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Healthy living resource centre

They say prevention is better that cure and our healthy living scheme provides a comprehensive source of information.

Benefits as flexible as your company

They say prevention is better than cure and our healthy living scheme provides a comprehensive source of information on living a healthy lifestyle such as keeping active, healthy eating and sleeping.

There’s also lots of useful information on health issues providing help and advice topics like, cancer, stopping smoking and drinking sensibly.

More and more companies are providing health and wellbeing support for their employees to support the move for long term cultural change.

Employee benefits
  • Expert advice on a wide range of health topics
  • Easily accessible through Salary Extras.
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Employer benefits
  • Encourages a healthier workforce, reducing absenteeism
  • There’s the option of running campaigns on specific topics to support the workforce
  • Demonstrates duty of care.
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Health and wellbeing benefits

More and more employers are switching on to the fact that they can improve the productivity of their workforce by ensuring they’re healthy, happy and feel cared for.

Employers have a duty of care to their employees and establishing a well balanced health and wellbeing employee benefits package can really help to support this.

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Digital health and fitness coaching

With digital health and fitness coaching, employees benefit from a health and fitness programme tailored to their individual needs.

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Bike to work scheme

Also known as cycle to work the scheme is one of the most sought after salary sacrifice employee benefits.

Occupationalhealth Marketplace Icon
Occupational health

Our occupational health and wellbeing benefit takes all the hassle out of managing your employees’ workplace health needs.

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Health cash plan

Your employees claim back the cost of everyday healthcare.

Eyecare Marketplace Icon

Support your employees with free access to eye tests and eyecare at over 3,000 optical specialists across the UK and Ireland.

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Valuable health assessments

Because predicting the future is pretty difficult, our health assessments provide a comprehensive view of key issues.

Dental Marketplace Icon
Dental cover

We all need dental care and the costs can take a big bite out of our finances.

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Employee assistance programme

A completely confidential 24/7 service providing help and advice for employees.


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Gym scheme

Help employees shed some pounds and trim the cost through the gym scheme, offering discounted rates at over 3,000 health clubs, fitness centres, gyms and leisure centres across the UK and Ireland.

The Healthy Living Resource Centre is part of our hugely comprehensive Health and Wellbeing employee benefits range. Get in touch to find out more.