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Social prescribing software

Our social prescribing software helps health and social care professionals, community development workers, and others connect individuals with a wide range of social, emotional, or practical needs to social prescribing link workers.


Who, in turn, will connect individuals to non-clinical programmes, services, and events in their local community. Ensuring that the people in your communities become better connected and build resilience while simultaneously helping you bring absolute precision to how you measure the impact of your community investment. 

  Watch the video to hear our customers discuss the benefits of using Elemental and how it helps their organisation, social prescribing link workers and the people they support to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Why use our social prescribing software?

To help improve the lives of individuals, families, and their carers, social prescribing software will:  

  • aid multi-sector partnership working, helping you and the people in your community make the best decisions possible 
  • help you build confidence that your social prescribing network is connected within the communities you serve 
  • provide you with the capability to design, implement, measure and report on effective models and approaches to social prescribing  
  • integrate the stakeholders in your health and wellbeing community, such as GPs, link Workers, VCSE organisations, housing professionals, further and higher education institutions and employment support agencies 
  • refer people into community-based programmes, services, and interventions, and assess the positive impact of these activities 
  • establish, scale and measure the effectiveness of social prescribing and health management activities for each individual
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Explore Access Elemental Social Prescribing

Access Elemental Social Prescribing Core

Elemental Core is our digital social prescribing platform. Empowering organisations to establish, scale and better measure the uptake and impact of social prescribing. 

Key features of Elemental Core include: 

  • Two way integration with the leading GP software systems (EMIS Web, SystmOne and Vision). 
  • Inbuilt Directory of Services (DOS) and also the ability to integrate with other Directories in your area. 
  • Fully flexible referral pathway to suit your Social Prescribing Programme (to include Self Refer).
  • Robust reporting and analysis for all types of stakeholders (commissioners, referrers, link workers and community providers of programmes and services).
  • Fully responsive to accommodate a range of screen sizes to include mobile.

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Connector Plus

Integrated with all leading Clinical systems, EMIS Web, Systm1 and Vision which means GPs and others using those systems can make and manage referrals to Social Prescribing Link Workers within three clicks. 

This means that GPs, and others within the Practice can: 

  • Use their native systems to make and manage referrals to the local Social Prescribing Link Worker within 3 clicks. 
  • Push back Social Prescribing specific SNOMED codes into the patient record with detailed information about the patients. 
  • Track individual health journeys and measure the impact of Social Prescribing using tools highlighted in the NHS PCN Social Prescribing Funding Guide, such as ONS Wellbeing Scale, PAM and SWEMWBS. 

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With Elemental Analytics, we can link data sets across sector specific systems and display these in a bespoke Dashboard to prove the business case for social prescribing. 

This module brings together meaningful outcome data by summarising our own data sets and linking other external data sets across sector specific systems displayed in bespoke BI Dashboards. It provides you with comprehensive data on service uptake, service impact, and community support needs in your region. It will help to inform how services and solutions are commissioned and delivered in your region. 

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Open Directory

Simplifying the integration of multiple Directory of Services (DOS), our robust internal DOS can capture all the information a social prescriber requires on local services, including locations, schedules, distance from the client, costs and suitability.  

Our Quality Assurance features also put you in total control of what is available to the social prescriber. Our experienced staff, with a long history of work directly within our own community are always on hand, and can support any new programmes and help them get started in the best way possible. 

Contact us to find out more about the different options available to populate your online directory of services. 

Population Plus

Elemental Population Plus makes referral route access even easier for your communities via a bespoke website that anyone can request support through at any time, on any device. 

Citizens/Patients in your community can Self-Refer and be connected with their local Social Prescribing Link worker, avoiding the need to go to the GP for a referral. A button is simply added to existing websites of your choice. Or Citizens/Patients could browse a local Directory of Services in their area, or even Self-Serve, with the possibility for the most activated and motivated individuals able to create their own baselines, connect themselves to locally based community activities and do their own follow up scores. 

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Our Integrations module allows our customers to connect up existing systems in order to streamline workflows and reduce duplication of data entry. 

For example, through a partnership with Meaningful Measures, Elemental are the first social prescribing software provider to digitally embed the MYCaW® (Measure Yourself Concerns and Wellbeing) questionnaire as a validated measurement tool from within the platform to support its use and scale across social prescribing. 

We can also integrate with The SWEET App powered by The Old Library Trust (a Healthy Living Centre), an educational resource for families with children that are overweight or obese. This allows families to have a social prescription package alongside the educational programme and as part of their exit strategy upon completing the programme. 

If you’re interested in these or other integrations please get in touch


We pride ourselves in the fact that we’ve got first-hand experience in community development and we understand the challenges that communities face in reducing health inequalities. It’s all about understanding what’s already there, what’s working well and involving the local community in designing and delivering an approach that matters to them. 

We’ll support you every step of the way, from engaging all stakeholders, to rolling out and implementing social prescribing in your communities, embracing digital to report on impacts and identify gaps and trends. 

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Social Prescribing Software - return on investment (ROI)

Find out what was the ROI some of our customers experienced since using our Social Prescribing software.



Some of our customers have saved over £8000 by reducing GP attendance


GP appointments reduction

Some of our customers experienced a 28% reduction in GP appointments


Unscheduled care attendance reduction

Our customers experienced a 50% reduction in unscheduled care attendance


Cost avoidance

Collective 5 years cost avoidance for some of our customers


5 years cost saving

A collective 5 years cost saving demonstrated for some of our customers

Social Prescribing Case Studies

Learn how our clients use our Social Prescribing Software to save time and money and what they've achieved since starting their journey with Access Elemental.

G HSC Support 1206536806

Lorn and Oban Healthy Options

Read our case study to learn what have Lorn and Oban Healthy Options achieved since working with Access Elemental Social Prescribing Software.

Demand Model Guide (1)

Tandridge District Council

Find out how the Tandridge District Council used our Social Prescribing Software to expand and better meet the needs of clients, with improvements in data collection, monitoring and reporting.

Benefits of social prescribing software for

Local Authorities

Our digital social prescribing platform helps bridge the gap between health, housing, community, and voluntary and local government, providing you with the tools you need to improve and protect social care and physical and mental for your population by: 

  • providing interoperability with systems in health, housing and the VCSE  
  • enabling you to make, manage, and report on referrals for your citizens, and the impact and uptake of all council-funded services 
  • focusing on mental health services, identifying hotspots and service provision gaps 
  • empowering communities to enhance and manage their health improvement journeys through self-referral pathways and co-produced personalised care plans 
  • Strengthening community support and helping to build VCSE sector capacity 

Commissioners in health need to reach the hardly reached in their community and justify expenditure on commissioned programmes and services.  

Our social prescribing solution helps them to: 

  • monitor and track the status of social prescribing referrals, calculate and evidence the health and social value of alleviating health inequalities, and provide evidence-based outcomes  
  • demonstrate the impact of social prescribing programmes and services, helping to inform the future design of services 
  • create bespoke social prescribing programmes suited to the needs of the community 
  • generate data at a neighbourhood, locality, and regional level  
  • help prove that their commissioned services are value for money 

GPs are under a tremendous amount of pressure to make the right call, to keep patients safe, ease the strain on the front line and ensure patients get the care they need.  

Access social prescribing software provides GPs with the ability to: 

  • access safe, secure effective referral pathways 
  • monitor the impact of the social prescribing referral 
  • access several programmes and support initiatives in the local community 
  • report on evidence that supports the delivery of Health/ Social objectives and other national and regional policies 
  • empower patients to access Link Worker support without having to come to the practice  
Link Workers

Link Workers have a critical role in helping to reduce the demand for GP services.  

Our social prescribing software enables them to: 

  • receive referrals from numerous sources such as GPs, social workers, crisis support teams, community paramedics 
  • manage caseloads with ease and confidence 
  • report at an individual, cohort, or locality level on referrals, the services people are engaging in, and the difference the service is making to the individual’s life 
  • monitor the impact of the social prescribing referral on patient activation 
  • carry out baseline assessments with patients and co-create wellbeing plans based on the outcomes 

Our social prescribing software delivers a sustainable and replicable approach to tackling wellbeing challenges grounded in social prescribing, revolutionising the way students access wellbeing support.  

Further and higher education institutions can: 

  • connect students with non-clinical services within and beyond the University  
  • allow students to self-refer themselves into community support  
  • measure and report on the impact of their Student Wellbeing programmes 
  • embed a clear referral pathway and provide support when needed 
  • reduce avoidable GP appointments and NHS escalations, saving time, cost, and resources 
  • produce a sustainable social prescribing model addressing the identified well-being needs of all students 

Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise Organisations 

We know that increasing access to services, reaching those who need the most support, empowering people and demonstrating impact are all important factors to securing funding and developing a sustainable growth strategy. 

Our platform supports VCSE organisations to: 

  • Receive referrals for their programmes and services in a safe and secure way 
  • Reach more people and increase awareness of the services they offer 
  • Collect data on the effectiveness and demand for services that can be used in reporting and further funding applications  
  • Strengthen relationships and partnerships with other organisations, agencies, sectors 
  • Reduce time spent on admin save time and much-needed resources for staff 

Many people in housing know that you can’t help communities thrive without tackling avoidable health inequalities. As a result, more and more housing associations see social prescribing playing a significant role in improving lives by creating meaningful connections between residents and their communities. 

We allow you to: 

  • Engage more tenants to access and participate in community activities 
  • Develop social prescribing programmes that suit the needs of your communities 
  • Measure the impact of your community investments and build the capacity of your staff 
  • Ensure that vulnerable tenants are safer in their homes for longer and enable them to get support they need in their community before their problems become acute 
  • Calculate the health and social value of alleviating health inequalities 
Prison Care

Prisons around the UK and Ireland are beginning to recognise the benefits of embedding the social prescribing model of care within their facilities, allowing them to offer a bespoke and person-centred approach to health and wellbeing improvement. 

By embedding social prescribing, prison care can: 

  • Gain a better understanding of the impact of the programmes and services currently commissioned and build a live and active library of activities and interventions.  
  • Use a range of clinically approved interventions to reduce dependence on drugs and other substances, providing psychosocial interventions to impact on smoking, drugs and alcohol using behaviours.
  • Gather and collate data which identifies trends and will better inform planning and co-commission services with other sectors. 
  • Create stronger links between departments and sectors in the prison service and ‘beyond the gate’. 
  • Involve multiple stakeholders including nursing staff, mental health teams, occupational therapists, wellbeing hub staff and senior nursing assistants. 
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See the software so many organisations use to deliver the highest quality care

Social prescribing FAQs

What is social prescribing?

Social prescribing is a growing movement that connects people with a range of non-clinical programmes, services, and events in their local community – such as walking groups, mental health counselling, debt management advice, employability skills, volunteering, family fitness, healthy cooking programmes, mindfulness sessions, and the ‘green prescription’ of gardening and food growing.   

Find out more about social prescribing

How does social prescribing work?

Our social prescribing software enables you to create bespoke social prescribing programmes suited to the needs of your community and to facilitate more people to access and engage in social prescribing services. 

Find out more about what is social prescribing

How to measure the impact of social prescribing

One method that will benefit most social prescribers is incorporating both quantitative and qualitative data when measuring the impact of social prescribing.

Forming local partnerships is one of the best ways to do this as it will provide you access with robust reporting systems to get all the required data you need from clinical systems.

Read more about the best method in measuring social prescribing impacts

Spreadsheets vs digital social prescribing platform: which is the best choice for me?

Spreadsheets will not enable your social prescribing programme to reach a larger number of people and generate more referrals.

A digital social prescribing platform should, by making it easier for people to access and be referred to your programme. 

How can Social Prescribing improve Mental Health?

In order to re-shape mental health services, social prescribing has been identified as a means of self-management, connecting individuals into non-medical sources of support to improve their health and wellbeing, such as debt, housing and employment advice as well as exercise programmes and green space.