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Construction management software for house builders

Our construction software has dedicated features for house builders included end-to-end sales management, estimating house templates and accounting software for builders and property developers.

Whether you are building large volumes of properties or one-off developments, construction management software for builders is just right for you.

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Housebuilder Construction

House builder construction software

Access Construction software comprises award-winning Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) EasyBuild and ConQuest Estimating. You can choose either or both depending on your needs.

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ConQuest estimating software for house builder 

ConQuest helps you create your Bill of Quantites quicker, store market rates, hold dedicated libraries and run reports.

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EasyBuild ERP software for house builders

EasyBuild ERP software gives house builders and developers an integrated finance and accounting software solution for companies of all sizes.

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EasyBuild ERP for house sales

EasyBuild allows the build-up of individual plots on a development, taking each plot through release, reservation, exchange, legal completion and post-sales

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ConQuest estimating software for house builders

  • Create a range of company specific house type templates 
  • Quick, easy and accurate methods for making changes to all templates to suit current scheme 
  • Re-use structural master templates and build up schemes using historical composite or modular items 
  • Set out the projects by plot number, house type or build stage and produce key reports   
  • Complete monthly valuations by plot number, house type and build stage 
  • Integrated On Screen Take Off from CAD, PDF & 3D drawings or models 
  • Cost planning feature that allows the creation of new projects using benchmarked historical sqm rates  
  • Send and compare subcontractor and supplier quotes 
  • Budget and valuations reports allow cost tracking in conjunction with your finance system 

Our systems are specifically used for helping house builders and developers in the ways you work to price and deliver projects. 

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​EasyBuild ERP software

Key features:

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EasyBuild ERP software for house sales  

This comprehensive house sales feature in EasyBuild allows the build-up of individual plots on a development. It takes each plot through release, reservation, exchange, legal completion and post-sales feeding directly into the Works Orders feature.

  • Manage incoming sales enquiries and to match potential purchasers to available properties
  • Manage information flow on the full sales process from offers to completion
  • Up-to-date price lists and financial reporting for the construction project, including cash flow forecasting 
  • Create a library of standard house and garage types 
  • Documents management 
  • Capture incoming sales enquiries, manage viewings, notes and match potential purchasers to properties 
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