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Raise your charity’s profile with a comprehensive charity website builder

Our charity website platform is a digital, scalable solution for fundraising, donor engagement and data collection activities.

Generate income, deliver services and raise awareness of your charity or non-profit with secure donations & payments, gift aid processing, integrated fundraiser pages and appeals, event ticketing plus an online shop – all easily accessible from one location.

Scalable charity website builder

Powering all your core fundraising, donor engagement and data collection needs.

We will work with you to create a charity website that gives you secure donations, integrated fundraiser pages, appeals, in-memory appeals, event ticketing, online shop, social media and accessibility tools all in one easy-to-use solution.

Save time and empower your team to be more productive with processes made simple through automation, such as donations, payments and gift aid claims.

Unlock your charity’s potential with our charity website builder

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Full control over your website content

Our easy-to-use, cloud-based content management system gives you full control over your content and fundraising appeals.

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Access to website strategy, design and build services

Our team of charity specialists collaborate with you to implement a website that meets your strategic objectives and goals.

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Preconfigured user dashboards

Allow colleagues to access key information when needed, promoting better communication throughout the organisation.

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Advanced analytics

Track and compare important KPIs: income, average donations, donor acquisition trends, appeal performances and more.

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Automated donations, payments & Gift Aid claims

Less time is spent collecting data and making submissions.

Convert donor interest into meaningful online activity

Specialist charity website builder features

Access Charity Websites come with specialist features for fundraising organisations

Easy donor journeys

Donor journeys are vital for great conversion rates and user experience. Online donations are made directly within your own website, which can increase donations due to a smoother and more intuitive donor experience.

Online shop and event purchases are also made within your own website. This means your income data and reports are all in one place for when you need those valuable insights.

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Complete control of your content and fundraising appeals

We give you full control over your website content and appeals through a flexible content management system (CMS) that allows you to make changes quickly and easily in real time.

There is also the ability for your fundraisers to create their own fundraising pages on your website and submit them for approval. Your team can then put them live at the touch of a button, meaning you don’t lose valuable traffic to third-party fundraising sites.

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Simplicity through automation - donations, payments & Gift Aid claims

Save time and increase the productivity of your team by reducing the amount of time spent collecting data and making manual submissions.

Gone are the days of making one large Gift Aid claim after hours of collating data. With our income dashboards you have a live view of the potential value of your Gift Aid claims from your website donations.

And with just a few quick clicks you can process that claim within our website suite dashboard, making it easy to unlock much needed funds quicker.

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Advanced analytics and dashboards

Make data driven decisions based on live, accurate information. View progress against your KPIs and determine where to focus your team’s attention. Track and compare your total income, average size of donation, new donor acquisition trends, appeal performances and much more – with the ability to quickly switch measurement timeframes for a true view of your progress.

Automatically updated, pre-configured dashboards can be shared with any colleagues in your organisation, not just the fundraising team. These are self-service, freeing up your time to focus on making a positive impact.

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An accessible website that serves your community

At Access we are dedicated to ensuring that your website serves your community. With improved support for those with disabilities, we help you unlock an even wider potential audience of supporters, service users and donors. And it does not end there… we are continually striving to ensure that Access Charity Websites provides the best possible accessibility for all users, and these improvements will come as standard, with no additional cost to you.

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Customer showcase

Our charity website solution has successfully developed the online presence of our charity and Not For Profit customers. Browse some live examples on our customer showcase.
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Charity website frequently asked questions

How does a charity website benefit my organisation?

Whether you are looking to generate income, deliver services or raise awareness for your charity or non-profit’s, the quality and effectiveness of your website is essential in seeing increases in impact and donations. But more than that, your website should be part of a solution that gives you the information to propel your organisation forward based on data-driven decisions.

How does a charity website support the donor journey?

Access Charity Websites is part of our not-for-profit software suite which gives your fundraising team end to end visibility and control of your donor journeys. With everything in one place, our scalable, feature rich software allows each solution to operate on its own, or as an integrated part of the full suite. Allowing you to engage your existing supporters more effectively, attract new donors to your cause and generate more predictable income streams.

How does Access Workspace for Charities fit into all this?

Access Workspace for Charities was created to improve engagement, visibility and productivity for organisations such as yours. Our cloud-based feature rich charity software includes Digital Advertising, Website, charity CRM and Payment Processing solutions, and allows each solution to operate on its own, or as connected part of the full suite. With value added functionality that includes Learning Management, Collaboration, Analytics and much more, you have at your disposal the apps, data and insights required to make a bigger impact - quickly and easily. Anyone in your organisation with permission can self-serve to get the accurate reports that they need - placing less of a strain on the core fundraising team.

What can I expect from the implementation of Access Charity Websites?

FlightPath is our implementation programme that gets you up and running quickly, securely and stress-free. The bespoke six-step programme takes you from module implementation to data migration and going live. On-boarding sessions, training opportunities and ongoing support mean we’re with you for as long as you need us.

What support is available from Access?

Our Access Customer Success Portal is the place to find answers to all your questions, either through our knowledge base, our product focussed events or by asking our active community to make the most of your system as standard. You can access online product support from a community of users and delve into our knowledge base. Find articles, videos and answers for know-how whenever you need it – and long after implementation. And with the option of around the clock support from charity database specialists, you can have peace of mind that an expert is always available. 

"Just wanted to thank you very much for your kindness in overseeing my query… Excellent customer service."

Are your solutions cloud-based?

Our charity solutions are all cloud-based and can be accessed securely anywhere by you and your team.

Access Workspace for Charities

With everything in one place, our cloud-based feature-rich charity software includes Websites, Charity CRM and Ad Grant management solutions, and allows each solution to operate on its own, or as a connected part of the full suite.

Allowing you to engage your existing supporters more effectively, attract new donors to your cause and generate more predictable income streams.

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