Reshaping your strategy: How HR and Finance can work together to create a winning strategy

The game is on! The daily cut and thrust of running a project-based business has many similarities with strategy style games. The weight and impact of decisions, the risks and rewards, and the thrill of achieving a goal when the whole team pulls together: it’s all part of the game.



This hub provides a host of resources to help Finance and HR leaders from professional services businesses play to win.

Kick off with The Business Game: Reshaping your strategy to win - a comprehensive guide which explores the magic that can happen when Finance and HR work together to achieve business goals.

You’ll also discover fresh ideas on how Finance and HR players in project-based businesses can change game outcomes.

Plus a whole host of other articles and case studies to reinvigorate your business game plan.

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Adapting to a post lockdown world of work

Webinar: How to reshape your business strategy - the HR and Finance viewpoint.

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Financials Operations Software Product Tour

This 20 min webinar introduces Financials Operations, our project management solution enabling real-time visibility and control of your projects’ profitability within and outside the finance function.

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Project management capabilities

Gain real-time visibility and control of your project’s profitability with our project management system.

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Reshaping or resizing your professional services business for 2021

After a turbulent 2020, many professional services firms and project-oriented businesses are considering whether fundamental changes must now be made in order to leverage the most potential from 2021. Read on for some fresh thinking on reshaping your business.

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Professional services strategies: Why HR and Finance are a winning team

In this article, we examine how including input from managers in Finance and HR – not separately but as part of a focused joint effort – can bring some surprising new ideas to the table. Find out how.

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Winning strategies for professional services Finance teams

The start of 2021 is a good time to reevaluate your business strategy. Having managed to make it through in spite of the tough trading conditions and unprecedented upheaval of 2020, the new year is an excellent opportunity for a fresh start and perhaps a new lease of life.

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Three challenges facing the professional services sector – and how Finance can address them

Unpredictability has been a difficult issue for professional services and other project-oriented businesses during 2020. In the aftermath of perhaps one of the most problematic years in recent memory, now business leaders across the sector are looking for new ways to meet today’s challenges head on. We’ve taken three of the most common challenges – and then identified how Finance teams could address them effectively using technology.

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Winning strategies for HR teams

A new year means a fresh start – and most HR leaders will be glad to close the door on the difficult working conditions and unprecedented challenges of 2020. We aren’t out of the woods just yet but could this be the ideal time to take a fresh look at your HR strategies and make some new plans for the coming year.

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10 ways to protect project profitability

In this article, we look at project profitability analysis from the Finance leader perspective. We identify 10 ways in which the profit margin in project management can be protected and maximised.

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Five things to track your projects and increase profitability

We recently caught up with Steve Berridge, Director of our Financial Management Software Division within Access Group, to look at how finance professionals, key stakeholders and project managers can keep their projects on time and within budget.

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3 challenges facing professional services HR – and how to address them

2020 was the most unpredictable year in recent memory – and that’s meant some difficult problems to wrestle with for professional services companies and other project-oriented businesses. It’s been particularly challenging for HR leaders as staff have had to face even more than their usual day-to-day pressures. So we’ve taken three of the most common issues and identified how HR can resolve these more effectively using technology.

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Brown & Co Case study

Brown & Co use suite of Access software to bring consistent processes to their diverse business units, improving efficiency and visibility

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