What is construction ERP and how can it help your construction site?

Carol Massay

Head of Access Construction

Confused by the number of Construction ERP solutions floating about? You shouldn’t be. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a simple term to describe a system that integrates all the information and resources that you need to run any type of organisation.


What does ERP stand for in construction?

In the construction industry, a construction ERP is a means for keeping a track of sub-contractors, building materials, human resources, plant and assets, and other running costs that don’t appear on the daily balance sheet.

Ultimately give you the accuracy, control and visibility as to whether the project is going to be in profit, or make a loss.

5 ways Construction ERP software can help your site

1. Workflow visibility and streamlining 

Before Construction ERP systems, coordinating between multiple work sites took a lot of time and effort. If you wanted updates on a specific part of your business, you had to call or visit the site physically. And if there was an issue with one of your production partners, it could set back your entire business while you made endless phone calls and site visits. Fortunately, Construction ERP software has transformed workflow visibility. Now, even when you’re in your office headquarters, you can open a shared database from your Construction ERP solution to get real-time details as they happen.

2. Cross-department collaboration

All departments are contributing to the same cloud-based financial model which means that there is no duplication of data, and no problems with importing information from several different applications.

Collaboration between departments is improved with all managers involved in the process, including on-site managers using mobile technology, responsible for ensuring that their data is up to date, timely and accurate.

With increased responsibility comes increased commitment to the task in hand. Bring commercial and financial teams together to work seamlessly whether you’re onsite or back in the office.

3. Risk management and data security

Hosting the financial model in the cloud minimises risks and improves data security using the cloud server’s built-in redundancy and data protection features.

It also protects companies against the practical difficulties of upgrading several separate financial, data and analysis applications as they evolve, or of migrating data to upgraded hardware systems.

4. Customisable solutions

When properly implemented, Construction ERP software can configured to cater for the needs of different sectors of the construction industry, from contractors or sub-contractors, to housebuilders, maintenance and service organisations and to civil engineering.

Within an organisation, dashboards can be created to reflect the particular roles of managers, providing them with instant access to the information they need or prompts them with scheduled tasks and other project information.

5. Business intelligence and data analytics

Most Construction ERP software is accessible to managers and clients, who use the data to analyse the progress of a project and to provide current and forecasted reports on the projects financial status. As well as giving your on-site managers visibility of the data, so they can make critical decisions on the spot. The financial model is fully auditable and available for deeper inspection and analysis to help contractors and clients keep tabs on daily cashflow, pick up early signs of problems and deal with them, and provide the basis of accurate and focused financial reports.


Businesses have always tried to use enterprise resource management, even if it didn’t have that name. Companies have always struggled to balance all their different practices with sacrificing resources elsewhere. But with the right technology in place, it can offer significant practical benefits to keep your business on track: proven tools which boost information visibility, accuracy and enable confident decision making with tighter cost control.

Who to trust?

Access Construction software is one of the leading providers in the market, and has two products built for the construction industry - award-winning Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) EasyBuild and ConQuest Estimating.

From accounting and HR software, to plant and asset management, Access Construction has everything you need to manage your site in one place.

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