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Employee benefits

One of the widest range of employee benefit schemes you'll find - all hosted together under one platform.

Our employee benefits platform also includes employee rewards technology, fostering digital recognition from managers and peers to connect remote teams and drive effective employee reward and recognition throughout the business.

Trusted by organisations of all shapes, sizes and industries

Our employee benefit platform options

We take care of everything from implementation and employee marketing communications and MI to managing applications and end of scheme administration. We’ll even work with any of your existing suppliers by incorporating their services and employee benefit schemes on our platform.

Financialwellbeing Marketplace Icon
Financial wellbeing

Our employee financial wellbeing package brings together some great financial products to help your employees get on top of their finances and start planning for the future.

Salarysacrifice Marketplace Icon
Salary sacrifice schemes

Our salary sacrifice schemes are a great way for your company and employees to save money on cycling to work and holiday trading.

Lifestyle Marketplace Icon
Lifestyle and discounts

A great low-cost way to provide extra value to your benefits package, with great savings on everyday shopping and essentials as well as special treats such as holidays, days out and gifts.

Healthandwellbeing Marketplace Icon
Health & wellbeing

A health and wellbeing package that comes with a great choice of benefits to support your staff. From bikes and gym membership to healthy living information and support.


Workplaceandcommuting Marketplace Icon
Workplace benefits & commuting

Ease car parking problems and make your employees’ money go further by cutting the cost of their daily commute with a range of options to suit different needs including travel loans, liftshare or even cycling to work.

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Some results from employee benefits surveys

39 %

of employees say they want or need more generous employee benefits*

80 %

of employees would choose additional benefits over a pay raise**

69 %

of employees report that they might choose one job over another if it offered better benefits***

How our employee benefits platform will help your team

Popular benefits of our employee benefits platform

  • Instant Discounts: Deliver instant savings to your employees at all their favourite stores and retailers. Discover our Instant Discounts today.
  • Bike to Work Scheme: Savings of up to 42% on the cost of a brand-new bike and accessories. Discover our Bike to Work scheme today. 
  • Technology Scheme: Make tech more affordable by spreading the cost for employees over a period of your choice with no credit checks. Discover our Technology Scheme today.

Key features of our employee benefits platform

  • Document centre providing employees access to company policies, procedures and documents 
  • Real time management information and platform usage metrics and KPIs 
  • A dedicated app for employees to access their employee discounts instantly when shopping in-store or online 
  • Incorporate your existing benefit schemes into Salary Extras so your employees don’t miss out 
  • Employee communications and marketing included to boost benefits engagement 
  • Incorporate your branding, including your company logo
  • Add new employee benefits over time 
  • Helpdesk support for both you and your employees 

Give employees control with flexible benefits

Our flexible benefits platform allows employees to adjust their benefits to suit them and their families. 

We provide a wide range of flexible benefit schemes, all incorporated into your one-stop-shop employee benefits platform. 

Improve scheme take-up and help employees get the most from their employee benefits with flexible benefits technology. 

Find out how Caboodle's employee benefits can support talent attraction and retention

Our industry expert partners

We work with a team of carefully selected partners, including the partners mentioned here plus many more, to provide you with the very best employee benefits scheme and services for your employees.


We’ve been partnered with Cycle2Work for many years and together, through the Bike to Work Scheme, we’ve helped thousands of employees make significant savings on their daily commute, cut down the cost of fuel and parking and improve their health and wellbeing.


Through our partnership with motoring experts Halfords, we’ve brought the MotorSave scheme to the employee benefits industry, helping employees save and spread the cost of car maintenance and repairs through salary sacrifice.


Our Car Benefit Scheme is delivered through car benefits experts Tusker, providing a comprehensive and hassle-free car scheme for employees, helping make motoring more affordable particularly with greener vehicles.

Runa New Black

Through our relationship with Runa, we deliver market-leading employee discounts available instantly to thousands of employees worldwide that can be used in-store, online and on top of sales promotions.

Employee benefits FAQs

What are employee benefits?

Employee benefits are the extras employers provide employees on top of their compensation and pay package, sometimes also referred to as ‘perks’ or employee benefit schemes. 

Employee benefits are used by employers to attract, retain and engage employees and can genuinely make a real difference to employees’ lives outside of their base compensation and pay package they receive. 

The advantages employees gain from their employee benefits are often unique and can only be gained through being provided them through their employee benefits package by their employer. 

For example, salary sacrifice schemes provide a unique way for employees to make tax and national insurance savings on things like bikes and cycling equipment that employees couldn’t find elsewhere. 

Overall, a strong employee benefits package can often be the difference in a competitive labour market when it comes to attracting and retaining top talent. 

How do companies budget for employee benefits?

Companies can choose from various budget planning methods for employee benefits. 

The budget set will often depend on the HR and business objectives set out and how much budget is likely needed to achieve these. 

Read our full guide on How to budget for employee benefits for a full start-to-finish breakdown on how to set your budget, the costs to consider and how to get an employee benefits budget approved.

Why offer employee benefits? What are the advantages of employee benefits?

Employee benefits provide a huge opportunity for employers to differentiate themselves in a competitive job market and become an employer of choice, making employees’ paycheques go further and improving the overall Employee Value Proposition. 

Employee benefit schemes can help employees save money, give them control over their finances and even improve their future financial outlook. 

They can help employees improve their physical and mental wellbeing too, while some health and wellbeing benefits can also cover the whole family. 

The breadth and depth of employee benefits means there’s something for everyone and a whole range of advantages to be gained by both employers and employees. 

To realise the full advantages of employee benefits, it’s vital you have the right package in place for your employees in an all-in-one, easy to use and accessible employee benefits platform to help employees find and ultimately utilise the employee benefits that are valuable to them. 

How important are employee benefits to employees?

Increasingly, employees expect their employer to provide not just a range of benefits but a selection of employee benefits that appeal to them that add real value to the employment package. 

We recommend providing a wide range of benefits so you're sure that all your employees can benefit in one way or another.

Whatever’s important to your employees, there are employee benefits available to support them. Whether that be improving their health and fitness or reducing their monthly outgoings, there are benefits available that can help.

What employee benefits do employees value the most?

This entirely depends on the needs and wants of your employees, which can vary hugely. 

One way to ensure your employee benefits package meets the needs of your employees is to provide flexible benefits, where employees can adjust their benefits to suit their needs. Find out more about flexible benefits. 

It’s also important to keep an eye on emerging trends in employee benefits as the industry is constantly changing to keep pace with the changing needs of employees. Read our guide to Employee benefits trends in 2023. 

In terms of the employee benefits employees value the most, read our extensive guide - What are the best employee benefits according to employees?

Are employee benefits tax deductible?

For salary sacrifice schemes, where employees can exchange a portion of their gross salary in return for a benefit such as a bike on the Bike Scheme for example, employees and employers gain National Insurance benefits while employees also save on tax. 

The tax advantages employers and employees gain from this vary from scheme to scheme and depending on the tax bracket employees fall into. 

For more information, browse our range of salary sacrifice schemes. 

Are employers allowed to offer different benefits to different employees?

With the advanced features of our employee benefits platform, you have scheme eligibility options, which allow you to ensure employees have access to the benefits that are suitable and relevant to them. 

In some cases, employees may not be eligible for certain schemes for various reasons. For example, if an employee takes advantage of a salary sacrifice scheme such as the Bike Scheme, they may be ineligible to apply for another salary sacrifice scheme as this may take their gross salary below the legal minimum wage. 

Examples such as this are automatically catered for within our employee benefits platform, but you can set scheme eligibility parameters to suit your business and your employees. 

Ultimately, in many cases it’s not just allowed but is appropriate to ensure employees are provided the employee benefits that are right for them and that they’re still eligible for. 

How much do employee benefits cost?

The cost of employee benefits can vary depending on which provider you choose and how they choose to price the varying levels of employee benefits services they provide. 

Sometimes this can mean costs can vary by the type of platform you choose, the number of employee benefit schemes you include and any other add-ons such as extra support or bespoke branding, for example. 

Advanced features like Flexible Benefits can also cost more, but the ROI of a more advanced platform can often be greater. For more information on the cost of employee benefits, get in touch and we’ll walk you through. 

For more information on how the cost can vary, read our guide How much do employee benefits cost? 

Latest employee benefits resources

Our employee benefits resources offer advice and guidance from industry experts on a range of topics, drawing on our years of experience and expertise in employee benefits.