Dof Group Case Study: A Permit to Work

In 2012 Safety Media - now acquired by The Access Group - collaborated with DOF Group to create a best practice compliance course titled “Permit to Work” designed to help promote safe working cultures and ultimately save lives.

The video above shows why the Permit to Work Course is such a landmark piece of training in the industry and with interviews from DOF Employees shows the real impact a Safety Media course can have.


The relationship between DOF and Safety Media began in 2010 when DOF Group were sourcing a new e-Learning partner to provide Health & Safety based training courses to their staff. Upon meeting with MD Toby Roberts, DOF decided to buy licenses to access the Safety Media standard library of courses.

DOF Group employ staff globally in a number of unusual environments ranging from vessels, dive systems, remote operated underwater vehicles and offices. In these diverse conditions Health & Safety concerns are of paramount importance.

The Problem

The Permit to Work Scheme is a technical measure document demonstrating competence in situations to avoid major accidents. It ensures employees have the right qualifications for undertaking certain tasks and makes everyone working on a job aware of everyone else’s participation and roles.

The staff at DOF are multi- lingual and based all over the world covering 24/7 shift patterns and so emphasis was placed on the need to find an appropriate solution to demonstrate competence.

The Solution

Due to the technical nature of the content this was provided in the main part by the team at DOF Group led by Stig Clementson, Vice President of Health & Safety based in Norway. The Safety Media content team then took this information and made it come alive following best practice and various Instructional Design guidelines.

“Very satisfied with the professional presentation” - Kathleen Mathisen, VP HR

As with every project we undertake we started with an overview including:

  • What the goals of the course were
  • The key messages to be portrayed
  • Information about the target audience
  • And of course liaisons with the key people

This time spent in research and development meant that an initial storyboard could be produced which gave the foundations of the course which is in use today.

Once we knew more about the goals of the company and had a direction for the course we sent Safety Media’s in-house Video Production Editor Kevin Casey to spend a day on board the Skandi Aker, DOF’s Flagship vessel, to film footage to be used in the course. While spending the day getting to know the environment, he commented that:

“There were dozens if not hundreds of contractors working together to get the ship ready to handle a gas leak in the North Sea. It was at this time it became clear how crucial the permit to work scheme really is.”

To ensure the course could be rolled out globally Safety Media produced a Brazilian Portuguese version of the course along with CD Roms that could be used in areas that were not internet enabled – for example in the North Sea!

The Permit to Work Course

The finished Permit to Work Course is a true collaboration of minds from across oceans. It involves Video and Interactive content to maximise user retention, is available in English & Portuguese and the use of the footage from the Skandi Aker helps make the situations come alive for the employees.

DOF Group are determined that this course will make a difference not only in the lives of their employees but to anyone who works in, has a relative who works in or who has a general interest in this industry which is why they have made this course accessible for anyone to view and complete – simply follow this link and register as a new user, once completed you can log in and complete the course.

This course was entered into the e-Learning awards 2012 in the category of “Best use of E-learning to ensure compliance with external regulations or internal policies”. Even though the project was still being rolled out across DOF the course was short-listed for an award in this category and the feedback was extremely positive about the project.

The course was resubmitted in 2013 and once again very proudly reached the short-list stage despite some incredible and record breaking numbers of entries.

Safety Media is incredibly proud to be a part of this industry changing project and look forward to continuing to save lives through learning.

“The Permit to Work course and training video is absolutely outstanding. It is a first class interactive process and is a credit to the organisation that put it together.” Steve Brown, CEO Asia Pacific.


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