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Charity event management and software

Simplify charity event planning, increase efficiency and improve income with our charity event software.

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In-built charity events workflow

  • The four-stage workflow can be used to plan and deliver every type of event

  • Every stage features processes applicable to the event

  • Add workshops and create seating plans from within the database, build in web-specific integration and more

“My ‘wow’ moment was how versatile that system is. It was then that I realised that whatever we needed the system to do, it would be flexible enough that we could create it ourselves.”

Zoe Baines, Development Director at St Helens School

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Cost and payment categories

  • Define attendee types and personalise booking confirmation and event communications
  • Build in pricing bands and record every cost and payment category
  • Costs and payments can be logged, tracked and analysed all within your event software
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Comprehensive reporting options

  • Every field is reportable for even greater insight
  • Evaluate individual events or create comparison reports across a series
    Output delegate lists, outstanding payment reports, budget data and more
  • Map skills, availability and location to match volunteers with opportunities
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Web integration

  • Events can be booked online

  • Push updates and changes to your event page

  • Administration is reduced for system users

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Use your time, donor data and supporter relationships more intelligently, and achieve even more

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Access NFP suite

We give charities and not-for-profits the freedom to do more to deliver the greatest possible impact.

Our not-for-profit software suite is brought together on Access Workspace, our cloud-based platform.
Giving your people access to the tools, information and files they need, anytime and on any device; making collaboration easy.

Integrated solutions

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