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Care planning software

NHS England DSCR Assured Supplier

Access care planning software is an all-in-one care planning and management solution that incorporates a mobile app and enables you to deliver high quality, safe and personalised care more efficiently, wherever you are.

Our easy-to-use care plan software includes flexible, comprehensive solutions for domiciliary care, residential care and local authority services, whatever your organization’s size and settings. Our system digitises your documents and processes so you can dedicate more time and resources to caring itself.

Get your all-in-one care planning and management solution  

Being an NHS-assured supplier, we at The Access Group know how to help care services plan and manage their care process so they can deliver high-quality, safe and personalised care.  

Remove enormous amounts of financial and time-wasting burdens caused by paper records by digitising your care processes. Have even more time by using the care planner app. Delivered through Access Workspace for Care, your care planning software can be grouped with other platforms that you have implemented, all in one place.   

See the benefits of our care planning software from real people for yourself by checking out our Access Care Planning reviews.

Digital Care Records – Assured by NHS England

The Access Group has been assured as a supplier of Digital Social Care Records (DSCR) by NHS England.

In order to be assured, NHS England have tested that Access and our software will enable you to:

  • Successfully transition from paper to digital care records
  • Record all necessary notes, observations and other key details digitally
  • Support the delivery of high quality, person-centred care
  • Provide secure, controlled data access to internal and external partners
  • Manage tasks to ensure they are completed reliably with less admin
  • Create analysis and reports to provide evidence to bodies such as the CQC

Selecting an NHS assured supplier like the Access Group also means your local authority or CCG can provide you with extensive financial support to fund your digitization.

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Flexible care planning software for:

Client Enquiries
Home care and community services
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Residential : Care homes and nursing homes
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Reablement services
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Supported living

Home care
  • Complete digital care plans and forms
  • A mobile care planning app incorporating a range of critical applications
  • eMAR to provide visibility and accuracy on medication.
  • Family & funder access
  • Automated alerts and visit verification

Scroll down to learn more about the features of Access Care Planning. 

Residential care

A flexible, easy to use electronic care planning system for care homes and nursing homes to plan, manage and monitor care. Increase efficiency, improve safety and deliver better care for all your residents.

    • Digitise your care plans, notes, forms, measurements and observation
    • Staff have all residents’ information and progress notes via a care planning app, which they can use to easily record key monitoring observations, notes and more, there and then.
    • Increases quality, contact time with residents. Improves the detail and accuracy of information recorded.
    • Integrates with our complete medication management software for a holistic residential care management system
    • Use inbuilt reports to identify trends and warning signs to make proactive interventions to improve care quality and reduce risk
Reablement services

Our care planning software provides reablement services with an end-to-end solution to digitise care records:

  • Capture all interactions, forms, medication, feedback and issues
  • Bring together the wide range of efficiency and safeguarding benefits, whether you’re in the office or out in the community
  • Support the important functions of standardising information gathering, record keeping and medication management
  • Deliver robust audit trails and peace of mind

Scroll down to learn more about the features of Access Care Planning.

One Fylde - Access Care Planning case study

Let’s hear from One Fylde - a charity for people with learning disabilities – who have been using Access Care Planning System to deliver high quality care to its residents, while remaining efficient and compliant for any CQC inspections.

Digitise your care planning documents

Replacing written documents with electronic versions is a secure and easy way to improve the accuracy and accessibility of information:

  • Pre-loaded with an extensive library of editable care plans and forms
  • Secure access levels for different user groups, including managers, carers, coordinators, next of kin
  • Access all forms, care plans and records on both web and mobile – even offline
  • A complete audit of any changes made to care records
  • Upload documents straight into service user records

Care Planning with eMAR

Getting medication management right is vital:

  • Get prompts and instructions for which medications to give during each shift or visit
  • Record when medication has been administered or explain why it hasn’t using a reason code and notes
  • Quickly view eMAR charts from any date range, and print or convert to pdf to share them
  • Give Care Workers access to current details at the point of care delivery
  • Receive alerts when medication hasn’t been taken
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See our care plan software in action

Improving care planning outcomes with insights from Access Technology Enabled Care (TEC)

Access TEC combines traditional reactive alarm functionality with proactive digital insights of daily living activities to support personalised, proactive and preventative care both in and out of the home.

  • A brand-new integration between Access Care Planning and Access TEC makes Smart Alert and Alarm data from the Access TEC Home Hub visible to care workers in the mobile app.
  • Understanding what has happened in between care visits will help care workers deliver the highest standards of personalised care, improving patient outcomes.

Delivered through Access Workspace for Care

Access Workspace for Care provides continuously updated insights enabling real-time decisions and actions across the whole care operation, saving you time every day.

Access Workspace for Care connects all Access products from within our ecosystem of solutions with a single sign-on. If you have our Financials and HR software, then these will feed in to give you an even richer and more informative picture of your business. Everything runs - and uses - centrally-held data so you know the information you are looking at is the latest available.

Easy-to-use apps bring together your Access products into one place and provides unparalleled levels of actionable insight. See your entire care management operation in real time. Connecting the apps brings the ultimate visibility of your whole operation and the opportunity to deliver truly joined-up care.

Bay Care - Access Care Planning app case study

Hear how Bay Care are using Access Care Planner Software to save £111,000

Providing high-quality care amidst a care-funding squeeze can be a real struggle. Bay Care are meeting this challenge head-on.

They have been able to improve the experience for their clients, achieve almost perfect compliance and reduce their back office costs enormously. Here they tell us just how they did it.

For more social care case studies and testimonials visit the Care Hub.

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See the software so many organisations use to deliver the highest quality care

Care Planning Software FAQs

What is a care planning system?

A care planning system is first and foremost a system used to replace paper care plans with digital care plans, for use primarily in residential care, domiciliary care and other social care settings.

However, a care planning system usually incorporates a range of other features, such as care visit management and verification for home care, activity recording, eMAR or medication management, reporting and analytics and digital versions of care assessments, notes and so on.
Why do I need a care plan software?

Care plan software helps social care providers remove enormous amounts of burdens, financial and time spent, caused by the use of paper records and processes.

The use of a care planner app gives you this time back. Depending on your role this can mean spending more time with service users, recruiting more staff, growing your business, or improving service quality.

Care plan software is becoming an essential part of running a successful, high quality care service. What’s more the data you capture can be analysed to help you understand and improve your care quality and business or organisational performance.

What is care planning in social care?  

Care planning is a conversation between the person requiring support and the provider to assess needs, record records and determine a set of requirements that need to be delivered over a period of time.  

Find all you need to know about what a care plan is.

Why are excellent care plans important in social care?  

Keeping a thorough electronic record of your care plans, their continuous evaluation, key events, and care delivery is essential to great care delivery. It allows your organisation to evidence person-centred care and to ensure outcome-focused delivery. 

Who will use Access Care Planning in your business?  

A variety of people in your business can use Access Care Planning. The mobile care planning app is mainly for carers to view information and update records during visits. The care plan app can also be used by Care Coordinators, Senior Carers and Branch or Area managers.  

Does Access Care Planning have a mobile app?  

Yes, the system includes the Access Care Planning app, that's one of the main benefits of our care planner software. It's available for both Android and iOS, and we partner with a mobile device provider if you require handsets.

Will Access Care Planning save me time?  

Access Care Planning will undoubtedly save time and provide cost savings for your team. Find out more about the potential home Care Software ROI.

Does Access Care Planning record time & attendance?  

Access Care Planning allows time and attendance to be recorded in the mobile app, and the integration with Access People Planner enables that information to be used for payroll and billing.  

Can I make my own assessment forms in Access Care Planning?  

Yes, Access Care Planning has a configurable forms system. You can create your own forms or use standard ones from our library. They can be customised and recreated with no limit on the variations.  


Access Care Suite: Software to deliver Outstanding care

Whether you’re a commissioner, care home provider, or delivering in-home care or reablement services, our web-based Access Care Suite has a solution for you.

We've been supporting the care sector to work more effectively since 1999

Flexible and scalable: We know no two organisations are the same, so our solutions can be configured to reflect your needs, services.

Intelligent, integrated and intuitive: We’ve added features like a mobile app, voice typing, real-time alerts, and data integration to make our products incredibly easy to use.

Completely secure: With multi-level access control, and ISO 27001 security and Information Governance Standards compliant, we make sure only the right people can access the information they need.

Explore our products:

Whether you’re a single provider or part of a large group, our suite of web-based care management solutions can be configured to suit each individual organisation.