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Access Legal Mediation Case Management Software has been designed to eliminate time-consuming document production and simplify the complicated rates and structures associated with this particular area of legal services.

The Access Legal Mediation solution is entirely customisable to suit family, workplace, commercial and public dispute procedures.

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Legal Aid Agency (LAA) portal

Access Legal Case Management’s provision for Legal Aid work means standard case structure can be modified to suit your way of working, whilst ensuring full compliance with the LAA. Time is recorded automatically and can be seamlessly uploaded to the Legal Aid Agency portal, eliminating duplicate data entry, risk of human error and allowing your fee earners to submit bills without leaving the Access Legal Case Management desktop.

Access Legal partners with over 3,500 legal teams to power their solutions, from law firms to in-house legal teams and public sector legal departments. Learn more >

LAA portal

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Streamlined workflows

Access Legal Case Management has been tailored to efficiently guide fee earners through all mediation case stages. This includes the facility to detail MIAM appointments, joint meetings, financial agreements, childcare agreements and case outcome.

Access Legal solutions integrate with a wide range of suppliers and services, enabling you to streamline more of your processes straight from your software.  Learn more >

streamlined workflows

Automated document production

Given the volume of documentation involved in Mediation work, document production is often a time-consuming task. The Access Legal Mediation System can eliminate this and enable you to operate as a virtually paperless office.

Document production is fast and effortless – available via a single mouse click – leaving your fee earners to be productive elsewhere. Additionally, all incoming documentation is scanned into relevant cases forming a comprehensive client history.


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Key features

Expert Guidance

Accees Legal Case Management's in-built ‘workflow’ can be tailored to ensure that cases are dealt with consistently and in keeping with your firm’s standards, automating time-sapping administration.

Document Creation, Collation & Management

Fast and effortless document and form production means that at the start of a case, with PI system management tools it’s possible to generate all relevant documentation automatically at the touch of a button.

Text Messaging

SMS (text) messaging direct to clients’ mobile phones is available from the desktop at the click of a button, keeping them up to date with developments and reminding them of important appointments.

Online Case Tracking

Access Legal Claims Management can automatically publish selected case data to a secure web site — enabling you to make information available to clients, partners, and intermediaries around the clock.

Financial Analysis

Every element of cost associated with a claim is stored and available for reporting and analysis.

Cost Drafting

Access Legal Cost Drafting Software assists with bill creation, from layout and calculation to the production of a red line bill, enabling you to extract maximum value from fee earners’ time, with more streamlined daily processes.

Claims Management

Access Legal insurance claims system improves your case handling, reducing the time spent processing each case, increasing the quality of service your clients receive, and improving your bottom line.

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Consilia Legal

Based in Leeds, Consilia Legal is an expanding niche law firm specialising in Mediation, Family and Employment services. The practice, which recently celebrated its 1st birthday, offers an upfront, fixed fee approach to its work, ensuring clients are supplied with manageable costs from the outset. This ethos coupled with the personal and tailored service offered by staff, explains the rapidly increasing client base and outstanding reputation already earned by the young practice.

“By partnering with Access Legal to create this system, we have shaped the software to perfectly suit our business needs. Throughout the entire process, we found Access Legal to be extremely supportive and hands-on, enabling us to build a comprehensive Practice Management system that has quickly become an integral part of our firm. Put simply, we could not carry out Mediation work in this volume – nor to this quality – without Access Legal.” - Sally Clark, Director at Consilia Legal

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