Career development

Career Development Support for Members

Our online Career Centre platform helps you engage, retain and attract new members by placing their careers at the heart of your membership offering.

The platform provides your members with interactive career tools, assessments, eLearning and career exploration resources, specifically designed to build core employability skills and empower members to take charge of their own career development.

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Place development at the heart

Access People's career development solution offers a dedicated, private environment where your members can work on their career development, career well-being and transferable skills.

The platform includes 5000+ videos, eLearning assets, articles and interactive assessments and in-built analytics to measure the impact on each member.

Career development

Our customers include

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Driving member engagement

Customised to your needs, the Career Centre is made accessible to your members via your member website.

Your members access the tools and e-learning, whilst alerts and continuous content additions ensure they return frequently.

The inbuilt tracking tools measure all activity and support you in driving continuously improving online member engagement.

Career development

Explore how this can work for you

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Key features of Career Centre

  • Digital career coaching - A panel of professional career coaches, carefully selected for their expertise, deliver expert advice within 100s of short coaching films.
  • Career Assessments - Strong self-awareness can be gained via a wide range of assessments – from temperament, personality and emotional intelligence, to management skills, strengths and assertiveness.
  • eLearning Resources - 1000s of short, engaging eLearning assets structured across 6 categories: Career Development, Career Well-being, Transferable Skills, Managers & Leaders, Compliance and Career Transition.
  • Career Tools - Interactive career tools including career confidence diagnostic, personal development planner, elevator pitch builder, interview simulator and an automated CV review.
  • Career Framework - Showcase your own career framework, journeys and member success stories using the content management function, or use our expert team to help visualise this for you
  • Impact measurement - Track member confidence across core career competencies and see the impact on confidence at a macro and granular level.

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Career development software benefits


CIPD career hub forms part of our career services and tools for our members. We are impressed by the quality and breadth of the career resources contained within the hub and are delighted to be able to provide these very practical tools for our members to help them manage their next career step.


Our Career Development Centre is a core feature within our member proposition, providing many resources for our members to progress their careers. The introduction of the new CV360 tool helped us increase user activities and attract 48% more unique users.


Being the career partner for our members is central to our member strategy. Partnering with Abintegro gives us a super interactive career platform, and more importantly, the capabilities, ideas and expertise to help us achieve our objectives.


Since launching, we’ve had 13,500 members complete over 95,000 career development activities online, with the average user completing 6 activities within the last month alone.

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Career development

The Security Institute

The Security Institute’s decision to partner with Abintegro was driven by the desire to offer a high quality online professional development benefit to complement the mentoring solution already available to members.  

Professional career development support is one of the top benefits offered to The Security Institute’s members, however they didn’t have an online facility to support this.

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The Security Institute