Cloud based CRM Software for
Small Charities

Quickly implement everything you need to easily manage, track, and build ongoing relationships with your supporters.

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Online Not For Profit CRM software
designed for you to maintain and build better relationships with your supporters

Access NFP CRM makes it easy to manage your supporter contact data, personalise your communications and ensure continued support for your cause.


Because it’s online, everyone can access the data and tools they need anywhere. Automatic security updates, software upgrades, automated backups and enterprise-level security, mean you always access the latest features and you can be certain your data is safe.

Relationship management

Manage your contacts with a single supporter view, and build relationships with an interface that is intuitive and powerful, making searching, reporting and segmentation a quick and easy experience. See every interaction, interest, donation and more.

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Fundraising management

Multi-criteria segmentation makes it easy to create personalised and targeted multi-channel communications. Maximise income opportunities with real-time campaign tracking. Manage mailing campaigns with two-way integration with bulk emailing systems such as Mailchimp.

GDPR Compliant

Collect, store and manage consent so that you are always communicating to your supporters with what they want to hear about.

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“It’s so easy to use, the team is logging things more quickly. This has allowed us to be more professional, and has really helped us strengthen our relationship with our supporters.”

Danielle Houliston, Individual Giving Manager, Spinal Research

Income management and Gift Aid

Handle donation processing for one-off and regular giving, so that you can acknowledge your donors in a quick, effective manner. Calculate claims in seconds and submit at the click of a button. Easy income analysis and declaration processing simplify Gift Aid management.

Reliable real-time reporting

Monitor performance at a glance, drill-down for an in-depth analysis, maximise income opportunities with real-time campaign tracking and quickly run comprehensive management reports

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Charnwood Community Action

Access NFP CRM helps Charnwood Community Action support most vulnerable in Charnwood community during coronavirus pandemic.

Charnwood Community Action (CCA) is a partnership between Charnwood Borough Council, Fearon Community Association, Gorse Covert, The Bridge East Midlands and John Storer Charnwood formed to support the residents of Charnwood amid the coronavirus pandemic.

"Access NFP CRM gives us visibility, accessibility and control over our data that is vital in supporting the community through this time. Access has given us outstanding support to get the system up and running quickly in response to the extraordinary challenges we were facing."

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Charnwood community action team

Data tools

Quickly and easily import your spreadsheets with a drag and drop approach through our Access Workspace Data Transfer app.

Access Workspace

Plus, as it is hosted within Access Workspace, all your Access software works together from a single set of data, improving accuracy and efficiency across teams. And, you can give people access to a range of apps that let them complete specific tasks, see live data, and collaborate, wherever they are.

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Access NFP suite

We give charities and not-for-profits the freedom to do more to deliver the greatest possible impact.

Our not-for-profit software suite is brought together on Access Workspace, our cloud-based platform.
Giving your people access to the tools, information and files they need, anytime and on any device; making collaboration easy.

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