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Enterprise risk management system

Managing risk and compliance can often be complex, time-consuming and labour intensive – but it doesn’t need to be. 

The Riliance Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) system has been specifically developed for business enterprises to give you everything you need to manage risk on one integrated platform. 

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enterprise risk management

Eliminate the need for spreadsheets 

Risk is a complex and multi-faceted matter, meaning effectively managing it using offline methods such as spreadsheets can be difficult. The Access ERM System integrates all elements of risk, separating them into distinct groups and categories and sharing responsibility, whilst giving a central oversight.  

The platform will allow you to define and manage your controls and mitigation plans, instantly generate meaningful and easy to understand reports and demonstrate an ROI on risk management, all in one place. 

A flexible approach to risk management 

A flexible risk management platform that is tailored to meet your framework and methodology. Customise your risk classification and grading including impact levels, likelihood, status, scoring, reporting tags, scope and risk groups 

  • Use risk tags to categorise risk (ISO, SLA, Projects) 
  • Setup impact types and grading levels 
  • Inherent, residual and target risk classification 
  • Guidance notes tied to your risk matrix 
risk register list page

Create a risk hierarchy to match your business structure 

Capture and manage risk at every level of your business. Create relationships between risk instances, parents and groups that roll up into a streamlined business wide risk register. 

  • Risk hierarchy setup to match your business structure 
  • Global risk instance capture with local management capability 
  • Link together business wide, grouped and individual risks 
  • Identify high risk areas and best practice across the business 
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Helping you mitigate your risks 

Record and manage your controls in a central register. Many to many linking between risks and controls that drives effective analysis and management. 

  • Define control types (mitigation plans, training, processes, systems) 
  • Create management and review plans for control owners 
  • Link controls to multiple risks and easily review dependant risk groups 
  • Calculate and demonstrate an ROI on control spend 
audit reporting dashboard

Making risk management more effective 

Make risk management active through tasks and management plans. Create tailored risk reviews to evaluate risk and track performance over time. 

  • Allocate and track activity through task dashboards and reports 
  • Breach and incident reporting that link to risks and controls 
  • Record risk evaluations and any remedial actions 
  • Track trends, demonstrate KPIs and easily prioritise activity around high risk areas 
risk management - woman at laptop

Enhanced risk reporting 

Create meaningful management information that can be used to make business decisions. Use graphical analysis to enable easy interpretation and support business buy-in. 

  • One click reporting for a range of report types 
  • Filter data to create meaningful reports at any level of the business 
  • Manage ISO and audit report generation
  • Make risk management accessible and meaningful to non-risk professionals 
risk audit

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