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Learning Partners Academy Trust

Patrick Overy, CFO

Patrick Overy, CFO at Learning Partners Academy Trust, believes in taking a clear and simple approach when it comes to financial management processes. Setting out with the aim of reducing their back-office burdens, Patrick explores how the Access Budgeting and Finance systems have helped him achieve his goals.

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The Priestley Academy Trust

Michael Horrocks, Academy finance director

With over 25 years’ experience as a school business manager and academy finance director, Michael Horrocks has helped numerous schools improve their financial management processes. Here, Michael explores how the Access Education Finance and Budgeting software has helped Priestley Academy Trust work more efficiently.

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Lighthouse Education Consultancy

Lisa Peacock, founder and managing director

When supporting numerous schools, academies and Trusts with their budgeting and finance processes, Lisa Peacock, founder and managing director of Lighthouse Education Consultancy, says there is one piece of software she will always recommend time and time again; the Access Education Finance & Budgeting software.

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Leeds City College

GCSEPod is usually seen as an indispensable learning tool for secondary schools. But the online teaching and learning platform is proving to be a valuable study resource for students taking Leeds City College’s raft of academic and vocational options.

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Delta Academies Trust | GCSEPod

Delta Academies Trust first incorporated GCSEPod into their curriculum in 2017. In the last four years, use of GCSEPod has led to an incredible 21.4 years’ worth of extra lesson capacity within termtime. Delta Academies Trust is a multi-academy trust (MAT), founded in September 2010, Delta operates 46 schools.

Every Child Matters Academy Trust

Every Child Matters Academy Trust

Tim Marsh, Business Director

Tim Marsh, Business Director discusses how important it was for his Trust to ensure it had the right software in place as they began to grow. The importance of having slick, consolidated and professional reports became an essential part of everyday business. 

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Bede's Senior School | My School Portal

Peter Goodyer, headmaster at Bede's Senior School

When Peter Goodyer, headmaster at Bede's Senior School in East Sussex was looking for a solution to help him amalgamate communications with parents and have them in a single, centralised space, he began to speak to the team at My School Portal.

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Deal Education Alliance for Learning Trust (DEALT) | Access Education Budget, Finance & People software

David Myatt, Chief Financial Officer

David Myatt, Chief Financial Officer at the Deal Education Alliance for Learning Trust was reliant on clunky and outdated systems before implementing the Access software across his eight schools.

Since moving to a more streamlined and integrated way of working, David explains how the Access Education software has transformed the Trusts’ auditing process and how, with Access, the Trust can now consolidate their processes so they have full visibility of the entire trust.

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St. Peter's Catholic College | GCSEPod

At St Peter’s Catholic College in Middlesbrough, the mental and physical welfare of students has always been as important as academic success. Keeping tabs on student wellbeing is no easy task during a lockdown.

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The White Hills Park Trust

Sandra Lightwing, Finance Manager

When The White Hills Park Trust started to map out their expansion, they knew they needed great software that could easily be rolled out to the schools. They also knew that functionality alone wasn't enough, they needed great support too. 

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Streamlining communication in your school | My School Portal

Designed to increase visibility for parents, teachers & pupils, find out why headteachers and parents say the My School Portal software has improved their processes and simplified communication across their schools.

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The Good Shepherd Catholic Trust

Chief Finance and Operations Officer at The Good Shepherd Catholic Trust, Julie Pearman joined the Trust in 2019 as it was quickly expanding. Realising the benefits of an integrated solution, Julie implemented Access Education Budgets and Finance.

With the pandemic in full swing, the Trust implementation and training was delivered remotely by the Access Education team. Find out why Julie enjoyed every step of the onboarding process- finding it both professional and thorough. 

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Hawksmoor Learning Trust | Access Finance and Budgeting software

Jonathan Davis, Finance Director

Finance Director at Hawksmoor Learning Trust, Jonathan Davis previously used Capita FMS as his finance system, however with the lack of reporting and consolidation, Jonathan knew the Trust needed to move to a more intuitive and streamlined solution. 

Jonathan describes how the Access Education finance solution has helped save the team countless hours in generating reports such as the management report, which now takes a fifth of the time it used to.

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Bohunt Wokingham 595X265

Bohunt Wokingham | GCSEPod

Bohunt Education Trust (BET) is a dynamic learning community whose ethos is encapsulated by three simple words: enjoy, respect and achieve. Learning is engaging and challenging and Bohunt’s blend of academic rigour and holistic development has been central to a drive to develop our young people into ‘game changers’, with the skills, qualities and drive to achieve their dreams and ambitions.

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King Edward VI School | My School Portal

King Edward VI School is a leading independent day school in Southampton. Speaking on why the school chose to implement the My School Portal software, Neal Parker, headmaster of King Edward VI School discusses how the software has saved his team a huge amount of time while benefiting the parents with its userfriendliness and visibility.

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The Enquire Learning Trust | Access Finance and Budgeting software

Jodie Younger, Director of Finance

The Enquire Learning Trust is a Multi Academy Trust comprising 30 schools, and as they looked to continue their growth, they knew they needed to move from their previous supplier, SAGE200 to an education specific solution.

Jodie Younger, Director of Finance describes how she previously struggled to complete day to day tasks, spending several days on assignments that now take a matter of hours with Access Education Budgets & Finance.

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Elizabeth Woodville School | GCSEPod

Elizabeth Woodville school is an inclusive comprehensive school with approximately 1100 students.

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Latymer Upper School | My School Portal

Kerry Wilson, Admissions Registrar

When transitioning from a paper-based admissions process, Admissions Registrar for Latymer Upper School, Kerry Wilson found she saved around 100 hours of time in the admissions process when she switched to the My School Portal software.

Kerry explains how the software has allowed them to improve communication and engagement levels for parents, pupils and teachers by providing them with an intuitive system that can be viewed in real-time.

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Dunstone Education Trust | Access Finance and Budgeting software

David Brookes, Director of Finance and Operations

Previously using an old, server-based Civica system, Dunstone Education Trust knew that as they looked to expand, they needed a cloud-based, integrated solution to support them.

Having recently implemented Access Education Finance, Director of Finance and Operations, David Brookes describes how the Access Education implementation process kept him thoroughly engaged throughout his remote training.

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The Baines 595X265

The Bains School | GCSEPod

Baines’ School is a secondary school in Poulton-Le-Fylde, Lancashire, England. It was founded through James Baines’ will in 1717 and is a former grammar school. It was one of three schools set up in Baines’ will, the others being at Marton and Thornton.

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St Edmund's School | My School Portal

Edward O'Connor, headmaster of St Edmund's School

Edward O'Connor, headmaster of St Edmund's School, a 3-18 co-educational day and boarding school in Canterbury, discusses how the My School Portal software has saved the school thousands of pounds when it comes to streamlining their communication processes.

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Bosco Catholic Education Trust | Access Finance and Budgeting software

Jill Alcorn, School Business Manager

Having used multiple software solutions in her 15 years as a School Business Manager, Jill Alcorn from Bosco Catholic Education Trust would highly recommend Access Education to all academies.

With governors and trustees praising the functionality of Access Education, Jill states that since implementing the Budget & Finance solutions, the Trust have completely transformed their accounting processes, working much more collaboratively between schools.

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Bisak 595X265

British International School Al Khobar | GCSEPod

British International School Al Khobar is a British international school in Khobar, Saudi Arabia. It opened in 1977. It serves ages 3 through 18. As of 2020, the school had 850 students from about 50 countries.

Waad Academy 595X265

Waad Academy | GCSEPod

Waad Academy Jeddah is one of the largest schools in the region, set in spacious grounds and consisting of 120,000 square meters. With 2 main campuses that serve both boys and girls, it offers primary and upper grades. Offering the Cambridge curriculum with a particular emphasis on Saudi culture and heritage, the Academy sets a new standard for education in the region and beyond.

Garibaldi School 595X265

The Garibaldi School | GCSEPod

Founded in the 1960s, have gone from strength-to-strength, innovating education over the years for 11–18-year-olds. With their built-to-last mantra, they strive to offer an engaging educational experience.

Khubairat School 595X265

British School Al Khubairat | GCSEPod

The British School Al Khubairat in Abu Dhabi has good cause to celebrate; the non-selective, not-for-profit co-educational school which has been helping students to thrive for nearly half a decade announced record GCSE results at the same time as securing one of the highest inspection ratings across the Emirate and being named one of the top 10 schools in the UAE by Top School Awards 2017.

Hitchin Boys School 595X265

Hitchin Boys' School | GCSEPod

Hitchin Boys’ School has a long and illustrious history. Founded nearly 400 years ago as an ‘old free school’, it has gone through a number of reincarnations over the centuries. It is now a comprehensive with 1,200 students drawn from 40 feeder schools across north Hertfordshire.

Alperton Community School 595X265

Alperton Community School | GCSEPod

Alperton Community School is an ethnically diverse coeducational secondary school. The north London based school converted to an academy an 2011 and has 1300 pupils aged 11-18.

Delta Manor Croft 595X265

Manor Croft Academy | GCSEPod

Manor Croft Academy in West Yorkshire is reaping the benefits of embracing the online teaching and learning platform GCSEPod, which has revitalised their students’ thirst for knowledge just weeks after being introduced to the school.

Leeds City Collgege 595X265

Leeds City College | GCSEPod

GCSEPod is usually seen as an indispensable learning tool for secondary schools. But the online teaching and learning platform is proving to be a valuable study resource for students taking Leeds City College’s raft of academic and vocational options.

Hodge Hill School 595X265

Hodge Hill Girls School | GCSEPod

Hodge Hill Girls’ School sits in one of Birmingham’s most deprived areas, but its Progress 8 score at the end of Key Stage 4 is among the top 200 in England. Heavy promotion of the online GCSEPod learning platform is one of the factors being attributed to this outstanding success.

Kellet School 595X265

Kellett School | GCSEPod

Lisa Share is the School Librarian at Kellett School, the British International School in Hong Kong which provides outstanding learning for children from Reception through to Year 13.

St Pauls College School 595X265

St Paul’s Catholic School | GCSEPod

A pupil premium student at St Paul’s Catholic School in Leicester is looking to her summer GCSE examinations with optimism thanks to GCSEPod. The school, a Catholic comprehensive school for students age 11-18, located in the suburbs of Leicester city centre, subscribed to GCSEPod late on in 2017. They rolled out the resource immediately to their Year 11 students to provide additional support for their pending mock examinations.

South Molton School 595X265

South Molton Community College | GCSEPod

South Molton Community College in Devon is a PiXL partner school committed to raising standards through innovation. Back in 2012, as part of its ongoing pledge to support students with their learning outside of the classroom, the school subscribed to GCSEPod.

Horsforth School 595X265

Horsforth School | GCSEPod

“This has been so effective as it stops students revising what they already know well and gets them to focus on the areas they actually need to improve”.

Horsforth School is improving progress and saving time through PiXL DTT and GCSEPod.

Snaith School 595X265

The Snaith School | GCSEPod

The Snaith School in the East Riding of Yorkshire was already a high performing specialist coeducational academy. But the first time Head of Geography, Dave Nichols, saw GCSEPod he knew it could be the means to take the school to even loftier heights. Securing the funding in these cash-strapped times was another matter. Help was to come from an unexpected source, his students and their parents.

Ashby School 595X265

Ashby School | GCSEPod

At the Ashby School in Leicestershire, GCSEPod is being used to engage successfully with Pupil Premium students as the centuries old education establishment looks to ensure all its learners can achieve outstanding results.

Deira International School 595X265

Deira International school | GCSEPod

Staff changes, lack of time for effective CPD on numerous different software products, IT issues, students having a preferred learning style can all play a part in making the embedding of technology across the school a real challenge.

Stuart Bathurst International School 595X265

Stuart Bathurst Catholic High School | GCSEPod

In September 2018, Stuart Bathurst Catholic High School was put in Special Measures following a damning Ofsted Inspection. Twelve months on and the picture couldn’t be more different at the West Midlands secondary thanks to a change of Head, culture and the introduction of the GSCEPod online teaching and learning platform.

Marshall Park Academy 595X265

Marshalls Park Academy | GCSEPod

It may seem a little thing, but the impact of viewing those 3 to 5 minute learning and revision videos, or ‘Pods’, upon Marshalls Park Academy’s summer 2018 GCSE results cannot be underestimated.

Eggars School 595X265

Eggar’s School | GCSEPod

At Eggar’s School in Hampshire, GCSEPod isn’t just being used as a teaching and learning tool for its Year 10 and 11 students, but has been rolled out across the academy as it looks to close the Progress 8 gap between boys and girls.

Education CS

Alexandra Garnier | My School Portal

Intuitive and seamless, My School Portal works to improve communication in schools by connecting parents, guardians and pupils through a single dashboard. Find out why parents like Alexandra Garnier have found the system to be invaluable.

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Crompton House Church of England School | My School Portal

Chris Raynerd, Head of Year 11 and KS4 Raising Standards Leader

When Chris Raynerd was reviewing the school’s communication software, he knew they needed an effective system that could streamline processes and provide a centralised hub of information for parents, pupils and staff.

Since implementing the My School Portal software, Chris has found that teachers are now able to focus on delivering the curriculum and supporting pupils, whilst saving days of time in administration.

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Stoke Newington

Stoke Newington School & Sixth Form | Access Finance and Budgeting software

Mylene Joa-Longartt, Head of Finance

Running a completely paperless department is no mean feat. Having worked with large trusts and maintained schools, Mylene has used a number of different software packages over the years. Read how Access Education Finance helped to streamline the department and save on resources.

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George Greens School

George Green’s School | Access Finance and Budgeting software

David Roome, Head of Finance and Operations

A big believer in the idea that systems should work for you - and not the other way round, David uses the Access Finance and Budgeting software on a daily basis. He explains how the software has helped streamline workflows and allowed his team to take a more strategic and forward-thinking approach.

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St Bartholomew’s CE Multi- Academy Trust | Access Finance and Budgeting software

Christopher Dryer, Director of Finance and Operations

Director of Finance and Operations at St Bartholomew’s CE Multi Academy Trust, Christopher Dryer explains how the Access Education Budget & Finance solution has been crucial to the Trust achieving its aim of implementing a fully centralised finance strategy.

With the trust team continuously praising the solutions ease of functionality, Christopher describes how the Access Education Budget and Finance solutions have exceeded their expectations.

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The Kemnal Academies Trust | Access Finance and Budgeting software

Rachel Carter, Head of Finance

Comprising 45 schools, The Kemnal Academies Trust is one of the largest trusts in the South & East of England.

Rachel Carter, Head of Finance, describes how the Access Education Budget & Finance solution has helped to streamline processes at the Trust.  With the seamless integration between Budgets and Finance, Rachel states her finance team have saved a great deal of time when it comes to consolidating reports across the 45 schools. 

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Potts Edu Trust

Potteries Education Trust | Access Finance and Budgeting software

Eddie Shotton, Chief Financial Officer

Implementing Access Education Finance and Budgeting software in September 2020 has given the Potteries Educational Trust the time and confidence to focus on providing the very best education for every child and young person within the Trust.

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Marsh Hill Primary School | Access Finance and Budgeting software

Sharon Wells, School Business Manager

Sharon Wells, School Business Manager at Marsh Hill Primary School, struggled to easily produce meaningful reports and was reliant on an outdated and unintuitive system before introducing Access Education Finance and Budgets. 

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Minerva Learning Trust | Access Finance and Budgeting software

Adele France, Chief Financial & Operations Officer

Through a reduction in manual tasks, increased efficiencies (helping to control costs) and accurate long term planning, Access software has allowed the Minerva Learning Trust to concentrate on what they know best - providing the best education for their pupils.

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St Peter in Eastgate Church of England Infant School | Access Finance and Budgeting software

Louise Gardiner, School Business Manager

Before implementing Access Education Finance, Louise Gardiner, School Business Manager at St Peter in Eastgate Church of England Infant School had been relying on SAP and Business1On provided by Serco.

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Leeds College of Building logo

Leeds College of Building | GCSEPod

Sarah Heaton, English Lecturer

GCSEPod has a positive impact at Leeds College of Building with pupils reporting a 5% average grade increase.

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Staindrop Academy

Staindrop Academy | GCSEPod

Amy Jackson, Associate Assistant Headteacher and Teaching and Learning Lead

GCSEPod has helped drive more positive results across the school.

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The Circle Trust Case Study Testimonial Banner

The Circle Trust

Debra Briault, CFO

Debra was looking for software that not only helped her look at information from a Trust level, but also empowered the individual schools within the Multi-Academy Trust. That’s when she found Access Education People & Budgets.

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Tower Hamlets Thumbnail

Tower Hamlets

Suhal Kadir, Schools Finance Consulstant

Tower Hamlets have worked with Access for over ten years now and Access Education Budgets has been implemented in the majority of its 78 maintained schools

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Jo Chapman, Finance & Operations Business Partner

The move to a centralised finance system has saved SDBE Multi-Academy Trust hundreds of hours thanks to Access Education Budgets and Finance.

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