6 reasons you should switch to Access thankQ CRM

Join over 1200 not-for-profit organisations who’ve made the switch already and discover the benefits of being set up for success.

Giving you the freedom to focus on your supporters and make a bigger impact. Whether you’re moving from manual spreadsheets, a bespoke CRM, or from another system such as Dynamics, Salesforce, Raisers Edge or Donorfy, we can help.

The benefits of switching to Access thankQ CRM

1. It is easy to use

Everyone says this, but it truly is. Access thankQ CRM is built with fundraisers, not IT experts, in mind, so it is intuitive and clear. No need to struggle with a system that you and your team find difficult to use.

2. It is built for fundraising, and fundraisers

The Access Group has more than 25 years’ experience working with charities, and we chose to develop a fundraising CRM not a sales one. Why? Because we understand you have different needs and usage – why settle for anything less? Read our factsheet.

3. It grows with you

As your organisation and needs grow, you can rest assured we can service your changing requirements. Access thankQ CRM supports organisations of all sizes and can scale up or down to suit. You can add additional modules, more users, or even other integrated Access products as you go.

“Getting Access thankQ has been the best fundraising decision that we have ever made and haven’t looked back since."

Ben Robbins, Operations Manager, Chana Charitable Trust

Watch the short video to find out more about Chana's experience.

4. Integrates with your other organisational systems (and Access ones too)

To ensure you have everything you need we work with a wide range of partners to provide our customers with a comprehensive range of modules that are built into the product. These range from MailChimp and JustGiving to Twitter and LinkedIn. See available integrations.

5. Our hosting capabilities

Access are the experts in building, maintaining and hosting your ThankQ application.

We firmly believe that we offer the most reliable, resilient and cost-efficient environment for your software. Our enterprise-class hosted environment has been optimised to ensure the best performance of the software and is fully ISO27001 compliant, offering you increased security and reducing your GDPR risk.

6. It is compliant and GDPR ready

Our products are developed by UK specialists who truly understand the latest changes in the HMRC Gift Aid Online Portal, the new GDPR data protection regulations and the new Fundraising Preference Service (FPS). 

We’ve made it easy for you to make the switch:

  • Tried and tested processes to get you up and running quickly and smoothly.

  • Dedicated account team to ensure there’s no disruption to your organisation.

  • UK based team who’ve each spent up to 25 years supporting clients in the NFP sector.

  • Experience helping clients make the switch from a bespoke CRM, a simply Excel or from an existing software provider - whether a platform based CRM such as Dynamics or Salesforce, or a specialist NFP product such as Raiser’s Edge or Progress.

  • Free consultation with one of our specialists to find out about how we can help you make the switch.

Everything to consider when switching to a new Charity CRM

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