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Care management software for Local Government

Trusted by Councils across the UK, our market-leading care management software supports services delivered by your in-house team – whether that’s reablement, extra care or ongoing support – and for commissioning care delivered by third-party providers.

We also supply unique tools to make better use of health & social care data, providing market insights to improve quality and mitigate risks.

Powerful tools to change the way you deliver care

Access is a leading innovator of health and social care software. We understand the difference data can make to improving quality and lowering costs throughout the care cycle. We offer a range of dynamic technologies to support care delivery, process automation, flexible data collection, better commissioning and market management.

Our software provides you with greater visibility of care practices and the availability of required resources, helping to manage the fluctuations in requirements. This equally provides opportunities to help put in place the standards of care, promote expected levels of performance, and effective financial and resource management required to achieve the outcomes.

Patient Flow Software
Market insights and analytics

Social care decision makers need dynamic data for quality improvement and risk mitigation. Our flexible solutions can transform the provider assessment process, deliver valuable market insight including spend & activity / capacity & availability, and help accurately predict future demand. Turn your data into actionable intelligence to support commissioning.

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Care monitoring

Our software provides real-time information about care delivery which helps ensure visits aren’t running late or being missed and delivers a wealth of information to support safeguarding and transparency. Our ECM is used by Local Authorities across the country to monitor care delivered by inhouse / reablement teams and improve visibility of services delivered by third party care Providers.

Access Teamseer
Scheduling and rostering

Care scheduling allows Care Coordinators to quickly and easily roster staff while making best use of your capacity and ensuring any salaried Care Workers are fully utilised.

payroll and invoicing
Financial management

Speed up payments and manage by exception: With most state-funded home care delivered by third-party Providers, Councils need a quick and efficient way of managing the numerous invoices this generates.

Access Forcharities CRM
Digital care management

An end-to-end solution to digitise care records and capture all interactions, forms, medication, feedback and issues bringing a wide range of efficiency and safeguarding benefits, whether you’re in the office or out in the community.

Access Reporting
Business intelligence

Our business intelligence software, CMBI, allows you to capitalise on the value of your social care delivery data. CMBI empowers you with actionable intelligence to facilitate service improvements and manage by exception.

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Provider management

Our provider management tool ensures you have full visibility of the available marketplace, allowing you to communicate and assess providers based on their service.

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Outcomes-based commissioning

Moving to outcomes-based commissioning can be challenging. Our innovative Outcomes Assessment Platform allows Councils to deliver a powerful combination of time/attendance and progress towards outcomes.

Digital transformation for reablement services

Our Care Management software helps inhouse teams to deliver person-centred care and deliver ongoing core services, improve processes, communication and quality.

We offer a flexible solution to support visit scheduling, real-time monitoring, digital care management, medication management, recording observations and outcomes at point of care delivery.

Effective forecasting enables local authorities to manage highly dispersed resources and schedule/roster staff. Together with business intelligence tools, invoice & payroll, and comprehensive management reporting, it truly is a complete workforce and care management solution.

Watch the video to find out how Gateshead Council was able to remove paper-based rotas, improve communication and increase efficiency within their teams by using our software.

Care Commissioning

We put the individual at the heart of commissioning social care, ensuring that each individual is placed with a provider who meets all their requirements, helping to improve the quality of care provided and the overall wellbeing of each person. Streamline processes quickly and efficiently to reduce the requirement of manual action, allowing you to respond faster to urgent care placements. Start growing your provider market today. 

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Market insights & analytics

Our Market insights software helps Councils meet their duty of care, achieving a quality-assured, sustainable, diverse care and support market.

It has the power to deliver market insight, automates provider returns, transforms the provider assessment process and facilitates micro-commissioning. It also gives you a secure central repository for vital Provider and contract information making it easy to access.     

Ultimately, our software empowers you with data to ensure care services are safe, effective and high quality to meet the needs of local citizens.

Provider Management Quality Tool

Provider quality based commissioning is considered key to delivering person-centred care, and is relatively easy for reablement services. The biggest challenge is adopting outcomes-based commissioning across services delivered by external Providers, which involves a major change in practice.

Our innovative Outcomes Assessment software allows Councils to deliver a powerful combination of time/attendance data and progress towards outcomes.

Business intelligence

Our business intelligence software, CMBI, allows you to capitalise on the value of your social care delivery data. CMBI empowers you with actionable intelligence to facilitate service improvements and manage by exception.

CMBI can help you to unlock:

  • A better understanding of demand and capacity
  • Insight into the Service User’s journey
  • Quality data for contract management
  • Benchmarking information

You can quickly and easily access CMBI’s automated reports and drill down into areas of interest. Our business and health intelligence reports allow informed decision making.

Access Care Suite:Software to deliver Outstanding care

Whether you’re a commissioner, care home provider, delivering in home care or reablement services, our web-based Access Care Suite has a solution for you.

We've been supporting the care sector to work more effectively since 1999.

Flexible and scalable: We know no two organisations are the same, so our solutions can be configured to reflect your needs, services.

Intelligent, integrated and intuitive: We’ve added features like a mobile app, voice typing, real-time alerts, and data integration to make our products incredibly easy to use.

Completely secure: With multi-level access control, and ISO 27001 security and Information Governance Standards compliant, we make sure only the right people can access the information they need.