Support for working during Covid-19

Promoting operational resilience and business continuity

At times like these, a firm’s business continuity planning is being tested in ways we’d never previously contemplated. We have seen in the last few weeks that many law firms have experienced technological challenges such as handling client matters on their case management systems and updating client account records, along with carrying out transactions between client and business bank accounts.

We know that easy access to cloud-based technology will likely play a large part in enabling us all to continue operating during the coming weeks, and keeping track of risk and compliance related issues in your relevant platforms will be more important now than ever.

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Maintaining legal compliance whilst working at home

Our recent webinar hosted by our Regulatory Director for Digital Learning and Compliance, Brian Rogers, highlights some of the key issues around remote working for firms. We look at the SRA’s current view of compliance during this time and the Standards and Regulations that apply to home working, along with guidance for helping to remain compliant during this challenging time.

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Managing risks of legal staff working remotely

Though some firms will have furloughed some or all of their staff due to Covid-19, there will still be many that are now working remotely and dealing with the risks and challenges this presents.

Business continuity plans are now being tested; dealing with client confidentiality and data protection along with the need to ensure you are still meeting regulatory obligations. With remote working likely becoming the new normal for firms over the next few weeks and potentially beyond, there are a number of steps that can be taken to help ensure you can operate effectively and compliantly during this time.

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Working in the ‘new normal’

Returning your workforce to shared workspaces after either furlough or remote working is a challenge. Not only are the challenges internal but also external with clients, customers and consumers alike. We have curated a content package to assist with these ongoing challenges all being faced by you and your staff, this includes courses on Health and Safety, Mental Health and Remote Working.

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