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Cleaning & facilities management company software

Discover cleaning company software that supports the Cleaning and FM Facilities Management sector for the day-to-day people management process.

Access Ezitracker is an easy-to-implement time and attendance software solution to help you manage, schedule and monitor your staff - wherever they are - allowing you to focus on service delivery and operations across your business.

Why use our cleaning company software?

Experience real-time insights on the work being conducted at your sites, so all employees’ activity is highly visible. Access Ezitracker allows businesses to be proactive when it comes to non-attendance and missed shifts –  by providing accurate ‘clocking in and out’ technology.

Our modular time and attendance solutions are designed specifically with SMEs in mind – and are proven explicitly for these sectors.

Time and attendance software for different sectors

Going digital with a time-and-attendance software solution gives cleaning and FM companies the necessary technology to verify time-and-attendance and eliminate the need for paper timesheets, streamlining payroll reporting.

CS Header ESG 1365X485 Ezitracker 221114 Min
Cleaning and Hygiene companies

Keep your remote workforces running optimally; the Ezitracker software solution is designed specifically for the cleaning industry.

Copy Of 288X390 5050 Part 3 Property Maintenance
Facilities Management organisations

Track and organise your people with FM time-and-attendance software, giving management teams the power to create seamless rotas and run detailed reports.

Automotive Enhanced Security
Security Officer Services

Arrange, organise and manage your dispersed workforce across multiple sites and locations.

Colleagues In Meeting
Building Management and Maintenance companies

Your people are your business. With software designed specifically for remote working sectors, you can stay in control of your workforce from a single portal.

#1 time and attendance monitoring software for cleaning & FM

The all-in-one workforce management solution for time and attendance software so your cleaning and FM company can:

  • Capture the attendance of remote and dispersed workforces - Provide granular information on employees’ activity and record site information, detailing log-in/out time, date, shift duration worked, and performance against budget.
  • Generate alerting for proactive workforce management, punctuality and geofencing - Gather information against time budgeted to show weekly business performance on site. Issue reports confirming employee attendance and activity. Engage with your workforce via a messaging manager to leave voice or mobile app messages.
  • Assign sites/employees to managers Allow your cleaning workforce to see exactly what is required via a Single Portal, so the office and the external team can review activities and remain in sync.

Remove the need for a paper-based solution

Time and attendance software technology significantly reduces the potential for fraud and time-keeping disputes as finance teams can compare actual hours worked, against planned hours, therefore significantly reducing the chance of over-payments.

  • Real-time insights on the work being conducted - see all site and employee activity, non-attendance/missed shifts and minimise credits back to your clients
  • Remove paper-based solution to confirm attendance and time spent - time/date stamp for signing in/out giving clients proof of presence

Key benefits for Cleaning, Hygiene and FM organisations

  • Quickly onboard new recruits.
  • Act fast to minimise disruption if things go wrong.
  • Send notifications of upcoming shifts straight to your workforce.
  • Automate payroll and invoice reporting.
  • Stay connected with Ezi remote workforce technologies.
  • Increase employee engagement.
  • Automate rotas and schedules.
  • Monitor your people with geofencing.
  • Prove on-site services have been delivered.
  • Stay compliant with document tracking.
  • Reduce the potential for fraud and disputes.
  • Remain HMRC accredited.
  • Maintain accurate payroll
  • Scope contracts and budgeting.
  • Review your entire operation from a single portal.
  • Run real-time comprehensive reports and analytics.
  • Compare actual hours worked against those planned.
  • Receive immediate alerts for late arrivals, no-shows and early leavers.
  • Swiftly create flexible rotas.
  • Conduct real-time insights on performance.
  • Remove paper-based solutions to confirm attendance and time spent.

Monetize information for time and attendance monitoring, supporting the back-office

Efficient business payroll systems save time and money – dramatically reducing the level of queries raised, removing labour-intensive processes and increasing the accuracy of staff payment.

Keeping cleaning and FM companies ticking over with software that delivers time and time again.

  • Forecast and analyse real-time data
  • Schedule flexible employee rotas
  • Track and report time and attendance
  • Engage employees
  • Scope and budget contracts
  • Manage tasks
  • Streamline payroll

Explore our management solutions for remote cleaning staff

Designed specifically with SMEs in mind, our modular solutions are proven in the cleaning and FM sector. Where a motivated and organised remote workforce is central to business success.



EziClassic is the hub of our time-and-attendance software solution, providing real-time insights into the work conducted at your sites. Hence, all sites and employee activity are highly visible. Time-and-attendance technology significantly reduces the potential for fraud and time-keeping disputes. Finance teams can compare actual hours worked against planned hours, significantly reducing the chance of over-payments. 

EziClassic is supported by modules specifically developed around enhanced workforce management solutions.

Module 415X201 Eziclassic

EziOnboard is a field-based onboarding tool empowering organisations to capture employee-centric data for recruitment. Developed to address the time lag from onsite recruitment to head office processing and acknowledgement of a new starter.

  • Real-time recruitment in the field
  • Automated alerting to key departments/individuals of new starter
  • Automated communication with new employees
  • Reduces employee churn rates.
Sunsetmodules 415X201 Ezionboard 221128

EziHR can either extend the power of our EziOnboard module or be used as a standalone module for managing, developing and retaining your workforce.

  • Centralised employee data
  • Real-time information from EziOnboard
  • Manage personal availability and holiday requests
  • Record qualifications and training
  • Dynamic integration with EziPlanner
Sunsetmodules 415X201 Ezihr 221128

EziPlanner is the scheduling hub of our time-and-attendance solution. Now that you’ve onboarded and validated your workforce ready to work, you can effectively organise your teams.

  • Simple to use shift template builder – allowing regular shifts to be used over multiple contracts
  • Drag and Drop shifts into relevant days of the week
  • Drop down employee allocation by availability
  • Transparent time and financial budgeting on one screen
  • Build single rolling weekly rotas, rotational rotas or ad-hoc one-off schedules
  • Roll forward and plan shutdown periods or special events
  • EziPlanner dynamically synchronised to EziMobile
Sunsetmodules 415X201 Eziplanner 221128

Conducting audits is an essential part of continuous improvement. Ezitracker provides a simple site-based auditing tool deployed in the field.

  • Audit via the design portal
  • Capture real-time site and contract auditing data
  • Provides tangible contract compliance data
  • Supports client invoicing and contract renewals
  • Provides proof of service delivery by employees
Sunsetmodules 415X201 Eziaudit 221128

Automate functions involved in payroll processing, including recording time-and-attendance, annual leave, creating pay groups and payroll calculations. All neatly integrate with most payroll systems.

  • Create interim pay runs
  • Apply processing rules to pay groups
  • Provide financial reporting on manager approval and closure of each payroll cycle
Sunsetmodules 415X201 Ezibudget 221128

A fully HMRC-compliant payroll solution, processing the time-related data captured in Ezitracker Classic.

  • Automated and flexible payroll
  • Bespoke Payslips creation
  • Comprehensive payroll reporting
  • RTI and HMRC reporting
  • GDPR compliant
  • Automated pension management
Sunsetmodules 415X201 Ezipay 221128
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See our Cleaning & FM software in action

Technology for your remote cleaning workforce

Access Ezitracker is available across several devices. Access a range of solutions to empower your workforce – from conventional telephone to mobile and tablets (including options to bring your own device) and even biometrics:

Ezicall 90X90

Our most-used device using conventional landline technology. Each employee is issued a PIN during onboarding, and each site’s Calling Line Identifier (CLI) is stored against the site record. When prompted, your employee dials in using a 0800 Freephone number and enters their PIN.

Ezitext 90X90

Where a landline isn’t available, and margins are too tight to deploy a SIM phone or EziBio device, your employee can simply text Ezitracker.

Ezimobile 90X90

Most people have a smartphone; using our free-to-download app, we help to empower your people!

We do this by allowing registration using RFID, NFC tags or QR codes. Employees can view upcoming rosters and receive live roster updates. They can send and receive in-app messages, view timesheets, and log expenses.

Ezibio 90X90

With the emergence of low-cost touchscreen devices, the best elements of conventional hardware are merged with employee engagement tools. Our Biometric devices not only allow attendance information but let employees access their own EziClassic dashboard where personal details can be updated, holiday entitlements and requests can be made, as well as sending and receiving messages.

Access Ezitracker software supports many customers globally…


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Cleaning & FM success stories

Cleaning & FM workforce monitoring software FAQs

Is Ezitracker just for cleaning companies?

No, our customers operate from a broad range of services within the FM sector, so cleaning, building maintenance and security workers.

Do I need to take all the Ezitracker solutions if I just want Time and Attendance? How flexible is the software?

To get up and running, you will be using EziClassic – the hub of our T&A software. The modular solutions can be added at any time, so as your business grows, so does your workforce management capabilities.

I only have 25 staff, is there a minimum headcount to use Ezitracker?

Access Ezitracker cleaning and FM software time and attendance solutions are best suited for businesses of any size range, be it 5 staff up to 100,000+. Get in touch to discuss your needs.

How secure is the Ezitracker payroll?

A fully HMRC-compliant and GDPR-approved payroll solution, processing the time-related data captured in Ezitracker Classic. The system is not only efficient, but it also reduces fraud and pay disputes too.

How secure is the Ezitracker payroll?

A fully HMRC-compliant and GDPR-approved payroll solution, processing the time-related data captured in Ezitracker Classic. The system is not only efficient, but it also reduces fraud and pay disputes too.

How does Ezitracker keep us connected to our remote workers?

From conventional telephone to mobile and tablets (including options to bring your own device) and even biometrics – Ezitracker’s remote workflow technologies keep your people connected on the move – proving services have been delivered and geofencing your workforce movements.

How does Ezitracker speed up the onboarding of new recruits?

The EziOnboard module is a field-based onboarding tool empowering organisations to capture employee-centric data for recruitment quickly and securely.

How does Ezitracker make rota scheduling easy?

EziPlanner is the scheduling hub of our time-and-attendance solution. Allowing for flexible rota creation based on availability and individual skillset – with schedules sent directly to your team.

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