks, monitoring work completed and keeping all case contacts updated. 
  • Produces the estate accounts in MS Excel™ allowing further editing if needed.
  • Makes it easier for your firm to focus on the case at hand while maintaining a high level of efficiency and organisation. 
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Probate calculations

Our probate law software includes financial profiles for relevant parties, providing automatic calculations and recalculations, sensitive to data entered into the system.

Calculations include:

  • Asset listing with income posting, showing probate / accrued / realised / income
  • Full beneficiary details with legacy % revenue and totals after interim payments
  • Liabilities listing
  • Summary of chargeable estate and tax liability
  • IHT corrective accounts
  • Asset / liabilities / legacy / income and expenditure summary reports
  • Individual share allocations, calculated to 3 decimal places
  • Link to online HMRC tax calculator
  • Diaries to remind about tax payments
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It’s time to embrace collaboration, agility and efficiency

Give yourself the freedom to improve the performance of your legal practice and generate value with one seamless software solution.

Key features of our probate software

Draft wills in minutes

Create wills and mirror wills in seconds, with necessary clauses automatically assembled into a professional quality will.



A user-definable reporting facility can be tailored for each user, department or activity. Standard reports are provided with Access Legal Case Management, and the system enables data held to be exported into Microsoft Excel if required for advanced manipulation.

Automatic form completion

IHT forms and schedules of assets can be produced and automatically completed for you in a matter of seconds.

Easy document assembly

Generate letters, forms and documents quickly and easily with minimal input

Estate accounts

Estate accounts are automatically created as a MS Excel™ spreadsheet allowing further edits if needed


Flexible precedent library

All of our precedents can easily be amended to your specification


Create trusts and LPAs

We also have the option for you to create Trusts and LPAs from within your case management software

Cost drafting

Access Legal cost drafting software assists with bill creation, from layout and calculation to the production of a red line bill, enabling you to extract maximum value from fee earners’ time, with more streamlined daily processes.

Claims management

Access Legal insurance claims management system improves your case handling, reducing the time spent processing each case, increasing the quality of service your clients receive, and improving your bottom line.

See how Access can transform efficiency at your law firm

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Josiah Hincks Solicitors

Josiah Hincks are a Leicester based Law Firm who have been practicing since 1927 and have come on a long way since then, picking up the 2018 Leicestershire Law Society's Small Law Firm of the Year.

"When we saw the integration with the Access Legal Case Management System and the IT Support, it was a no-brainer."Stuart Wright, Operations Director

Find out why Access Legal's Case Management System and IT Support was a no-brainer.

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