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Access Elemental Social Prescribing Software

Access Elemental software is a social prescribing solution designed for GPs and other frontline healthcare professionals.

It allows healthcare professionals to refer patients/citizens to a Social Prescribing Link Worker, Care Coordinator and/or a Health Coach, so that people with social, emotional, or practical needs are empowered to engage in local programmes and services to which improve their health and wellbeing. Social prescribing often uses services provided by the voluntary and community sector.

Access Elemental is a cloud-based platform that fully integrates with primary care systems, secondary care systems and social care systems so that users can make, manage, and report on referrals to social prescribing, care coordination and health coaching safely and securely.

Elemental is proven to enable customers to:

  • Reduce the amount of clinical time spent on resolving patient’s social needs and evidence this
  • Reduce risks and impacts of deteriorating health and wellbeing of the community
  • Co design safe assured referral pathways together
  • Measure the impact of commissioned services
  • Increase visibility and insight into future demand and anticipated needs of your community so you have a sustainably resourced Third Sector
  • Ability to have an audit trail to understand what services people are engaging in, what's working well and where the unmet need is (Including access and engagement in Inspiring Active Places)
  • Deliver on your integrated technology plans through joined up approaches, systems and sectors
  • Increase the wellbeing and quality of life of citizens
  • Promote and facilitate an empowered approach
  • Maximise the use of resources available



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Social prescribing continues its rate of adoption across the UK and Ireland: 

December 2023


Number of managing referrals

From GP's Nurses, Practice Managers, Housing officers, Local Gov staff and Social workers


Social Prescribing Link workers

managing referrals and connecting people to their communities


Patients supported

through personalised care


Community activities attended


Social prescribing projects

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Trusted across the UK by local authorities, health, VCSE, prison care and employment support. Our social prescribing solutions empower organisations to establish, scale and better measure the uptake of social prescribing, and manage referrals. All making a positive impact on health and well-being. 

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