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Access Elemental Social Prescribing

Elemental is an award winning, cloud-based platform that enables localities and regions to provide more joined up care for population health management, using the social prescribing model of care. 

Elemental was established by former community development workers in 2013 out of a growing frustration that not everyone in the community had equal opportunities to access health, education and welfare services.

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Elemental exists to; 

  • Demonstrate the impact that the community and voluntary sector makes on the prevention agenda. 
  • Ensure safe and assured health and care pathways are co- designed with people at the centre. 
  • Promote better partnership working between sectors and systems to improve citizen outcomes and reduce demand on public sector services. 
  • Contribute to halting avoidable health inequalities. 

Why do we do it? 

  • 80% of health outcomes are driven by socio-economic factors. 
  • A third of students who dropped out of university did so for mental health reasons. 
  • 1 in 5 GP appointments are for non-clinical reasons. 
  • 70% of social care cases people are referred to community services. 
  • 29% of Social Prescribing Link Workers are considering resigning in the next year due to lack of Clinical Supervision and/or support. 



Social prescribing continues its rate of adoption across the UK and Ireland: 

April 2023


Number of managing referrals

From GP's Nurses, Practice Managers, Housing officers, Local Gov staff and Social workers


Social Prescribing Link workers

managing referrals and connecting people to their communities


Patients supported

through personalised care


Community activities attended


Social prescribing projects

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Find out more about how Access Elemental can help ICSs, PCNs, Mental Health Trusts and more

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Find out more about how Access Elemental can help the Third Level Education sector

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Trusted across the UK by local authorities, health, VCSE, prison care and employment support. Our social prescribing solutions empower organisations to establish, scale and better measure the uptake of social prescribing, and manage referrals. All making a positive impact on health and well-being. 

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