Building Momentum: How to help fuel business recovery

As the world emerges from enforced hibernation, business leaders will need to pour all their energy into recovery. Not surprisingly, finance is going to play a leading role in formulating and delivering new strategies that determine the direction of travel. This guide is designed to help finance leaders make sense of recent events and spot opportunities to build momentum that will fuel the recovery.

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"I am hugely relieved that we have Access Dimensions on your Hosted platform as it allows our accounting and operations team to continue to work remotely without interruption or worry on that score."

Cris Howard, Financial Director, Pure Cold

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Discover more resources on the latest technology trends you should be aware of to help you keep business running as usual and stay competitive in times of uncertainty.

Shockproofing your business: Identifying the risks and focusing resources

No one could have predicted the events that led up to a nation in lockdown, with many companies left with no choice but to halt or reduce operations in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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First mover advantage: What role can finance teams play?

Spotting opportunities has always been an important role of the finance team. Even in the face of an unprecedented event like Covid-19, where safeguarding the business to protect the operation, jobs and long-term viability is the number one priority - a good finance team should always be able to balance its responsibilities.

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Cloud accounting and remote working — how to make the most of your time

Many people have switched to working from home, and as a consequence, cloud computing using SaaS technology has become more important than ever. It has enabled some businesses to carry on running as usual despite the challenges posed by the need to support social distancing. Employers and employees who were frustrated by the disruption to begin with are now discovering the advantages of this way of working. Read how to make the most of it.

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Digital adoption: is now the time to switch your accounting software?

If outdated accounting software has restrained your finance team's ability to be able to respond to the challenges set by the impact of Covid-19, then it is likely that now is the time to think about upgrading and investing.

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Scenario planning: why you need to forecast different models

As lockdown slowly begins to ease and some businesses take the first tentative steps towards returning to work, finance teams will be facing the challenge of piecing together a revised financial strategy that better reflects the ‘new normal’. Read the benefits of scenario planning, what finance teams need to consider to create multiple models and how it can help to implement the right financial strategy.

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COVID-19 - its impact on finance teams

The coronavirus pandemic has had an enormous impact on the world. In the face of this, how can individual finance teams make useful predictions and manage their expenses effectively to minimise the impact on their organisations?

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What must all Finance departments learn from Covid-19 disruption?

Although Finance Directors are still in the throes of navigating through the current Covid-19 disruption and its impact on their business cashflow, it’s also important to step back and take note of the lessons being learned. As well as the wide range of crisis management activity going on, during this period of significant change, there are opportunities and business benefits too.

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Advice and tips for finance teams in times of Covid-19

As your business looks to protect the health of its employees, it’s also crucial to help protect their jobs too - as well as the longevity of the business. The challenge set out by Covid-19 to all businesses is extremely complicated and difficult, but if finance teams communicate clearly across the business and collaborate, they can help to reduce the impact on revenue, profits and the operation of the business.

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Finance department responses to Covid-19: Coping with remote working

This article explores the key differences in the way individual Finance teams operate and how it has either hampered or enhanced their ability to move to remote working successfully.

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COVID-19 response: Cashflow is biggest worry for Finance Directors

With the vast majority of businesses currently struggling to navigate through the current crisis, Finance Directors across the UK and beyond will be dealing with a raft of urgent concerns. From worries about short and long-term business stability to trying to maintain confidence and plan ahead for an uncertain future, the list is long. But by far the most pressing issue for Finance Directors seems to be cashflow.

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Will Covid-19 responses permanently change how Finance teams work?

In between focusing on cashflow and making the multitude of daily decisions needed to navigate the business finances through the current turbulence, some Finance Directors are pausing to consider whether the ways in which things have always been done is still the right way to go forward. After the huge amount of disruption every business has had to face over the last few weeks, perhaps now is in fact the ideal time to take a leap and make some significant and lasting changes.

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Tackle the impact of Covid-19 on your finance team and business and prepare for recovery

The webinar series covers various challenges currently faced by finance professionals including the impact Covid-19 is having on Expense policies, PAYE/NIC and VAT, as well as cash flow and credit control, and also looks at what the future of finance may look like after the pandemic.

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Product Tour of Access Financial Management Software - Enabling remote access anywhere and anytime

In this on-demand webinar you will learn about how to leverage technology to run your business remotely and see a live demo of Access Financial Management Software. Including: accessing your data in one place, anytime and anywhere, maintaining a healthy data structure, the expense and procurement process, the importance of cash collection and more.

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The impact of coronavirus on managing expenses

As finance managers are forced to adapt and react to the consequences of Covid-19, Access Expense has pledged to support finance departments in these challenging times.

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Your guide to keeping your data secure when working remotely

Working from home is, for the time being, the new norm for many people. That brings many new things to deal with, not least of all adjusting to the change in routine. Our guide will help you stay secure while you work remotely, and it can also help you improve your family’s online security too.

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Top financial trends for 2020 - what should be your focus?

At a recent Access event, our panel of experts discussed the key trends and challenges finance professionals should prepare for in the future in terms of technology, economy, compliance and more.

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Deep dive into the latest technology trends in the finance world

In this video, Nadine Dereza, Journalist and Presenter of CNBC's Internet of Things: "Powering the Digital Economy - investigating how digital innovation is reshaping industries" explores how technology is transforming the finance world and the workplace.

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How businesses and finance teams are adapting to increasing technological change

How can finance leaders keep up with and leverage technological advances? Read on as we offer insights into the implications of implementing disruptive technologies and how businesses can make the most of them in times of uncertainty.

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How to sustain the growth of your business in 2020

This article outlines the technical and regulatory changes finance teams can expect in 2020 and how technology in business can help open up new opportunities and ensure sustainable growth.

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How RPA can change the way your finance team works

At a recent Access event, our panel of experts discussed the key trends and challenges finance professionals should prepare for in the future in terms of technology, economy, compliance and more.

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How finance teams can use blockchain to improve their efficiency and record keeping

What is blockchain and how can it prove advantageous for CFOs and finance leaders? In this article, we aim to equip you with an understanding of this technology to help you recognise the value it could hold for your finance team.

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How to ensure your business is compliant with Making Tax Digital

This article explores three major changes set to be introduced to existing MTD regulations in April 2020 that finance leaders should be aware of — these involve digital bookkeeping, digital journey and penalties.

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How will environmental pressures such as SECR reporting impact finance teams in the future?

This article explores what the recently introduced legislation "Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting" (SECR) means for your business, as well as other ways environmental pressures will impact your finance team in the future.

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How to stay ahead of the financial regulation curve

With several regulatory changes in the last few years, finance leaders would be forgiven for thinking that regulation is a curse. This article will explain how you can keep yourself ahead of changes to the regulatory system.

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