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Judgement and decision making

Judgement and decision making training looks at enhancing decision making, critical thinking and dealing with ambiguity. 

Help your employees overcome barriers and make better decisions. 

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Better Decision Making (3)

Modules in this Judgement and decision making training

Better Decision Making

Involving an internal thought process, through which a decision is made, judgements impact all aspects of our lives.

In this module:

  • Look at how judgements are made
  • The barriers to better judgements
  • How judgements can be overcome by countering default bias, taking risks and learning from experience
Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is essentially your ability to reason and question ideas, arguments and findings. 

In this module:

  • Explore critical thinking
  • The importance of taking an analytical and objective approach to problem solving
  • How to think smarter

Creativity is important in the workplace as it can benefit both the organisation and employees by enabling businesses to be flexible and branch out in different directions. 

In this module:

  • Explore the importance of creativity in the workplace
  • Discover how you can make creativity one of your top skills
  • Learn to support and encourage its development in others
Dealing with Ambiguity

Being able to manage ambiguous situations has increasingly become a common skill required in the workplace, with change quickly becoming the only certainty. 

In this module:

  • Explore what is meant by ambiguity
  • Learn how ambiguity can be effectively managed in the workplace
  • Consider how the art of mindfulness can help individuals prepare for uncertain futures

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