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Collect and collate diversity data safely and anonymously, monitor and manage staff survey completion, and provide an ICAEW compliant report.

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2021 ICAEW Diversity Survey

The deadline to submit your diversity data is 30th April 2021. It is a regulatory requirement for all probate accredited firms to collect, collate and report their diversity data to ICAEW. 

Our online ICAEW Diversity Survey tool manages the process for you – by allowing you to seamlessly collect and collate all necessary data safely and anonymously, as well as monitoring and managing staff survey completion. The data is then reported back to you in a format ready for you to submit to ICAEW. 

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ICAEW Requirments 

The Legal Services Act 2007 specifies a regulatory objective to encourage a strong, independent, diverse and effective legal profession within firms that supply reserved legal services such as probate. Since 2017, it has been a regulatory requirement for all probate accredited firms to monitor the diversity of their employees. 

Once the data has been collated ICAEW will publish the overall diversity profile of its firms. For more information visit ICAEW’s website.  

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