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Charity Reporting

Save time, increase accuracy and improve performance with our fundraising reporting software.

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Reliable reporting and analytics dashboard

  • Get an at a glance view of benchmarks including income, attrition, new donors and more
  • Drill-down into benchmarks for in-depth analysis, compare like-for-like data
  • Up-to-date management reports can be created quickly using reliable data
  • Out of the box, plug and play reporting tools
  • Holistic view of charity data with drill down capability
  • Custom dashboards for different users such as trustees
  • Insight reports and filtering for specific campaigns and more
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Real-time campaign management

  • Campaigns can be monitored via the dashboard in real-time
  • Keep track of all data or view only the most relevant information
  • View number of payments, average value and total income plus others, and filter by region, supporter type and more

"We were immediately able to pull information we needed from Access thankQ. We had a great deal of enthusiasm and support for the system. We had an internal launch party to celebrate!”

Kristen McInnis, Executive Director, Institutional Advancement at Scripps College

Use your time, donor data and supporter relationships more intelligently, and achieve even more

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Access NFP suite

We give charities and not-for-profits the freedom to do more to deliver the greatest possible impact.

Our not-for-profit software suite is brought together on Access Workspace, our cloud-based platform.
Giving your people access to the tools, information and files they need, anytime and on any device; making collaboration easy.

Integrated solutions

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