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Employee Benefits Report Wellbeing Thumbnail

The 2022 Health & Wellbeing Employee Benefits Report

In this new report, we've combined analysis from employee use of the health and wellbeing employee benefits we provide to employers with industry research to provide a unique insight into how employee benefits are improving employee health and wellbeing.

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Reward And Recognition Thumbnail

Our guide to utilising reward and recognition technology effectively

The instantaneous and easily accessible nature of reward tech means it can help make your reward strategy much more effective too and can drive engagement with employee benefits as part of an integrated platform.

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Flexible Benefits

How flexible benefits can solve 5 of the biggest benefits challenges

This is despite the fact that employees want a more personalised employee benefits experience than ever.

This leaves the door open for employers who do offer the flexibility employees are looking for to win in recruiting, retaining and engaging top talent and boosting business performance.

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Cost Of Living Thumbnail

How to support employees with the cost of living

In this e-book, we’ve delve into:

  • Helping employees solve short-term financial problems and build long-term financial habits
  • Helping employees reduce and manage motoring costs
  • Saving and managing the cost of the commute
  • Saving on healthcare and improving wellbeing
  • Examples of how your employees can save.
  • Plus, we’ve even thrown in how to make life’s treats and luxuries more affordable for employees.

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Automating your HR department

Whether your aim is to switch to self-service, optimise your employee experience and get a better handle on your data, automation could be the perfect solution to free up time and resources.

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Build a business case for a HR system

Our latest guide will help you create the watertight business case you need to invest in a market-leading HR software, whilst also securing buy-in from key stakeholders within your organisation.

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The four signs it's time to upgrade your HR system

Any HR professional aiming to create an industry-leading people experience within their organisation faces an uphill struggle when left to rely on decade-old systems and processes. In this infographic, we explore the 4 signs it's time to upgrade your HR software.

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People analytics guide: the data of your dreams

Our latest report is an essential guide for all HR leaders on the importance of people analytics and why data is a valuable tool in delivering your business strategy.

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6 benefits of an integrated HR system

Opting for a single integrated HR system can make managers' and employees' lives easier and with many knock on benefits for organisations such as increased productivity and visibility of HR metrics. In this infographic, we explore the 6 key benefits of choosing an integrated HR system.

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Joining the dots in your organisation

Learn how to cultivate a data-driven culture and drive efficiency across your organisation, and solidify HR as a key partner across departments in your business with its unique capabilities in this guide.

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The ultimate guide to workplace wellbeing

Poor employee wellbeing can have a detrimental impact on productivity, absence, employee engagement and overall organisational performance. In our guide, we look into how you can support your employees by raising the standard of work life through this socio-economic climate.

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Build A Business Case Thumbnail

Build a business case for employee wellbeing

Discover the process to plan a business case for employee wellbeing that addresses all stakeholder needs and leaves everyone feeling confident, in our latest guide.

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Reportcover 596X265 GROUP HWC 230110

A hybrid working nation: how it's working out


If not managed well, hybrid working can be a source of division across your workforce. Explore our latest research to support your employees as they adjust to the new normal.

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E-book: How to support employees with the cost of living

1 in 4 employees say money worries have affected their ability to do their job according to CIPD research. In our guide, we delve into the ways in which you can help employees with the cost of living. 

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Man Alone On Laptop Thumbnail

Using technology to improve communication in a hybrid workplace

A recent national survey by leading research agency Perspectus Global*, commissioned by The Access Group, has revealed startling insights into employee communication and job satisfaction in the increasingly popular hybrid workplace environment.

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Ground People Around Tablet 820 X 460 Px

An essential guide to holiday carry over 

More and more employers are turning to holiday carry over as a way to engage staff beyond pay and give them more flexibility and control over their own work-life balance. If your company doesn’t already offer holiday carry over as a core employee benefit, now could be the perfect time to consider introducing it. Find out how to make it a success with our expert guide.

Holiday carry over >

Woman Hands Using Phone And Laptop

Everything you need to know about holiday entitlement

Holiday entitlement can be a minefield for employers and HR departments, particularly those that don’t have a solid understanding of statutory requirements or a reliable system to manage different allowances. This short guide will walk you through the main requirements and considerations that your organisation should be acting on in regard to holiday entitlement.

Holiday entitlement expert guide >

Talent Hub

Talent, skills and employee development resources

The pandemic and Brexit has left HR in many sectors with recruitment challenges, workforce shortages and longer-term skills gaps.

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Guide To Successful Talent And Skills Strategy (1)

The Guide to a Successful Talent and Skills Strategy

In this guide, we look at a three-step approach to developing your skills strategy, looking first at the here and now of the skills you need, how to develop your existing employees and then ultimately, how to create a culture that attracts, nurtures and retains talent.

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Talent Balance

The Talent Balance Report

In this paper, we explore the issues facing hiring managers and those responsible for recruitment, learning, talent, development and recognition and the main skills and talents challenges faced by seven key industries.

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210607 Access People Fosway Learning Thumbnail 1200X680 Min

Fosway: Learning for Success Whitepaper


Access People have once again partnered with Fosway, Europe’s #1 HR Industry Analyst focused on Next Gen HR, Talent and Learning to look at how underinvesting in learning and skills can put businesses at risk, and the opportunities that are revealed for those that prioritise skills development. Read more about the key facts and statistics around workplace skills, and the three key pillars to successful learning and people development.

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Fosway: Learning for Success Infographic


Latest research by Fosway, Europe’s #1 HR Industry Analyst found that 90% of HR leaders thought they had significant skills gaps in their organisation. Take a look at our infographic in association for Fosway to discover the latest stats on the state of workplace skills.

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Foswaywhitepaper (2)

Fosway: Don't wait, the time for HR is now!


Fosway research suggests that the vast majority of organisations will be investing more in HR technology and expertise in 2021. At the same time, they are looking to reduce HR spend on external consultants and overall HR headcount. But will 'doing more with less' be sufficient this time around?

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Image (3)

Navigating risk and compliance within financial services


Our 'Mind the Compliance Gap' whitepaper looks at some significant new changes in the regulatory landscape for the Financial Services sector; exploring the new and emerging risks on the horizon and what this means for firms.

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Untitled Design 93 Min

Choosing the best HR Software


Download our guide to learn about the right questions to ask yourself when choosing a HR system for your business.

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1200X680 Resourcethumbnail Hrtransformation Min

How will your organisation evolve following Covid-19?

Campaign hub

Get the HR Transformation Playbook - packed with actionable steps for HR to support its people to adapt to the new normal and discover how to revive key areas of your organisation to facilitate recovery and ensure long-term success following the pandemic.

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Access Applause Infographic Resource Hub Thumb

Applause Infographic The current state of employee recognition and reward


Discover what recognition and reward looks like in today’s organisations in our infographic and see how your organisation compares.

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Homework Resources 505 X 350

Access Workspace HomeWork On-Demand Webinar Demo

On-Demand webinar

Watch an on-demand product expert demo of our remote working software package: Access Workspace HomeWork

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APS Work From Home Pkg Modules 3 Workspace 505X350 (1)

Access Workspace HomeWork


Download our latest brochure on our new remote working software package which can be implemented within 2 days and enables you to support the wellbeing of your people by and keep them connected with your organisation whilst working from home.

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Splashfor HCM Video Demo Employee Webresourcethumbnail

Access Workspace Demo Videos


Take a look at our role-specific demo videos to learn how you can streamline your HR processes by connecting both your people and systems through one user-friendly and intuitive tool.

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Hcm Brochure Design Assets People Solutions Social Media Downloadbro 1200X718 V2 Min

Access People Solutions

Product Brochure

Discover how Access People Solutions can help improve your candidate attraction, employee development, engagement and retention throughout your entire organisation.

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Webinar Thumbnail

Industry expert webinars

On-Demand Webinars

Watch our free, expert-led webinars at your leisure, designed specifically for HR, Recruitment and L&D professionals. We explore key themes such as reducing churn, upskilling staff, managing compliance, effective onboarding and much more.

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I HCM Beforeandafterhrsoftware 600X338

The top 10 benefits of HR software


Discover how HR technology can support your HR digital transformation by improving processes and efficiencies across your entire workforce.

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Image (11)

Expert advice on people solutions


Discover our latest Q&A videos, where our knowledgeable people solutions consultants share their insights on how our software can support your organisation, answering your most common people management and technical questions.

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Manufacturing Image Resources

Managing sickness absence in the manufacturing industry


Discover the recent industry statistics surrounding sickness absence in the manufacturing sector and how HR software can help to effectively manage this.

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Employee Experience600x338 1 V2

Redefine your Employee Experience

Campaign Hub

We go undercover to delve into the challenges faced by HR professionals today in the emerging area of employee experience, including changing demographics, talent acquisition and workplace culture.

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Payroll Hub 600X338 2

The Future of Payroll

Campaign Hub

Discover how to stay ahead in the changing world of payroll, where our latest research unveils the key payroll trends, how payroll can drive employee engagement and the top tips for choosing the right payroll solution.

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Fs Webinars Resource

HR in Financial Services Webinars


Watch our new on-demand webinar series for HR professionals in the financial services sector, where our experts discuss optimising people effectiveness, SMCR compliance and adopting flexible working practices.

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Document Cover Book Hcm Resource Hrtechnologycs Min

Case Study Pack: HR Technology & Engagement Success Stories

Read our best practice case studies for using HR technology to drive employee engagement & tangible results.

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