Career development

Managing staff career transitions

Our online Career Centre provides a white-labelled, interactive, career development portal as part of your customer offering, in addition to the administrative system providing case management and CRM functionality.

Integrated for access via your website and branded for your business, the Career Centre includes international job-search aggregation, career assessments, hundreds of training videos and e-learning courses, interview simulation, CV/resume builders and much more.

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Online career transition

The Career Centre is used globally by outplacement and career coaching companies as a powerful and comprehensive online outplacement solution.

It can be accessed by your clients and consultants via your website, existing systems or manual login page and engages clients in their career transition journey from beginning to end.

Career development

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Key features of Career Centre

  • Career Tools - Suite of interactive tools including CV builder, career planner, interview simulator, job search engine, psychometric/aptitude tests.
  • Digital advice and guidance - 1,500 employers deliver the latest employability and job search advice direct from hiring managers.
  • Career Assessments - Including motivation, personality, workplace culture and resilience assessments with reports highlighting practical career considerations.
  • eLearning Resources - Covering critical areas, such as, handling interviews, researching employers, networking, working with recruiters, ehirability and self employment.
  • Career service automation - Appointment/event booking, file storage, note taking, activity tracking/reporting, CV/Resume review, job posting and careers CRM.
  • Impact reporting and ROI - Download visual reports showing engagement, activity and learning impact/progression to demonstrate ROI to your clients.

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Career development software benefits

Lee Hecht Harrison - Penna

Their willingness to spend time listening to our requirements, making recommendations and challenging their own thinking enables us to enjoy a genuine partnership, creating great resources for our clients.

Mutual input, benefit and responsiveness summarises our experience of working together.

Renovo Employment Group

We were looking for a media rich careers platform that was powerful in terms of content, easy to use and had a high degree of flexibility.

Almost more important to us, was a provider who was willing to spend the time to understand our needs, be prepared to do the unusual and can respond quickly to our requests.


When looking for an online careers portal we extensively surveyed the marketplace, and found that Career Centre was head and shoulders above their competitors. 

Having worked with them for eight years, I remain very impressed with their capability to improve the product. They are a valued partner.

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