Access finance software transforms how Chevron TM work


  • Required business-wide software that would eradicate the use of paper both in the office and remotely
  • Required traceability for each step of their projects


  • Implemented a full suite of Access products


  • Can now more easily align projects, timesheets and billing all in one place, stored in the cloud
  • Can now bill customers immediately after a project has been completed.

"The impact of Access on our business has been significant. We’ve moved from an organisation run on paper processes to an organisation which is fully digital. It’s transformed the way in which we do work." Andrew Fennell, Chief Strategy and Technology Officer, Chevron TM

The challenge facing Chevron TM

Chief Strategy and Technology Officer, Andrew Fennell realised an overhaul of the business’s processes was required to improve efficiencies and to help complete projects faster whilst continuing to ensure the safety of all those who work for Chevron TM. “Prior to using Access finance software, everything was manual and slow. Plans and documents were seemingly always out of date and version control was difficult,” says Andrew.

Moving from paper-based to digital

Chevron TM implemented Dimensions, Workforce, People Planner, Focalpoint, Hosting and Document; an almost full suite of Access software and have recently added Insight, the business intelligence tool, to that list too. Since going live, Chevron TM has also implemented a tablet-based system for their workforce that has further transformed the way they work and something that would not have been possible before the introduction of Access. The biggest impact of this being the ability to track the status of their workforce or of a particular project, ensure their safety and confirm that processes are being followed, all at the touch of a button.

Chevron TM took the meticulous decision to use one provider for all their software needs to ensure ease of  management should there ever be any problems. “We were worried about having to manage different suppliers as well as having to build a link between them to get the right information. Plus, if there were any issues, it would be extremely difficult to fix and so would take longer too.

Access’ impact on the bottom line

Chevron TM recently exited their private equity agreement and were then quickly acquired by Triton in April 2018. A large part of the takeover was apportioned to Chevron TM being a fully digitalised company, a direct result of their implementation of the cloud-based Access suite. They were able to show how their processes worked end-to-end, from invoicing to safety processes and how this has had an impact on the bottom line. So much so, in fact, that it has had a massive influence on their EBITDA multiples.

Access are good people

“Access is one of the very few organisations that I have dealt with that always turn up with a smile on their face. It’s easy when things are going well to assume that a business relationship is great. It’s only when there’s an issue, however, that it is truly tested. Access deals with things really efficiently – fast and professionally. It allows us to, unusually, have a very open and honest relationship with them. I feel we can share what our business priorities are which has helped to build a good, solid partnership.”

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