Hospitality CRM

Hospitality CRM

Atreemo is the enterprise CRM solution from Acteol (an Access company) that helps operators track every guest interaction to create a powerful Single Customer View. We enable customers to focus on what works and demonstrate the effectiveness of your sales and marketing activity.

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Bring all of your data together to create a powerful Single Customer View



Identify the customers of most value and the ones who need a bit of nurturing



Send personalised and targeted messages to your customers



Measure your performance and gain insight from on-going analysis

Single Customer View

The Single Customer View (SCV) sits at the core of what we do and is an ever-evolving place where all your customer data sits in one place – cleaned, de-duped and enriched – allowing you to better understand your individual customers. Updated daily with every customer interaction to ensure you have the most up-to-date view of each customer.

The Single Customer View delivers a richer picture of your customer so that you can build deeper and broader insights into your customers' life-cycle, behaviours, preferences and a whole lot more.

Single Customer View - Hospitality CRM

See how Acteol (an Access company) can help you create a Single Customer View

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Atreemo is our enterprise CRM solution from Acteol (an Access company) that delivers a closed-loop platform to help you track every interaction so that you can focus on what works and demonstrate the effectiveness of your sales and marketing activity.

It’s what you do with your data that counts! With all your data cleaned, structured and in one place you can put it to work. Getting the right message to the right person at the right time makes all the difference.

Atreemo is a modular platform that is packed full of features to help you get the most from your data, whatever your industry. It also means you only pay for the features you need.

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What our clients say….

Acteol have been a pleasure to work with. They understand our business objectives and are supporting the team at Bill’s to adapt to a single customer view, and a new way of thinking about and understanding our customer.

Sara Keogh, Digital Marketing Manager, Bill's Restaurants

What our clients say...

It has become an integral part of the tools I use to influence business decisions. The differentiator between Acteol and its competitors will always be their willingness to work on integrations with other providers allowing me to…better understand behaviour. Supported by a variety of modules [it simplifies] the number of platforms we use.

Andreia Harwood, Head of Marketing, Wingstop (formerly Wasabi)

What our clients say...

The software is not only intuitive to navigate and give us an invaluable SCV, but Acteol also provides the support required to be able to use it effectively. Being able to manage our customer database through a system that can be integrated with our wide suite of data sources allows us to work more efficiently at all levels within the business.

Suzanne Maillardet-Clark, Head of Communications, New World Trading

Customer success story - Ping Pong

Ping Pong worked with Acteol (an Access company) to improve their CRM strategy.

Using dynamic campaigns, Ping Pong are able to deliver highly personalised campaigns based on any number of personal attributes.

Customer success story - Franco Manca

Efficient feedback management with Acteol.

Through using Feedback Manager, the Franco Manca team were able to efficiently manage customer feedback, effectively monitor performance and as a result, constantly hit their SLA.

Access Atreemo Modules

Single Customer View

The Single Customer View is where all your data automatically comes together. Updated every day with every customer interaction to ensure you have the most up to date view of the customer.


The Campaign module enables you to create emails, texts and push notifications from one place with closed loop reporting so you can understand what drives repeat visits and spend.

Feedback and Enquiries

This module collects customer feedback and enquiries from multiple sources and routes them to the relevant team members so they can be responded to quickly and efficiently.


This module enables you to create surveys in minutes and use them to collect information from new customers or enrich data from your existing customers.


Track posts, mentions, tweets and reviews from multiple feeds with the ability to reply from one single interface.

Audience Management

Reaching your customers through social channels can create exciting new ways to engage your customers. It can also be a powerful tool to expand your reach and recruit new customers to the database.


The voucher module enables you to create and send either unique codes or generic voucher codes which can be used to incentivise future spend and visits from your customers.


The loyalty module enables you to run a loyalty programme within your business so customers can earn and burn points when they visit. Track visits and spend levels compared to non-loyalty customers to understand the benefits.


A rich Google Maps integration enables you to review the key data for each of your locations so you can understand the population, market penetration and demographics in the local area.

Sales Leads Portal

The SLP collects leads from multiple sources and triggers so your sales team can manage them through the sales cycle and track results end-to-end.


With the SCV comes a set of interactive Insights reports that easily enable you to drill down into your customer database. These visual charts include database growth and source, demographic segments, visit and spend behaviour and campaign performance. Each report can be drilled into for specific analysis by date range, location, segment and campaign.

See how Acteol (an Access company) can help you create a Single Customer View

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Create a Single Customer View to improve loyalty and ROI

  • Easily track customer history, spend, loyalty and feedback, all in one place
  • Manage loyalty points, vouchers, offers and redemptions
  • Identify trends and patterns within your customer database
  • Send personalised, targeted and timely communications to drive visits and spend
  • Manage, monitor, categorise and escalate feedback easily and provide timely responses to your guests
  • Create and manage events. Segment your audience, monitor sign-ups and attendance and create and distribute automated multi-channel communications
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Acteol (an Access company) partner with the biggest names in the hospitality industry. Our technology connects EPoS, wifi, booking, online ordering, pay at table, click & collect, website, payroll, feedback platforms and loyalty systems from Access Hospitality and other 3rd party providers to form a fully integrated, closed-loop, Customer Relationship Management solution.

Connecting databases is key to everything we do. We, therefore, have a range of APIs to make the process as simple as possible.

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