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Free Legal IT Tech Review for Law Firms

Get more from your Legal IT tech

Access Managed Services are offering a FREE legal IT tech review to help law firms assess their current state of technology adoption and compare it with the best practices and recommendations from legal governing bodies including the SRA and PI insurers. 

What is a Legal IT tech review?

Our review aims to determine if your current legal IT tech stack aligns with the requirements and objectives of your law firm and will identify any potential risks or threats. Our legal IT experts will make recommendations to enable your law firm to make informed decisions on your future technology strategies and investments ensuring your firm, users and data remains secure and your firm is compliant with industry regulations.  

The outputs of your Free Legal IT tech review includes: 

Current state assessment: We will work with you to evaluate your current technology infrastructure, software applications, hardware, and other tools being used within your firm and uncover your ideal technology landscape. This includes examining how technology is utilised for various tasks, such as case management, document review, legal research, and communication, and understanding the reasons behind any identified gaps. 

Security, Compliance, and business continuity: We will examine your current security posture and identify any vulnerabilities or weaknesses that could potentially lead to security breaches, data breaches, or other cyber incidents. Our experts will make recommendations on best practices to remain compliant with your PI insurer and the SRA, and to help protect your firm from any potential cyber attacks.  

Tech adoption: We will work together to assess the current tools and software at your disposal, ensuring you make the most of these resources, including Microsoft 365 and its suite of tools, to achieve quick wins and maximise your output. 

Developing a Roadmap: Based on the above findings, we will provide a roadmap to address the identified Legal IT gaps. This plan may include selecting and implementing new legal tech solutions, upgrading existing systems, providing training to staff, or adopting new processes. 

Get ahead of the curve and maximise your technology adoption with our Free Legal IT Review